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The H Man19 Jan 2023 4:05 p.m. PST

Just reading a wh com update from 11 Jan.

It tells us that the end times happened, that's what the designers are basing it on.

This suggests to me that it will be very much based on "before AOS" and not "relaunch WFB".

This concerns me.

I can't see how they can do both and please both camps. It's either bringing back WFB, or its just a prequel to Aos.

I certainly don't want to play a game that has anything to do with the AOS abomination. "Let's Play a game in the events that lead to the creation of golden marines," is not something I care to do.

I don't see how this game will not be tainted by AOS, going by what I read.

Tgerritsen Supporting Member of TMP19 Jan 2023 4:15 p.m. PST

They've been pretty transparent with the plans for Old World and there are a number of sights you can go to in order to see what they have revealed. I am definitely in the 'not a fan of AOS' camp, so I see the relaunch as acceptable.

Basically they are going back to an earlier period of the Old World well before the era of the end times. The rules are going back to lots of figs with square bases (honestly I didn't care if the bases were square or round, but some people apparently did).

The rules will be more in line with Old Warhammer than AOS, and to me that is good. You can either play old school or AOS. They are even allowing people to use their old Warhammer figures from what I read.

Yes it's the same world that is later destroyed in the End Times, but you can ignore this (as I will), since it is far back enough in the past that it won't ever matter.

Basically they are treating it similarly to the 30K Horus Heresy releases in terms of how it fits into the lore, but giving us different rules than AOS.

For my tastes, that's acceptable.

Mr Elmo19 Jan 2023 4:56 p.m. PST

I think this will be Fantasy Horus Heresy. Basically playing AoS Historicals.

I do wonder if the market will stand with 20-30 model rank and flank units. That's a lot of models and $3 USD-4 each is probably the price limit.

30k only needs marines; here you a need humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, etc. that's a lot of shelf space

The H Man19 Jan 2023 7:55 p.m. PST


Going by what I read it is suggesting that they will be putting sort of a looming shadow of the end times in it. That was my take away.

The other problem as suggested above is that they are hardly going to try to make a game to replace AOS, although they should. This means TOW will never have a hope of being as good as WFB.

The point of WFB (after 1st) is square bases for regiments. Round would be harder to set up and use.

Yes TOW will likely never get the shelf space of WFB. However, if done well, they could do one box armies where you get a few troop sprues and a character/special sprue. Then just buy multiple boxes to build larger armies. This means bigger sales of fewer products. A win for everyone.

Eh. You get an orc Warlord and a couple of Orc and goblin heros, plus half a chariot/boar riders and a wolf rider or two and a troll on one sprue. Of which you get 2 in a box. Then about 5 boys, 5 gobbos and 2 black orcs on a second sprue of which you get 4. So six sprues gives you plenty of characters, a chariot, about 3 units of 10-20. Buy a few boxes and you also get cavalry and units of monsters. Plus they can be used as a mordheim warband. Something like that. One box for each of the armies. Maybe later add an extra box if all goes well to flesh things out, and or add more variants.

Mr Elmo20 Jan 2023 5:14 a.m. PST

Round would be harder to set up and use.

Not really, round to rectangular trays are alive and well. Both CLAoK and ASoIF do this.

The H Man20 Jan 2023 1:41 p.m. PST

And war of the ring had them.

But square are easier when it comes to base facings, front, back, sides.

It's also one less thing to buy.

Again, round bases would just be more like AOS and less like (most of) WFB.

Most people have jumped to other games like KOW, so GW have a real battle on their hands.

Speaking of KOW, they really need to sort themselves out. The only reason im not playing is the stupid unit wounds and basing issues. Half the appeal of WFB was seeing the units slowly deplete in a realistic manner. That and not balancing a hord of zombies on a tree. They should have been more concerned with fixing game mechanics over the name of a map. It's still Mantica to me. Now fans of sensible basing and model removal have TOW to flock to, assuming they aren't going to follow Mantics path.

Back to the point. It looks like TOW will have a definite dark and gloomy appearance. Basically much like 6th edition on. Expect no funny orcs and goblins, not light hearted characters, just everyone looking like the end is nigh. Doom and gloom will be the order of the day, from what I got from the post.

Also, no doubt, there will be shimmering glimpses of the would to come, prophets and nods to golden armour worn by Giants. Things of that nature.

If blood bowl can have its own universe, why not offer TOW the same dignity?

Blaubaer21 Jan 2023 9:54 a.m. PST


The One Page Rules for Warhammer Fantasy is my way to use my old Warhammer regiments. New plastik regiments for 28mm fantasy are still aviable by Northstar or Atlantic.
For me, GW had miss the bus.

The H Man21 Jan 2023 4:32 p.m. PST

The thing is, GW have such reach and distribution. How many other wargames companies are in toyshops, hobby stores, newsagents, computer game stores, department stores, book shops, their own shops…. None. Maybe mantic and Warlord are closest? And you see the odd thing here or there.

So GW hasn't missed the bus, as they own all the routes, while most others use just one or two streets.

It's just a matter of who they put on the bus.

There is no reason TOW can't be successful, as long as GW actually want it to be. There is the problem.

Do they want a fantasy game to rivel AOS and LOTR, heck even 40k? Because they could make one, if they wanted to.
More likely they are just trying to prevent other companies getting sales and using their back catalogue to do it.

For example I'd suspect most mass fantasy games combined player base may not make 40ks look small, no matter which is larger. So, GW don't need to draw many people away from the competition to make a decent dent. Remember that they already have AOS and LOTR, so they stand to have a large percentage of all mass fantasy players.

They will be aiming at kids, to get them before the others do. A TOW partwork would serve them well there.

They just need to get people into the GW "hobby" I don't think they care if they stick with their entry game or move over to one of the others, as long as they have them.

Honestly, if they didn't drop WFB and embraced WHH, they would truly be dominating now. I do begin to wander how long it will be before they go historical, as they have the distribution.

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