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"Winter Wolves: Safari Ltd.'s toy?" Topic

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Personal logo Sgt Slag Supporting Member of TMP03 Sep 2021 1:41 p.m. PST

Here is a link to their site which has a video on it, giving a 360-degree view, as well as dimensions: 3.6" long x 2.2" tall x 1.8" wide. Before you think this toy is too large, take a look at the size descriptions for this monster, from the 1e/2e rules:

1e Monster Manual: Size L

2e Monster Manual: Size L (7-12 feet)

I do not know what size is listed for it in later Editions, but for 1e/2e games, the creatures would be 7-12 feet tall, at the shoulder, which in 25mm = 5 scale feet, would make this particular model 11 feet tall, at the shoulder, well within the 7-12 foot range. Though I have not seen one, yet, the factory paint job looks tolerable (better than mine…) -- if not, it can easily be painted to the owner's standard.

I bought several old plastic, Marx White Wolves, some years ago. My purpose was to use them as Winter Wolves for my G2: Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl adventure. The Marx Wolves are OK, but they are really lacking details, being quite smooth.

I did, however, add a stream of white frost breath to one of them. I used DM Scotty's technique, modified. I took a wedge of plastic sandwich bag material, cut to size; I applied Hot Glue to it, to give it texture -- this also rippled it, making it wavy, like it is coming out in more of a cone shape (nice effect!). I painted it white, and I Hot Glued it into the mouth of the figure (not a big fan of the Glitter Glue concept Scotty recommends, though). This same technique could be applied to the Safari Ltd. Winter Wolf figures, if desired.

I guess I am smitten with the Safari Ltd. Winter Wolves. I may replace my Marx figures with some of these.

No matter what I do, I think I will repaint the Marx Wolves, to see if I can improve them just a bit (not a fan of the Glitter Glue that Scotty recommended). I initially wanted to avoid using a black wash on them, but looking at the Safari Ltd. Wolves, I am rethinking my color choices.

Looking at the photo, and the mini's, I realize now that the Marx Wolves are just barely 7 feet tall, at the heads! I think I just might talk myself into buying some new, Winter Wolves…

Hoping to run some games of G2, this Fall/Winter. Need to get my act together, and finish the few Frost Giants left to paint up. Haven't touched the Remorhaz, yet, either. I do have a YouTube painting video to follow on how I might color that, so I should be able to move that train along its tracks -- just paint it by the numbers! I've got around four Yeti's painted up, and I bought a couple of pre-painted D&D Snow Leopards; I also have some bluish Giant Snow Toad toys I found at the toy store. I can make up some White Puddings with my Hot Glue Gun. I need to run through the module to make sure I am not missing any monsters the PC's might encounter…

Considering using 2e BattleSystem Skirmish rules: miniatures skirmish game with a lite veneer of RPG over the top. A 15th level Fighter would have 15 Hits, and every strike which penetrates their AC, removes a Hit. Combat would be superbly fast to play out. Spells and magic devices play the same as the RPG, except for the Hit Point part. Cheers!

CeruLucifus04 Sep 2021 1:32 p.m. PST

That white frost breath looks cool. I have used DM Scotty's technique (hot glue streaked on clear plastic, painted suitable colors) for water and fire but not yet for spell effects. I agree with you about the glitter.

Size L models are supposed to fit on a 2" circular base. I do the same as you and use a 1x2" for 4-legged size L models (horses etc). But it sounds like these Safari models are too big for that?

I don't have my 2e books any more but possibly 2e L(7-12) is what later editions call H, the next size up, which is a 3" circular base? Or I guess using our slimmed 4-legged base, a 1.5x3" or similar?

As far as should you get them? Yes, obviously. You want to have 2 sizes in your collection, for the pack leaders etc.

Personal logo Sgt Slag Supporting Member of TMP05 Oct 2021 6:22 a.m. PST

!Brain Fart Alert!…

I got the Schleich White Wolves. They are as tall as my 60mm Viking figures I use for Frost Giants -- ack! I meant to find models that matched the correct sizes listed in the 1977 1e AD&D Monster Manual. But, I was looking at their sizes listed in the 2e AD&D Monstrous Manual, and I failed to translate the inch sizes listed in the web catalog, with the millimeter sizes I needed, and I mashed the 1e/2e sizes together, to make mud in my brain… They are way too tall/large for what I need. They are the size of horses for the 60mm Viking figures! If I wanted Frost Giant/Winter Wolf Cavalry, they would work superbly. But, I don't want that. Well, at this point I don't. The search continues. Cheers!


Winter Wolf Frost Giant cavalry is very tempting! The Wolves can breathe a short Cone of Cold. That is really tempting. I know I could cut the Viking figures off of their bases; cut their knees and thighs, attaching them in a riding position with Green Stuff epoxy. "Down, Boy! Down! Stop!"

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