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Alasdair220403 Jun 2023 12:44 p.m. PST

Colonial Portuguese vs Mughal (17th Century)


Both the 17th Century Variants

Neither Lists were particularly optimised just what I had in the boxes upto 10,000 points

The Mughals won the scouting battle forcing the Portuguese to deploy 40% first. Both Portuguese artillery batteries went down then the three units of poor slave skirmishers (from right to left) plus a unit of Civilisados. The Indians matched the Portuguese putting their Hindu Archers in the the town on their left (It was a secure flank). The rest of the deployment continued with on the Portuguese continuing from right to left a unit of Portuguese Infantry, four more units of close formation Slave troops then two more units of Portuguese and one more unit of Civilasdos with the last remaining unit of Civilasdos protecting the left flank of the Portuguese Heavy Gun Battery. The Mughal from left to right after the Hindu archers put in the centre 2 units of Ghazirs and a unit of elephants with the second unit of elephants in reserve, then on the right several units of matchlockmen and finally light artillery backed up by the last unit of Ghazirs. All the Indian Cavalry were deployed on the far right


The games opens with a massive boom as all the Portuguese artillery, 6 green dice, down to white as artillery and then back to green as firing vs irregulars, no idea what they were aiming at but no hits, very embarrassing really. Both sides push forward the majority of their troops other than the poor slave troops and the hindu archers which both sides seem strangely reluctant to get anywhere near combat. The Mughal start to try a wide flanking action with their cavalry which forces the Portuguese to turn a couple of units.


Portuguese guns find their range causing the loss of the first base on the Mughal side and the Mughal left flank Ghazir unit gets a bit of a hammering, whilst the Mughal musketeers start causing casualties on the Portuguese slave troops. Both sides continued advancing, looking for any small advantage.

Go 3

Here we go clashes are going to occur. The Portuguese have the bag, have I got enough charge arrows is the question. All the charges were free except for the elephants which had to pay a green. Shooting occurred then impact. Fights occurred across the line. Only one different to current QRS is that elephants as well as mounted get the modifier vs irregulars. Suddenly the slave troops realised the hill might not be enough with a Red & White vs Black before we even get to shatter. Nine wounds to one, well hopefully melee will be better. Fighting and shooting continues with first two Mughal units breaking in the melee phase. (4-0 to the Portuguese)

Go 4

Feels like a quick breather, with no charges occurring, a quite move with only action of not being reserve elephants preparing to charge two slave units and for the second time in the game the same two superior Portuguese foot units forced back through each other resulting in the second KAB on each unit. (Still 4-0 to the Portuguese)

Go 5

The Mughal Reserve Elephants are unleashed in a move which could turn the game. Elephants break one of the slave units at impact it was only one wound off. The Portuguese are forced to push forward on the left flank to stop Mughal cavalry out flanking them and IN the melee the heroic Mughal Elephants who charged up the hill finally die but take another of the Slave units with them, it's a mess. (6-6 with all to play for)

Go 6

No charges but the shooting cost the Mughals another Musketeer unit and the resulting KAB cost the Mughals a light artillery piece. The Mughals returned the favour with one of the Portugues Javelinmen units being broken as well. The Civilados protecting the artillery battery took heavy fire as well and looked vulnerable to a charge next go. In the melee two more Indian units broke for one more Portuguese (12-10 to Portuguese)

Go 7

Go 7 will probably see the end of it with two flank charge follow on from pursuit of routing troops, one from each side, and the Mughal decide its that stage of the game and unleash two average cavalry units against the Civilados and even though two down only need one wound to break them and hopefully pursue into the guns. As its important and Portuguese have the pack they do their first charge first, causing six casualties to one but just short of breaking them. Mughals turn to their cavalry attack, rout the Civalodos but lose a base and charge straight into the artillery. The Hindu archers flank attack fizzles out and the Portuguese capture the Mughal light artillery, the scores after impact 14-12 to the Portuguese one more unit to break the Mughals. And that happens in the shooting phase with the final musketeer unit going down under combine musket and artillery fire. A 15-10 Win to the Portuguese.

With a Massive Nod to Tim Porter and no where near as good

Charles I Comments

You are amazing such skill, such ability such cunning you must have royal blood, the victory was a delight to see.

Johann Tserclaes, Count of Tilly

Oh my word have I ever seen such incompetence, you only won as you were playing both sides. Could the Mughal Cavalry outflanking move been any slower or more telegraphed. Could the Portuguese overreaction to it been any worse weakening their centre in the process. AT what stage did you take advantage of one of the Portuguese major advantages the ability to rear support, never.And don't get me onto Army composition. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean the Portuguese fleet is trying to conquer the known world wondering where all is guns have gone, how many do you need, give the navy some back, and how well are three units of poor low fire power javelin slave troops going to, not good I can assure you. As to the Mughals you knew you were playing Portuguese, what is your major advantage, Cavalry and you bought as few as possible, granted your Elephants did well but they were luck and didn't come across any of the Portuguese troops but that list needs far more cavalry.

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