Thanks for the Minis!

July 1996 Editorial

One of my readers gave me a surprise this week - two boxes of miniatures!

The gift comprised about 170 pieces of 1/285, 1/300 and 100mm armor for WWII and the modern periods, a wide variety of odds and ends. Most were unpainted, a few had been primed, and a few were already painted. I haven't yet been able to identify all of the manufacturers (or even all of the vehicles), but so far I recognize miniatures from Scotia, GHQ, Davco, CNC, and Heroics & Ros.

Also part of the gift was a set of out-of-print modern armor rules, Total Conflict (D.B. Publishing).

Being the miniatures enthusiast that I am (and a collector of all periods and genres!), I'm delighted with the gift. The 100mm scale is one that I've not been invested in before, but now I'll be tempted to acquire more so that I have enough to play with. As for the rulebook, I have hopes someday of assembling a complete library of miniatures rules (past and present), so I'm more than tickled to add this to my bookshelf.

Thanks again to Brian Heard of Austin, Texas.

A Program Note: It's official now - I'm relocating to New England this month.

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