Plan for a Slow Down...

June 1996 Editorial

To quote from a previous editorial, "...when I'm not available, everything grinds inevitably to a halt."

Well, as I write this, it looks like I'm about to make a job change which involves moving the entire family 1700 miles. I haven't signed on the dotted line yet, but so far I'm excited about the prospective new job, about the people I'll be working with, and about the new technology (I work in the computer game business).

Unfortunately, the job change means that effective immediately, all of my spare time is going into fixing up the home (for sale or rent, haven't decided which yet) and packing up the family treasures. Miniatures first, computer last, I think. :-)

I'll try to keep the news section current, but everything else will have to slide until I've put my roots down in my new home town. However, I see no reason to change websites (the service provider is here in Texas, but I can upload from anywhere).

Apologies for the hiatus!

Comments or corrections?