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von Winterfeldt04 Jan 2022 11:28 a.m. PST

Some of the hats seem to be quite low in height, also rear brim should be higher than front one. As I see you place the gourds – water bottle always on the right, which in my view is a bit unfortunate there they would be in the way when loading the musket or then goind for the cartridges in the cartridge box.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP04 Jan 2022 12:46 p.m. PST

Two from seven have water-bottles on the front-right, others have them on the back-left.

Franck05 Jan 2022 6:11 a.m. PST

"Some of the hats seem to be quite low in height"

I think it's a good idea !
Hats were not the same shape, especially when campaigning.
Mellinet's album shaw a lot of different shaped and sized headgears, as did paintings by JB Lesueur or even Jouineau's infography.

If I may ask, some men in civilian overcoats would be great. The same Mellinet depicts many mem wearing such effects.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP05 Jan 2022 7:36 a.m. PST

Von Winterfeldt sent me some information about different water-bottles, thanks, these will be added to figures.

These are figures with gaiters, Franck, overcoats and trousers will be in campaign set.

von Winterfeldt05 Jan 2022 7:40 a.m. PST

But those French are not for early Revolution, here Sho has already the Savages Bleues which fullfill your criteria, those now should be more standard blues as for 1795 to 1800, of course they could be then individualized with extra miniatures, which could be comissioned by Sho.

Mellinet depicts a big variation of greatcoats for his winter illustrations because French at this time had no standard military greatcoat and they did wear what they could get.

Sho is correct however as to show also bidons on the right side I did consult my sources and they show this as well.

Those more regular mass production miniatures in helmets looks very attractive as well, I may add again some for my early French Revoultion army.


Franck05 Jan 2022 11:13 a.m. PST

Yep, I already get the "Savages". They truly are a must-have for the period !
And I'm glad to hear a campaign set is coming.

Personnaly I'm a bit sceptical about "standard blues for 1795 to 1800" with such regular uniform and so many helmets but I may be wrong.

Von W,
have you any surces stating of units in wearing helmets after 1795 ? I've seen some light Inf wore helmets in 98, like in Switzerland, but I mean whole units, not sparse helmets in battalions.
If so, please tell us more. I still have some helmeted units left to paint and some variations in the army would be nice.

von Winterfeldt05 Jan 2022 11:48 a.m. PST

I agree the bulk of helmeted units is for my early French Army of 1792 / 93.

I assume Sho is just adding them to his ranges to complete his earlier helmeted infantry

And yes oddly enough only later some light infantry is seen in helmets by different contemporary units.

For that reason I would like to opt for a more regular range of miniatures, not in gaiters but in long trousers or even better a mix, then one can throw in some of the savages to create more variety.

Here is how I like to show a mix even for regular units to create a bit flavour, those are 1/72 scale which I sculpted ages ago and I wish that Sho ones are going into that direction of dress.

‌"TMP link

and for les blancs – Sho Boki mixing parade and field dress

‌"TMP link

for helmeted infantry one could opt like I did also to paint legions, like legion germanique, or allobroges and so on.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP05 Jan 2022 7:36 p.m. PST

Yes, casquetted infantry will add my Mass Infantry uniformity to my earlier lines and finish these lines. May be skirmishing casquettes will be added on someday.

But infantry with hats starts the new uniformity lineage, campaign and elite troops will follow. Savages were separate branch.

Ruchel06 Jan 2022 12:15 p.m. PST

Personnaly I'm a bit sceptical about "standard blues for 1795 to 1800" with such regular uniform and so many helmets but I may be wrong.

Well, it depends on the different units and regiments and the different campaigns and theater of operations.

I think all options should be available for wargames and collectors: full dress, campaign dress, and so on.

I prefer full dress troops because I like to paint uniforms. I never paint troops in greatcoats or in civilian clothes. In my opinion they are boring and ugly. I like the aesthetics of regular uniforms.

So, these new miniatures with regular uniforms are my favorite option. I welcome them.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP06 Jan 2022 11:12 p.m. PST

I added volume to hats and raised the rear brim, as von Winterfeldt suggests.
Metal water-bottles are also added. When putty will be hardened enough, mouldmaking starts.

Also 3 new Generals were kickstarted, must rewrite the blog entry.

von Winterfeldt06 Jan 2022 11:39 p.m. PST

That is good news, so no kick starter – initiated for Sardinians.

In case personalities do so well, after the French surely we need Austrian and other nations, so far we have only Suvarov as non French.

There I like to mix my French, as can be seen, I am looking also forward to see those miniatures (so far alas only parade dress) in campaign dress.

Ruchel07 Jan 2022 4:40 a.m. PST

so no kick starter initiated for Sardinians.

In fact, I am interested in Piedmontese/Sardinians kickstarter, but it seems that nobody here is interested in them.

It's a pity. Piedmontese/Sardinian army fought against the French from 1792 to 1796, and it was a beautiful and varied army.

shadoe0107 Jan 2022 6:25 a.m. PST

In an ideal world I would, Ruchel, but, alas, my mountain of lead and the accumulation of years (i.e., less time to whittle away the mountain) means I will have to give this a miss. The Suvorov in Italy was already a stretch for me.

My order arrived last week, Sho. Amazingly I got the order correct – after that last minute "oops, I forgot the horses" correction that is.

von Winterfeldt07 Jan 2022 6:35 a.m. PST

Ruchel I might be interested to chip in – get in touch with Sho and he should maybe start an identical approach was for the French generals.

Sardinians are a must, I agree for war in Italy – especially before Boney.

BTCTerrainman Supporting Member of TMP07 Jan 2022 8:52 a.m. PST

I have an interest in Sardinian/Piedmont as well.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP07 Jan 2022 10:36 p.m. PST

OK. I will create this kickstarter too, but these Piedmontese goes then to the end of schedule anyway.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP10 Jan 2022 10:01 a.m. PST

Mould matrix is ready but there are space for one more figure.

von Winterfeldt11 Jan 2022 3:13 a.m. PST

you could do a firing miniature

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP11 Jan 2022 4:11 p.m. PST

No, skirmishers will be separately.
I added another figure with hat.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP15 Jan 2022 2:54 a.m. PST

Mould is ready, at first glance looks nice.
I will cast tomorrow.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP16 Jan 2022 11:48 a.m. PST

After 6 hours of calibrating the mould works satisfactory.
Figures looks better than I expected.

Sho Boki Sponsoring Member of TMP18 Jan 2022 6:11 a.m. PST

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