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13 Jul 2020 7:27 a.m. PST
by Editor in Chief Bill

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VinceScrim13 Jul 2020 5:01 a.m. PST

I have been wargaming with miniatures since 1987 and when I recently came across the Eagles of Empire website I was immediately excited in a way I have not had since I discovered "Napoleons Battles" in 1992.

The reason being is that not only are the miniatures the best proportioned Franco Prussian War miniatures I have ever seen in 28mm, but so are the poses. The poses are extremely lifelike and realistic.
In addition, the detail is fantastic, and the miniatures paint up fast, easy and for some reason are fun to paint.
I do not like painting miniatures, but these are different and I could not help myself from doing a weekend painting marathon.
I could not stop!

The reason they are so fun to paint I believe is that the concept and rules are probably the most original I have ever seen and are a refreshing change from the same old same old rules I have seen since 1992.

Instead the rules are fast, easy, too the point, but most of all FUN.
These are tactical level rules for multiple squads and sections, of which I rarely played over the years. For I was a grand battle junkie as a result of the "Napoleons Battles" rule set, but now due to EoE these tactical rules are my new love.
The basing is unique, the number of figurines per base is unique, everything!
This is a rule set that allows you to immerse yourself deeply into your battles, as you will know each soldier by looks and how you painted them; thus, creating favorites that make you cry if they die.

A CP and VP system allows for a very detailed gameplay with officers up front just as they did in 1870-1871.
Moreover, the EoE line has historical figurines based on actual soldiers who took part in the war and every box comes with full color cards for each unit as well as battle doctrines.
This makes for a very personal level of gameplay with deep immersion and fun without having to constantly look up rules or re-read them.

Best of all, a standard size table of 4x6 is just fine, in fact I scaled the enclosed scenario "Spicheren" down to my kitchen table of 3x5 by trimming down the map and even wrote a scenario for Mars La Tour using the same technique which I promptly emailed to Soren the owner of E0E.
Moreover, you don't need thousands or hundreds of miniatures.
Instead, 2 boxes of each is enough to get you started.
I ordered 2 boxes of French Line, and 1 box each of Prussian and Bavarians.

In conclusion, if you want to re-ignite your interest in wargaming, painting, and especially the Franco Prussian War, go over to the Eagles of Empire website and read about the miniatures and rules, as Soren does a better job of explaining how it all works on his website. You will be impressed and I hope so excites like I was that you place an order and prepare yourself for some really great and awesome wargaming goodness.


D6 Junkie13 Jul 2020 10:46 a.m. PST

Might take a look, thanks

Perris070713 Jul 2020 12:17 p.m. PST

I saw these when they first came out and I was impressed by the figures and the high quality, but the French Infantry did not have bayonets on their rifles and that soured my interest.

Brownand14 Jul 2020 2:11 a.m. PST

The prussian/bavarians also don't have bayonets.
main problem I find is that you only can buy the boxes and not separate figure poses. The boxes are spec made for the rules.
Also the line isn't complete(yet?)
it is a pity because the figures themselves look great.

VinceScrim14 Jul 2020 3:32 a.m. PST

I realized they did not have bayonets when you all mentioned it, so my apologies. To be honest with you, the poses are so good and the miniatures so nice, I did not even notice until you all mentioned it.
To be honest with you, the quality and artistry of these figurines are so good, they are more than worth it even without bayonets. Moreover, the owner "Soren" is the most awesome guy you can ever deal with. Without going into too much detail, anyone who has ever exchanged email or chat with him knows what I am talking about. He provides the BEST customer service and is a joy to talk with. At the very least, the rules are a must buy. Only other negative is that some units do not come with flag staffs, but its no biggie. I use a straightened out paper clip primed and painted and it works just as good. Also, as far as figure poses go, they are very varied especially among the Prussians and their Allies. They are still more varied than my previous favorite miniatures by the Perry Twins IMHO.

marco56 Supporting Member of TMP14 Jul 2020 5:30 a.m. PST

I got the Turcos with bayonets and they look great but they are so thin (they are realistic) they bend or break very easy.Their packaging inside the box was not good so a lot of them were bent or broken.I mentioned this to them and said they would look into it.Later on I got another box and they were worse.

VinceScrim14 Jul 2020 8:46 a.m. PST

Both my French Line and Prussian and Bavarian figurines were wrapped in bubble wrap, taped and placed into plastic ziplock bags very tightly.
With the exception of a couple of bent rifles, I just bent them back into place.
Regardless of brand I have never received lead or pewter miniatures without some sort of bending.
As far as breaking, I have had nothing break.
But then I did not have bayonets.
I guess you can CA glue them back?
Speaking of CA glue, I cannot use that type of glue, i.e. Citadel or Warhammer brands as they cause a violent vertigo attack and put me into the emergency room.
I used Elmers Glue for the flag staffs where it comes into contact with the figurine.
If you know of any glue that will work better than Elmers without making me end up in the Emergency Room let me know, as I have a couple of arms to glue on that come as a poseable option. Basically, if the glue smells bad it will probably make me ill.

Decebalus15 Jul 2020 2:11 a.m. PST

I really like the miniatures, but i will use them for multibased battles (5-6 miniatures a base, using Grand Tactical, FoB or DBx).

