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altfritz08 Nov 2020 4:28 p.m. PST

…the one that calls you "Son" when he's about to "explain" something to you (even though you are quite likely older than he) or the one that tries to tell you how to move or deploy your troops, apparently thinking he knows what he is doing.

Personal logo etotheipi Sponsoring Member of TMP08 Nov 2020 4:48 p.m. PST

I taught her how to play, but she figured out how to kick my ass on her own.

robert piepenbrink Supporting Member of TMP08 Nov 2020 5:03 p.m. PST

Oh, so many possibilities…

The player--or more often players--who need forever for a map-marking phase.

The ones with a three-volume set of rules, but you get a cheat sheet, if that.

The outright cheat. Not many, but it does happen, and I once watched an adult blatantly cheating while playing with ten year olds. Mind you, they were still beating him.

The one who lays down his ruler, picks up his ruler and then moves his troops. 15" on a 12" move? No problem.

The one who picks up the dice while you're still counting hits.

The one who wants to spend the game discussing how some other rules set would handle this.

Wait. I think I was that one.

Old Glory Sponsoring Member of TMP08 Nov 2020 5:16 p.m. PST

I used to play with a guy who would constantly measure from the front of the base and then move the units back of the base to the point he measured to!!
This was back in the mid 70s in Iowa so opponents were hard to come by --- and besides this--- he was actually a great guy and a dependable gamer --so despite some good old American gossip nothing was ever said.

Russ Dunaway

jurgenation Supporting Member of TMP08 Nov 2020 6:14 p.m. PST

The guy who never brings refreshments ,but always partakes,then complains about the type of drinks available.

Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP In the TMP Dawghouse08 Nov 2020 6:22 p.m. PST

The guy who came into my house for a few games and didn't like us. He wasn't afraid to tell us so.

Bede1900208 Nov 2020 6:31 p.m. PST

The one who gives you a history lecture every time you play;

The one who has detailed knowledge of the 1768 Drill Manual and explains that the rules you're using are hopelessly inaccurate because they don't account for the file interval called for therein;

The one who declares FOW to be just a game (the rules they favor are, of course, much more serious) because the tanks are too close together;

The one who declares that Games' Workshop is morally deficient because they charge more than he thinks they should for their products;

The one who asks; "Will these rules work with Xmm sized miniatures?" (pro tip: the answer is always yes. Every set of rules works with any size miniatures if you make adjustments)

The one who has a million stories about what Napoleon supposedly said when faced with exactly the same situation you now have in the game.

British rules authors who think their club rules are wonderful and decide to sell them for real cash money without serious, methodical play testing, proof reading, or an editor.

Wargamer Blue08 Nov 2020 7:19 p.m. PST

The rules lawyer who interrupts play to check a ruling.

Dragon Gunner Supporting Member of TMP08 Nov 2020 9:48 p.m. PST

The guy that needs a smoke break every hour, he says it will be, "just a minute". Fifteen minutes later he reappears, the problem is he needs to do this every hour so at least one hour of game time is murdered every game night. He has no problem making everyone else wait on his nicotine addiction.

Chronically late.

Shows up unprepared if he had to bring something for game night. (i.e. picked his army, miniatures, character sheets etc…)

The guy that "slow plays" each turn to run down the clock to avoid defeat.

Does not pay attention then needs to be briefed on what happened during his lapse of attention.

The guy that hijacks every conversation or situation to promote his political agenda or moral view point to a captive audience!
(I came here to game not listen to your manifesto…)

The guy that hosts a game and antagonizes his guests! ( A change of venue is usually enough to neuter this guy…)

Dn Jackson08 Nov 2020 10:43 p.m. PST

The rules lawyer who has to look up everything. I had one tell me I was wrong and looked through the rules to try and prove me wrong….and they were rules I wrote!

I too have run into the outright cheat….I never play more than one game with them.

ZULUPAUL Supporting Member of TMP09 Nov 2020 2:55 a.m. PST

The one who drinks too much & can't think what to do.

altfritz09 Nov 2020 3:52 a.m. PST

Sometimes I wonder if the guys that use "measure from the front but move to the back [of the base]" – see Russ's comment, above – actually realize the effect of what they are doing.

I believe some may actually not perceive the difference. This from watching a total newbie; his first move was to do exactly that. It wasn't cheating. It was a perception thing. He just didn't realize he was gaining a base depth each time he moved.

7th Va Cavalry09 Nov 2020 8:11 a.m. PST

The guy who needed a "Smoke Break" every ten minutes while we waited. Glad he's gone!

7th Va Cavalry09 Nov 2020 8:14 a.m. PST

Oh, and let me not forget the other individual who would pick up miniatures by the handful. Affectionately know as, "Fistful of Bob". He stopped coming after I commented on his torn and stained shirt, telling him he didn't need to dress up for our occasion.

Sundance09 Nov 2020 9:57 a.m. PST

The player who refuses to invest a cent in the hobby, tagging along to all the games, but who also doesn't respect the minis.

The player who's "skill" is purely based in the dice but who gloats about every little "victory" he gets.

The player who attends a con, doesn't go to the flea market, doesn't go to the store, doesn't play in any games, but then declares it the most boring day of his life and what do you guys see in this?

The guy who thinks he knows more than the rest of the game group, and refuses to accept he's wrong even when confronted with irrefutable proof.

(Yes, it's all the same guy, if you couldn't tell.)

Perris070709 Nov 2020 11:17 a.m. PST

The guy who quickly volunteers to be the "leader" in a multi-player game and should NOT be a leader in any way, shape, or form.

Personal logo John the OFM Supporting Member of TMP In the TMP Dawghouse09 Nov 2020 11:21 a.m. PST

Sundance, are you talking about the fat guy who is a Monty Python reenactor? Who knows the entire skit and has a horrible fake British accent?

torokchar Supporting Member of TMP09 Nov 2020 11:22 a.m. PST

The guy who let his cat walk across the game table (at his house of course), when it started to walk on and knock over my figures I picked it up and set it on the ground, the guy told me to not touch his cat – it has a free reign of the table. I immediately packed up my figures and left – never to return.

BTW I hate kats!

Augustus09 Nov 2020 11:59 a.m. PST

O.o Wow. These sound like nightmare situations.

Personal logo Jeff Ewing Supporting Member of TMP09 Nov 2020 12:47 p.m. PST

The solution to "measure from the front/move to the back" would seem to me to be to have everyone do it.

HansPeterB Supporting Member of TMP09 Nov 2020 3:00 p.m. PST

The missing one…

Personal logo Doctor X Supporting Member of TMP09 Nov 2020 5:32 p.m. PST

#1 The Cheater – like any criminal they think they are smarter than everyone else around them, and clearly are not. They are easily spotted. I hate a cheater and will go out of my way to point them out publicly when I catch them.

#2 The Rules Lawyer – will argue any rule to try and get some perceived advantage. Oddly enough last turn they argued the opposite when it didn't benefit them. Fortunately I've never had to deal with one for more than one game at most.

#3 The Inattentive Gamer – does not pay attention to the game and generally is a waste of time. Usually their reputation precedes them.

Once spotted and known I have found it easy to avoid all the above over the years. I'm more curious why people tolerate these people in their games.

von Schwartz09 Nov 2020 6:17 p.m. PST

Actually…it's probably ME!

I believe that sarcasm is the height of humor…not everyone agrees with me!

They still let play though cuz I always have a lot of figures and I tend to lose rather regularly.

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