Oh, the Email!

September 1997 Editorial

I'm moved in to my new quarters, and mostly unpacked though I seem to keep wondering where various items are. No damage to any of my miniatures yet, but a few odds and ends have shown up in odd problems (my wife found a naval gun turret on the kitchen floor, and a goblin among packing paper in the garbage - not a good omen!).

Obviously, I'm buried in email (500+) and will catch up as I can. Similarly, I have some hot new products I need to fill you in on.

Lastly, I've decided to make a technological leap and spend some money on new equipment: a flat-bed scanner, a video capture card, and a digital camera. That'll make it a lot easier to get photos up to the website. (The decision was the easy part - now I have to figure out which piggy bank to rob...) :-)

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