The bayonet issue does bothher me too. I have made some bayonets from broom bristles and they really look the part. But with three minutes making one bayonet, you still have a lot of work with 100 models. Broom bristles are the best, because they wont break.

@VinceScrim. I think there is no other way for glueing bayonets then CA. So my only advice would be, find someone who can glued these things for you.

VinceScrim15 Jul 2020 5:17 a.m. PST

Thanks Dece, be careful using CA glue as I am sure its doing harm to users even without the sympthoms I had.

WillieB Supporting Member of TMP18 Jul 2020 5:55 p.m. PST

The bayonets are sold separately (14 to a pack) with the two 'bayoneting' sets.
Nice enough but very flimsy and if you need 30 bayonets you end up with some useless bayoneting figures that cant even be used in a unit.
Very poor marketing.

marco56 Supporting Member of TMP20 Jul 2020 11:58 a.m. PST

The Turcos already had the bayonets made on the rifles.

Joep123 Supporting Member of TMP21 Jul 2020 6:15 p.m. PST

I'd like to learn more about the rules and game play.
Is there anywhere on the web where someone can see that.
I was on the EoE website and on fb, did not see anything there.

Single Malt23 Jul 2020 4:49 p.m. PST

VinceScrim: "Speaking of CA glue, I cannot use that type of glue"

I can't use CA either but found various odourless ones that I can use just fine


I think ZAP makes one too.

Takes a bit longer to set, although seems to work just fine with accelerator.

VinceScrim24 Jul 2020 7:10 a.m. PST
Joep123 Supporting Member of TMP24 Jul 2020 6:35 p.m. PST

Thanks VinceScrim;
I had visited the site a few times, did see two examples of the rule book, but that is all.
I also did send two emails to EoE (one thru FB), have not heard anything back.
I'm putting this on the back burner

VinceScrim25 Jul 2020 4:39 a.m. PST

What would you like to know? I am sure I can answer your questions. The owner Soren will respond, it takes awhile sometimes due to the number of inquiries.
Yep, the example of the full color rulebook with photos and artwork is just the tip of the iceberg, but the actual rules are very pleasant to read thru.
It is a downloadable .pdf file you can save and print out.
I use it directly from my tablet.

Only need to do that once or twice then use the quick reference or just use the detailed Game Sequence Turn Page.

Here is a basic outline:
1-3) The first 3 pages are Standard Fare; Cover artwork, table of contents, credits etc.
4-5)Then a Welcome Page that will PERK your interest as it explains the games uniqueness.
6-7) A very cool "How to build your collection" page, which gives a very pleasant and short quick description of each Nations Troop Type as well as photos of the boxes and miniatures and cards.
8-9) This is followed by a description and photos of the "Unit Cards"…yes! unit cards! As well as "Doctrine Cards".
10-11)A page for Officers and one for basing which will catch your interest bigtime as its so unique. Including diagrams of basing and artwork.
12-13) A really nice unit cohesion and "Setting the Table" page with photos of how the soldiers are based and also CP diagrams, including actual photos of squads and sections using bases and miniatures.
14-17) Terrain and movement examples with diagrams and artwork.
18-19) Full spread of artwork depicting the death of Major Von Halden".
20-21) Photos showing examples of Officers, Historical Personalities, and Unit miniatures.
22-23) Spicheren Historical Scenario with map, orders and card photos.
24-25) Game turn sequence.
26-33) Detailed Game Turn Sequence.
34-35) Quick Reference Page.
36-37) Further Reading etc.
38-39) French Doctrine Card and Artwork
39-40) Prussian Doctrine Card and Artwork

Joep123 Supporting Member of TMP25 Jul 2020 4:58 p.m. PST

Thanks for your post VS.
What is the scale of the games,battles? Skirmish?,Company size, etc. can you play a good game with the starter set of two "Squads" per side.
What type of scenarios.
We have played some big battles FPW games using Black Powder rules in 10mm…..I would like to take small parts of those battles and make them into a game.
If you have ever played "Brother Against Brother for ACW, I like that sized battle, is that what EoE is.
Again, I would like to see a play through of a few turns or an entire game. I will download the rules and go from there, thanks for your feedback, you're doing a good job selling the game :-)

VinceScrim26 Jul 2020 4:21 a.m. PST

You are playing Squads and Sections.
Meaning 2 figures on two 30mm circular bases with a 40mm circular base in the center with 3 figures preferably an NCO and a bugler or similar for a total of 3 bases and 7 figurines.
You add another squad by linking another section just like the first with an Officer, i.e. 2 figurines on a 40mm circular base.
Soren the owner/creator of the rules and mini's states in the rules that you can use whatever basing system you want or already have, as long as you have 3 bases per squad, and 7 bases per section. The number of mini's on each does not matter.
Since, these are my first Franco Prussian miniatures, I just based them per the rules, i.e. on circular bases per the rule specs.
The rules come with an already created scenario for the Battle of Spicheren. Although Soren told me a 5'x 7' table is fine, I actually used a 4'x 5'size table and it worked fine as I just trimmed a foot off around all 4 sides of the map.
I posted a Battle Report here on this forum:
TMP link


Joep123 Supporting Member of TMP26 Jul 2020 8:18 p.m. PST

Thanks again V.S.
Soren just responded to my email to his website, he was away for a bit.
I like that basing, gives the units more of a modern fluid feel.
I will check out your battle report and photos.
Good gaming;

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