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Korvessa19 Feb 2024 6:10 p.m. PST

Scenario #3 Eviction Notice
Afternoon, June 6th, 1944 – Neuville-au-Plain, France
With so many avenues of approach to cover, 1LT Law and Sgt Rockstar decide to split their troops in to several small groups. Groups 5 8 are SSG Rockstar's permanent group. See map for their location. (TG = Thomspon SMG)
Group #1 1Lt Law (M1)
Group #2: .30 MG team: T5 May (TG) and Pvts Mansfield & Meredith
Group #3: PFC Jones (TG) & 101 Pvt Gibby & Nelson (bazooka)
Group #4: Sgt Baker (TG), Cpl Daly (M1) & Pvts Nocera (M1) & Bisetti (carbine)
Group #5: Sgt Lyons (MP40), Pvt Blanchard (BAR), PFC Crapgame (2 x Panzerfaust)
Group #6: .30 MG team: T3 Seid (TG) & Pvts Mumey & Simpson
Group #7: SSG Rockstar (spec carbine*) & Pvts Guidas (M1) & Miller (M1)
Group #8: Sgt Kelley (MP40), Cpl Bechtold (M1) & T4 Shivers (carb)

Some of Law's command (groups #1-4) were armed with captured weapons from scenarios 1&2
*= Rockstar is modeled after my dad (1/507). He had a specially modified carbine to fire fully automatic. For game purposes, it shoots like a normal carbine, but has the "outgunned" equivalent of a Thompson.

HQ: Cpt Stranski, Lt Meyer, medic & radioman
Group A: Cpl Rohleder (StG44), Obergefreiter Dorfmann & 4 privates Forst*, Kropp, Ler & Muller (all K98)
Group B: Cpl Otto (MP40), Gefreiter Katczinski & Privates Kranz*, Baumer, Bauer & Kemmerich (all K98)
Group C: Sgt Steiner (PPSh), Cpl Kruger (MP40), Obergefreiter Reiser (StG44), Gefreiter Wolk (StG44), Obergefreiter Kroner (Gw43), Gefreiter Gerhardt (Gw43) and Gefreiter Kern, Privates Kern, Anselm & Westhouse* (all with K98)
Note: Privates marked with a * also have a panzerfaust
The following came as reinforcements:
1Lt Witzlaben and two LMG teams (Horber & Hager), (Sholten & Mutz)
1Lt Gruber and three StuGs

SSG Rockstar has been fortunate so far. His "Little group of paratroopers" has scored a couple of easy victories and he hasn't lost a man yet. However, midnight raids against an ill prepared defender is one thing, but the enemy is awakening and the sun is rising…
SSG Rockstar and his group have now linked up with the main outfit. He is approached by his favorite officer 1Lt Law.
"LtC Wayne (AKA "The Duke") has ordered us to set up a roadblock north of town. Unfortunately, we only have your squad and mine, a total of about 22 men. This time the enemy will likely have us outnumbered and perhaps outgunned, possibly even with tanks…" said Law.
"Wouldn't have it any other way" replied Rockstar confidently.
After the Lt left, Rockstar turned to Sgt Baker, "Take good care of the Lt. They might replace him with one of those salutin' demons."

The German side:
Captain Stranski has been ordered to take his company and attack St Mere Eglise from the northwest. Lt Meyer's Platoon will be on point (although Stanski will keep an eye on things and perhaps take some credit from Meyer).
Meyer has two small rifle squads, but without their customary LMG. Fortunately, he also has Sgt Steiner's heavily armed assault squad. And the promise of armor support.
"I hope we get something useful and not those ancient French relics." Thought Meyer.
Game Note:
There were a couple of times I forgot about certain units or fell back into old solo habits of running the enemy as if I was their player, rather than using the game mechanics. But I just kept with the spirit of "don't sweat the small stuff" and carried on. Fog of war and all.

