The New Routine

May 1998 Editorial

Well, the past few months have been a bit crazy.

First, I've been coming to terms with a great job, but one that requires a long commute (I end up with more time to read, but less time to work on the website) and requires more travel than I've been used to. I've finally arranged my time so that I work on the website on a fairly regular basis, but the total amount of time is less than it has been in years past.

Then there was the rather traumatic episode when our former internet service provider,, flaked out in a major way and I was forced to switch to a new ISP ( Everything has been switched over to the new site, and the old one should go away shortly [ isn't responding to my account cancellation requests - par for the course!]. Unfortunately, the switchover put me two months behind on reviews and email!

I'm catching up as best I can. For instance, there are over a dozen review items here waiting to me written up for the website - I've logged them all, and am getting to them as quickly as I can.

One new feature that I've added are the Message Boards (boardrooms), currently located under Fantasy, Ancients, American Civil War, and Science Fiction. I've wanted a simpler way to interact with my readers, and for you to interact with each other, and this might be one answer to that yearning. Let me know what you think.

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