I've Done That GenCon Thing

August 1996 Editorial

I've only been at my new job in New England for a week, and they send me on a business trip -- to GenCon! (I think I'm going to like this job.)

GenCon is the future of miniatures gaming, as tomorrow's players are there now playing card games and roleplaying. It is a great place for demo games, letting people know what other rules or periods are like.

The hit of the convention for me was a new set of WWI air combat miniature rules -- Hostile Aircraft by Goblintooth. (You can expect a webpage here shortly!) The rules are elegant, by which I mean they are both complex and easy to learn. The game is also highly visual, as the miniatures (1/285 scale planes) are mounted on stands so that their altitude and position can be varied.

The sad news of the con was the loss of Grenadier, which has gone out of business. There are rumors that the figure lines will come back from other companies, but nothing solid to report yet.

I also took time at the convention to let the manufacturers know that THE MINIATURES PAGE exists. Some manufacturers were supportive, while others were sceptical. The supportive ones provided review copies of their new products, and I'll be covering them shortly.

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