Motive Type Walking

Vehicles, Half-Track

"Half-Track" means a vehicle which uses a combination of wheels and tracks in order to move. Half-tracks are less expensive than fully tracked vehicles to build, and have better cross-country performance than purely wheeled vehicles.
Reviresco's T-480d
ID NumberNameManufacturer# per packPrice
-Gojira Hakaisha (Godzilla Destroyer)Reviresco1$8.00
8703KOrk Battle FortressGames Workshop1$11.99
8703LOrk FlakwagonGames Workshop3$11.99
8703DOrk ScorcherGames Workshop3$8.99
8703COrk WartrakGames Workshop4$8.99
-T-199 PRC 1/2 Track Assault VehicleReviresco5$3.00
-T-210d 1/2 Track PRC Giant TankReviresco2$6.00
-T-234 PRC 1/2 Track TankReviresco5$3.00
-T-480d PRC 1/2 Track with Laser and Tunguska BlasterReviresco1$6.50

Vehicles, Unknown Motive Type

We don't know enough about the following models to classify their motive type.
ID NumberNameManufacturer# per packPrice
AF1Alien Heavy Transport APCScotia5$6.00
AAF11Alien Spiked TankScotia?$6.00
6SFHA5ALQ 2 Humanoid Alien Infantry Fighting VehicleIrregular130p
6SFHA9ALQ RGT Humanoid Alien Armoured Command VehicleIrregular135p
6SFHA6AQCI 2 Humanoid Alien Light Armoured CarIrregular130p
6SFHA7AQCL2M Humanoid Alien AT Missile VehicleIrregular130p
6SFHA11ASQ 90 Humanoid Alien Armoured Personnel VehicleIrregular130p
AAF8Biomech Tank, HeavyScotia5$6.00
AAF7Biomech Tank, MediumScotia5$6.00
FWSV10Civilian VehiclesGround Zero Games10 (5 pair)$6.50
6SFHA8F2Y 77 Humanoid Alien 'Jeep'Irregular130p
6SF3GM74 TAL Main Battle TankIrregular135p
6SF15GM76 Armoured Assault GunIrregular135p
6SF16GM86 Armoured Assault Infantry VehicleIrregular135p
6SF8GM191 G.U.V. 'Jeep'Irregular130p
6SF9GM191 G.U.V. + M11G
(GUV + AT missile)
6SF4GM274 Cutlass AA TankIrregular135p
6SF5GM311 Alexander Infantry Fighting VehicleIrregular130p
6SF13GM321 AA Guided Missile VehicleIrregular135p
6SF14GM531 Self Propelled GunIrregular135p
6SF12GM541 Armoured Personnel CarrierIrregular130p
6SF7GM561 Attila Light TankIrregular130p
6SF10GM571 Gun Mortar VehicleIrregular130p
6SF11GM581 Armoured Command VehicleIrregular130p
6SF6GM591 AT Missile VehicleIrregular130p
MS2Heavy APC Power 7 TypeScotia5$6.00
SF7Hvy Scout VehicleScotia5$6.00
SF11Hvy Tk-Multi Turret Rolling ThunderScotia1$7.00
MS1Hyper Speed Tank XT-T1Scotia5$6.00
SFEQ 3Land Dreadnought with Multiple ArmamentIrregular12.25
6SF17M62 Montgomery
(Earlier MBT)
20-739Ontos Heavy TankRal Partha2US$8.25
6SFHA12RS 25 Humanoid Alien AA Guided Missile VehicleIrregular135p
6SFHA14RT 150 Humanoid Alien Armoured Assault VehicleIrregular135p
6SFHA10RZT 82 Humanoid Alien Gun Mortar VehicleIrregular130p
6SFHA13RZT 203 Humanoid Alien Self Propelled GunIrregular135p
SF6Sm Scout VehicleScotia5$6.00
6SFHA15T60 Earlier Humanoid Alien TankIrregular135p
ASF-1THK MIV tank hunter/killerC-in-C4$5.00
6SFHA3TT Humanoid Alien Main Battle TankIrregular135p
6SFHA4XRT 75G Humanoid Alien AA TankIrregular135p


Ral Partha's hex bases
ID NumberNameManufacturer# per packPrice
20-800Hex BasesRal Partha4US$4
-Misc. Large TurretsReviresco4$4.00
-Misc. Medium TurretsReviresco8$4.00
-Rocket Turret PackReviresco4$4.00
-PRC 1/2 Track Medium PackReviresco8$4.00
-PRC 1/2 Track Large PackReviresco4$4.00
FWSV14Two Cargo and Two Ammo Pods
Two Cranes (for FWSV11)
Ground Zero Games6 items$6.50

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