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Comstar19 Jan 2021 9:49 p.m. PST

Following his first failed attempt to breach the first line of TORRES VEDRAS in SOUTHERN PORTUGAL before nightfall, EMPEROR NAPOLEON has sent one of his Marshall's forward with a large AUSTRIAN CORPS of infantry, cavalry and artillery to attack elsewhere on the line.

The VISCOUNT LORD WELLINGTON has placed his defenses on top of two hills and entrenched his troops to defend a road that leads towards LISBON.

Will the huge mass of Austrian infantry overwhelm the thin red line on the ridge, or can the British IMPETUOUS HUSSAR LIGHT BRIGADE lead a charge to GLORY or be a charge to their armies DOOM….

To find out the story and see the result, check it out on my blog


Austrian unreformed infantry assault on the Lines of Torres Vedras (LoA Jan 2021 tourny battle #2

Field of Glory Napolonics 2nd ed.

SHaT198421 Jan 2021 3:23 p.m. PST

Hmmm, fantasy game I see.
A casual glance at TORRES VEDRAS shows you wouldn't be weilding cavalry divisions among them, I feel…
YMMV, cheers

Levi the Ox21 Jan 2021 5:55 p.m. PST

Those look like fun games! It seems like there is a mechanic for the attacker committing to part of their plan before the game starts, can you elaborate on it?

Comstar22 Jan 2021 2:32 a.m. PST

It's a tournament game so lots of different armies to face and see.

FOGN has each player roll dice to deny a battle plan of the enemy, then choose one from the remaining. There are 6

Prepared Defense
Mobile Defense
Bombardment (mobile attack)
Frontal Attack

Better/more expense corps commander get more dice and block more enemy missions. Each mission limits you somewhat – defence missions force you deploy first and can't move as much, Probe has 1/2 the army start off the table in reserve/reinforcement. Envelopment the same but on the flank (which is what happened here, and they arrived a bit late). Bombardment allow artillery units to shoot for few turns and Frontal attack you move quicker at the start but can't deviate either.

I chose Prepared defence so got to the use the redoubts but couldn't move out of my deployment zone for 2 turns. The attacker used Envelopment. I'd blocked a Frontal attack and bombardment mission.

Having the 4 missions means each battle is going to be different. In the 4th game, I got blocked from doing prepared defence by my opponent who knew exactly what I was going try and do.

bpreston24 Jan 2021 5:56 p.m. PST

Just to expand on the FoGN (version 2) set-up, or "strategies" as they are described in the rules.

The strategies are designed to represent the immediate operational planning that led up to the opposing Corps engaging each other. Has your Corps adopted defensive, flexible or aggressive pre-game operational maneuvers?

The choice each player makes effects terrain placement, what formations start on table, and in some cases what they can/cannot do in their first 1-2 turns.

The setup system creates important player decision making before you come to deployment. It provides plenty of variety in game 'shapes' with 35 different set-up combinations possible.

The 6 strategies are numbered 1-6 in increasing aggressiveness. The player who choses the higher number is the attacker (or a dice-off if both players chose the same strategy).

1. Position Defense represents a commander that has found favourable ground and parked himself on it. That player gets advantages in terrain, can place any redoubts purchased, can strong-point towns and hide troops on reverse slopes. The downside is that the player must deploy all visible troops before his opponent deploys any, and you cannot leave his deployment area for the first 2 turns.

2. Flexible Defense is a little like (1) except you don't get the same terrain positioning bonuses, have 1 division starting off-table in reserve and are only restricted in movement for 1 turn. It represents a defensive posture with reserves.

F.Defence is my go to if I can't decide what I want to do. It's a 'wait and see what he does then react' option.

3. Probe is for sneaky buggars and armies with good leadership. It gives you great set-up intelligence (the enemy has to deploy all on-table units before you deploy any, and you know about any enemy outflanks). However 1/2 your army starts off-table, in reserve or as reinforcement's marching to the sound of the guns. Until those reinforcements arrive, you can be vulnerable to being rushed. But you can use this, and with careful timing around committing your off-table reserve, can lay a trap for the enemy.

4. Envelop. – ie Outflank. An option best reserved to armies that have decent leadership (ie can expect the outflanking units will turn up in a timely manner)! It represents a Corps Commander who has operationally detached part of his force nd now hopes it will turn up in a position to decide the battle.

5. Prepared Attack (or 'Bombard' as most people call it).
A Russian favourite. You get some 'free' rounds of long-range artillery fire before the game starts. Downside is that you cannot move rapidly (no 'double moves') in the first turn, and so it's an aggressive option that isn't really that aggressive…
If you know you are facing a Russian (or other late period) gun horde, try to block this one if you can.

6. Frontal Assault ….Charge! Represents a highly aggressive (impetuous?) Corps Commander who sees the enemy Corps and rushes it.
You get less control over terrain placement and cannot do wheels in your first turn, but you do get to move first and get 'free' double moves in that first turn. Is a great option for a big dumb conscript army that struggles to maneuver and needs to try and quickly cut down the space a more nimble opposing army has to maneuver in.
If not blocked, it's generally the go-to for my Neapolitan army.

And that's about it. As mentioned the enemy gets a chance to potentially block some of your options. What is blocked is random, but weighted so that better Corp Commanders have a better chance to influence which enemy choices are blocked (this represents the ability of a superior strategist to limit his opponent's operational options).

Most players have their preferred strategies that best suit their army choice and play style. However you never know when your opponent may block your preferred choice, so you can't safely design an army for just 1 strategy choice. You need a B (and occasionally a C) plan up your sleeve.

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