Turn 1: Initiative: 5/2 Germans.
Only Steiner activates – he moves his squad down the right flank using the hedgerow for cover.
The Americans don't have any enemy in sight just yet, so hold their positions. They do send Privates Bissetti and Miller to search for equipment bundles but they don't find any.
Turn 2: Initiative 6/3 Germans.
No one activates. Cpt Stranski is getting impatient with the delays.
The Americans still don't have anyone in sight, so continue to hold their positions. Bissetti and Miller rejoin their squads.
Turn 3: Initiative 6/4 Americans.
This time the troopers fail to activate.
Sgt Steiner on the right and Cpl Rohleder on the left continue their cautious advances using the hedgerows as cover.
Now that Lt Gruber has arrived with his Stug, Cpt Stranski orders Lt Meyer to assault the nearby farmhouse. The Germans open fire before the paratroopers can react, forcing a MG team lead by T4 Seid to duck back from the window.
Turn 4: Initiative: Initially a 1/1 tie, then 4/3 Americans.
Oops: At this point I realized that I failed to roll for reinforcements on turn one (because action die roll =7). My choices were limited due to available figures, so rather than rolling on the chart, I picked one I could field 2 LMG teams and placed them behind the StuG.
The PEF turned up right in front of a farmhouse with a US MG team inside. It turned out to be a German squad, however, as I didn't have any more German figs, I made a Gamemaster call and said they were wiped out. That's what they get for bumbling into enemy lines in front of a MG. (I love the emphasis on "Don't sweat the details")
In the face of such overwhelming firepower, T5 Seid leads his MG team out of the building, joining SSG Rockstar in the hedgerow directly behind the house. The remainder of the paratroopers continue to hold their positions.
German phase:
Frustrated with the delays. Stranski orders his men to "Get moving."
On the left, Cpl Rohleder attempts to lead his men through the hedgerow into possible enemy view. Rather suspiciously, Rohleder is the only one who doesn't make it through the hedgerow. Unfortunately for them. PFC Jones and his two-man squad were ready for them: Private Leer is wounded and the rest are driven back into the hedgerow, except for Private Kropp, who leaves the battlefield
In the center, Lt Gruber and his Stug move past the building into Crapgame's field of fire. He fires his captured panzerfaust and… misses. Gruber's loader pops up, mans the MG and forces the troopers around Crapgame to go prone.
On the right, Sgt Steiner and his men break cover. Sgt Kelley was ready and fires first. Kelley was able to kill Sgt Steiner and wound Volk. Miller killed Westhouse. That was too much for Kern, Anshelm and Kroner who retreat back to the cover of the hedgerow. Cpl Kruger, Reiser and Gerhardt stand their ground and return fire. T4 Shivers is hit and knocked down, but in an amazing stroke of "luck" is unhurt. The accurate fire from Kruger and his men cause the troopers to go prone in the cover of the hedgerow.
Turn 5. Initiative 4/1 Americans
Seeing no action in front of him, Sgt Baker abandons his position on the far right and moves to support PFC Jones and the two 101 privates.
In the center, Sgt Lyons rallies his men. SSG Rockstar moves from the center to the left to cover Sgt Kelley while he rallies his men. Rockstar spies Cpl Kruger and two others in the open and unloads on them, killing Kruger and Reiser, causing the few survivors of Steiner's squad to flee the battlefield.
German phase:
Stug #2 enters the game.
On the left, Cpl Rohleder and PFC Jones exchange shots without causing casualties.
In the center, Lt Meyer leads Private Forst (panzerfaust) into the back of the building. Cpl Otto provides some rather ineffective covering fire as Pvt Mumey opens up with his captured MG 42 driving them prone in the hedgerow. Lt Gruber advances his Stug against the group in the center (as he is blocking the road for Stug#2 behind him). Crapgame fires his last captured panzerfaust and… misses again. The Stug returns fire, Sgt Lyons gives the command to fall back to the next hedgerow, but only Blanchard (BAR) hears him, the rest are pinned.
Turn 6: Initiative Americans 6/2
Americans take no actions.
On the German left, Cpl Rohleder rallies his team.
In the center, all Hell breaks loose. Lt Meyer and Forst (panzerfaust) stick their head out the window, but before they can fire, T4 Seid and Pvt Guidas fire a burst, Seid killing Forst and Guidas killing Meyer. Shortly thereafter Gruber cuts loose with his StuG MG into the hedgerow, killing crapgame and forcing Guidas to "hunker down."
Immediately after von Witzlaben and his two LMG crews advance into the hedgerow and open fire on the .30 MG team, wounding the gunner (Mumey) and killing his loader (Simpson). T4 Seid is forced to leave them and he falls back to the next hedgerow, joining Sgt Lyons. Guidas surrenders to the German MG teams.
Turn 7: Initiative Germans 2/1
On the left, Rohleder stays put while he tries to decide what he should do.
In the center, von Witzlaben's MG team moves to the edge of the hedgerow and sees the backs of Rockstar's group in the hedgerow. They advance to the edge, and open fire. Cpl Bechtold is killed and SSG Rockstar leads the survivors to the safety of a different hedgerow. Meanwhile, T5 May spots the firefight to his left and orders his .30 MG crew to open fire on von Witzlaben's men, forcing them to go to ground.
Turn 8: Initiative 3/2 Americans
Lyons and Rockstar both rallied their groups. On the right, when LT Law saw the left and center under great pressure, he withdrew his force towards the rear building, He was able to set up Private Gibby and his bazooka for an ambush of the Stugs.
The Germans get a third StuG
Cpt Stranski having pushed most of the troopers on his right back, orders an advance down the road. Sure enough, Stug #2 drives into Lt Law's ambush. Gibby fires his bazooka…. and misses. The Stug is unable to discover the source of the fire.
Turn 9: Initiative Americans 3/2
Pvt Gibby fires his bazooka a second time… and misses again. Disgusted, and with only one rocket left, 1LT law takes the bazooka from him. The rest of Law's group enter the building and take up firing positions.
T5 May and his .30 team in the building continue to fire on the last known position of von Witzlaben and his LMGs, killing one gunner and a loader. Sgt Lyons and his group add their firepower to the battle, with T4 Seid killing von Witzlaben. Finally, SSG Rockstar joins in. At this point the German survivors have had enough and leave the field. In their haste, they left the unwounded Private Guidas behind, who was now able to escape and join Sgt Lyons.
Because of the bazooka fire ahead of him. Lt Gruber halts his Stug and Stug #3 behind him. Cpl Otto in the center and Rohleder on the left advance cautiously.
Turn 10: Initiative Germans 3/2 (after rolling 6/6 no reinforcements).
In the center, Stug #2 finally starts moving, but Lt Law was able to get his shot off before he got out of sight, scoring a direct hit and destroying it. Gruber (Stug#1) and Stug#2 advance, halting just short of the burning Stug #2.
However, with no more bazooka rounds left, and only Gammon grenades left to deal with the two remaining Stugs, 1Lt Law orders a withdrawl. Unable to get to him, the badly wounded Pvt Mumey is taken prisoner.
Final Results:
Lt Law's groups (1-4) no Casualties
SSG Rockstar's group:
KIA: Cpl Bechtold, Pvt Simpson, PFC Crapgame
POW: Pvt Mumey
Survivors: SSG Rockstar, Sgts Lyons & Kelley, T3 Seid, T4 Shivers, Pvts Blanchard & Miller
KIA: Lt Meyer, Sgt Steiner, Cpl Kruger, OG Reiser, Pvt Kranz, Pvt Westhouse
WIA: Gf Wolk, OG Dorfmann, Pvt Leer
Left battle: OG Kroner, Gf Gerhardt, Gf Kern, Pvt Anshelm, Pvt Kropp

