Introducing the Workbench!

October 1996 Editorial

We've made a little change this month. First, we've done away with the New Releases webpage (formerly under the Hobby News department). Second, we're introducing a new feature - the Workbench.

Because of these changes, the masthead page has also been slightly rearranged.

Why the changes? Mostly, it was a decision about how I wanted to spend my time. (I often use the royal "we" in referring to this magazine, in recognition of the many volunteers who send in their contributions, but fundamentally this is a one-man show -- and I only have so much time to donate!)

What I was doing was spending a fair amount of time typing and formating information about new miniatures products. What I didn't have time to do was to report on the review samples which the manufacturers were sending in, and they were starting to stack up around here.

So I said, Bill, which would you rather do? Build and paint miniatures, or type up new release info?

Well, the answer was obvious.

The Workbench will be our place for showing off the latest products we've had time to take a look at. In some cases, we'll build and paint the products, and let you know how we did it. And we're launching a few Big Projects, so big that we'll keep you posted on them in regular reports we call Episodes.

Comments or corrections?