On the Move Again

July 1997 Editorial

No, we're not moving the website again - it's just me, the editor, a physical entity. I'm changing coasts, leaving New England (a place which I've grown to love) for California (my native state). It's a 3,073-mile trip, traveling to an exciting new job.

What's this mean for the magazine?

  1. In theory, I'll continue to be in daily contact with the website and with my email, even while I'm on the road. That's the good news.
  2. This means that, if you were a manufacturer about to send me a product sample, please email me for my new address. I don't know my final address yet, but I do have a work address to which items can be sent.
  3. For a variety of reasons, this means that all of my figures and paints will be packed up for perhaps as long as two months. This means that features such as Workbench will be on temporary hold.
  4. Likewise, nearly all of my rulebooks will be in storage - so don't expect much in the way of new rules webpages. (But I'll try to stash some rulebooks aside, to keep with me.)
  5. I'll be neglecting email while packing, but once my figures and paints are packed, I'll have nothing else to do...
  6. It means I hope to be in attendance at Pacificon this year! (This partially makes up for missing Tricon...)

Comments or corrections?