And some photos:
The set up at start as viewed from behind German right


Sgt Stranski moves out for a flank attack


And runs into a well prepared Sgt Kelley


The sort of thing that happens when you don't have enough 25mm StuG – he gets a little brother


Could find my usual knocked out tank marker, so I improvised with a fire elemental. Kind o flike the look


Hey You19 Feb 2024 7:31 p.m. PST

Thanks for the battle report, and also the nice battle pictures.

MilEFEX303020 Feb 2024 12:35 a.m. PST

Great stuff! I love the RPG style of NUTS! You gave me an idea on how to model the M2 Carbine with banana clip in NUTS!

Didn't realise the M1s were sometimes modded to full auto, cool man.

Korvessa20 Feb 2024 12:32 p.m. PST

I don't know how universal the modification was.
There was a machinest in the motor pool who knew how to make the modification. He did one for my dad – wh was a battalion supply sergeant. Apparently dad kept him in nice new uniforms as part of the deal.
Rest of the story: dad was wounded at Timmes Orchard. He was unable to fight for a couple of days. Some officer "borrowed" his specialcarbine and he never saw it again.

MilEFEX303020 Feb 2024 5:52 p.m. PST

Cool! Must have burned through those short clips fast though, the M2 had a huge ROF but a banana clip.

Korvessa20 Feb 2024 9:49 p.m. PST

He always said it saved his life.
Crawled through a hedgerow to find an MG42 teaam on the other side. More or less fired simultaniously. He took a round to the upper arm. When he came to, they were gone, but there was blood everywhere – he figures he got at least one.

MilEFEX303028 Feb 2024 2:17 a.m. PST

Nice. Have you seen THW's latest kickstarter?


Ed claims to have "cleaned up" the rules and if there's anything bad about the original NUTS! is the rule book.

But he then said in a youtube comment that an example of cleaning up was taking out needing to track duck back status?! That was one of my favourite parts of the rules!.

Also huge non-fan of the CGI cover art and crappy counter art (even if I would never use them anyway) – so another drawback, surpurfluous counters.

I rewrote NUTS!/FNG for Cold War a few years ago and made a flow chart so I didn't get lost in the reactions, played pretty well but I still was annoyed I couldn't differentiate between M855 ammo and M193. So I moved on to other rulesets.

But for WW2 I think NUTS! may still be great, but my own version of NUTS!, not this new fangled "ABC"

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