November 1997 Editorial

No, not the website - just the font size!

Back in the old days of '96, when we made the switch to a slightly more graphical look, some of readers pointed out that the text on some of the pages was hard to read against the graphical backgrounds. Therefore, we switched to using a larger font as a default on all of our pages.

Well, browsers have changed, and for some reason known only to Bill Gates, Internet Explorer 4.0 thinks all the fonts are much larger than they used to be - with the result that what was once our "slightly larger font" is now "a ghastly huge font" for IE users.

What I've done, then, is to revert all of our base text back to the default text size on whatever browser you are using. If the text is too small (or large), hopefully your browser gives you control of the fonts yourself.

Other News: Yes, I finally got my very own flatbed scanner, which explains the sudden rush of images to the website. I'm also working on another improvement, which I may get online sometime next month...

Comments or corrections?