That Holiday Season

December 1998 Editorial

Yes, it's that time of the year when we're thinking about what to buy ourselves for Christmas...

For me, it's the time of year to be knee-deep in catalogs and browsing through webpages, trying to decide what to pick up next. Sadly, this season my interests have become so specialized that the local hobby store has no appeal to me - I'm not into what they're selling. So for me, it's time to mail-order my Christmas goodies.

Have you noticed that figures are more exciting than tools? I suppose I actually do need some new brushes, a new battery for my mototool, maybe some more storage shelves...but that's not the excitement of Christmas. The end of the year calls for new armies, new adventures, major new expansions! (Have I painted last year's Christmas acquisition? Well, no...)

December's Survey

Tell me what you're buying for yourself for the holidays! Tools or new armies? Are you getting into something new, or staying with old favorites? Drop me a line, and in next month's editorial I'll summarize our shopping habits. :-)

Send your response to the editor.

Last Month's Survey

Last month we asked what folks next wanted to see covered in the Miniatures Library. No concensus emerged, so I guess I'm free to do whatever I feel like...

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