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MarbotsChasseurs01 Mar 2020 8:56 a.m. PST

Good morning everyone,

As I continue working on making uniform plates I wanted to start sharing some paintings I have found on the internet or through regimental histories. I do not own any of these, but hopefully I can provide some painting inspiration to those who might be painting Hussards regiments!


Colonel Eugène Antoine François Merlin 1e Hussards

naive small miniature of Colonel Merlin 1e Hussards

Colonel Clary 1e Hussards

Colonel Barbier and his staff including future Colonel Ghigny 12e Chasseurs a cheval

Major Claude François SIMON 3e Hussars 1807


Colonel Schwarz, 5e Hussars 1799-1806

Colonel Meziau 5e Hussars

Chef d'escadron Joseph DROUARD

Chef d'escadron Arnould-François-Leopold-Odile-Sigismund du Pouget 5e Hussars in campaign dress

Chef d'escadron Arnould-François-Leopold-Odile-Sigismund du Pouget 5e Hussars in full dress

Colonel Jean-Baptiste Liegeard 5e Hussars

Colonel FOURNIER 5e hussards

Carignan (Joseph-Marie) – Colonel 6e Hussars 1812-1815

Colonel Jean-Baptiste-Antoine-Marcellin Marbot 7e hussards

Colonel Marulaz 8e Hussars

Colonel Laborde, 8º hussards

Not the best lighting in some, but a good start. Hope this helps anyone who is painting or researching out there!


von Winterfeldt01 Mar 2020 9:55 a.m. PST

very interesting Liégard was originally colonel of 11e hussards promoted in september 1812, seemingly he the was colonel of hussards d'Angoulême in 1814 which became 5e hussards in 1815

MarbotsChasseurs01 Mar 2020 2:16 p.m. PST

von W,

I am guessing since I have not seen the orginial painting that is Colonel Liegard in his 11e Hussard uniform due to the white fur around the pelisse. I believe he was chef d'escadron of the 7e hussards in 1809.

Some portraits of officers I am unaware of their name.


This seems to be full dress of Colonel Merlin from the first two I posted

SHaT198405 Mar 2020 5:20 p.m. PST

Excellent work again.
None of my regiments, but you never know, an ADC officer may just pop up anywhere!
Regards dave

MarbotsChasseurs05 Mar 2020 9:58 p.m. PST

Some ADC officers for you in hussar type uniforms!


Portrait of Athanase Clément de Ris aide de camp to Marshal Massena 1805-1806

Portrait of Aide de camp Charles-Félix d'Amphernet, viscount of Pontbellanger. ADC to Marshal Grouchy

Painting of Alexandre Edmond de Talleyrand-Périgord ADC to Marshal Berthier at Battle of Aspern-Essling

Jacques Marie Anatole le Clerc aide de camp to Marshal Oudinot

Squadron Commander Alexandre Gaultier Vicomte de Rigny aide de camp to Marshal Suchet

Captain Eugene d'Astorg aide de camp to Marshal Bessieres
Prosper Massena in ADC uniform. Interesting that I always thought he had blonde hair, but looking at a portrait of him and his brother at a young age he def does not have blonde hair.

Hope these help!

von Winterfeldt06 Mar 2020 5:22 a.m. PST

very interesting, especially also the civilian servant holding the spare horses

SHaT198407 Mar 2020 7:00 p.m. PST

An 'allegorical' painting at best I'd say.
Looks quite Victorian in style and frankly, no ADC of the Etat-Major-Generale is likely to have had a 'civilian' servant at any time (storming around a battlefield with spare horses), except back at home.
regards d

von Winterfeldt08 Mar 2020 9:03 a.m. PST

I could show others, but you seemingly are not interested, of course all mounted officers had spare horses which they needed because horses did not stand up to the rigours of campaigning as well as humans, when his horse was used up the ADC would then mount his spare one or would ask to get a fresh mount from other spare horses standing around, one could read about this in memoires as well.
I am for once are very happy the MarbotsChasseurs are showing such stuff.

MarbotsChasseurs09 Mar 2020 4:55 a.m. PST

von W,

Please share as many as possible. I am going to keep adding portraits soon and share paintings from the time that give us a better understanding of the uniforms. For example, the painting of the Battle of Landshut painted in 1810 most likely is the best painting we have of the campaign uniform of the 13e Leger fighting near the bridge.


SHaT198409 Mar 2020 6:34 p.m. PST

No-one arguing about the purpose vW, just the 'civilian' in a French army post seems unlikely in the extreme, given it's pretending to be a 'campaign' scene.

Michael- I have seen the original, taken pictures of details from it and bought prints of the same to examine later.

However after all this time I'd still be sceptical that a specific units uniform depicted in such artwork was a 100% depiction of the original. The generic depiction of 'legere' chasseurs and carabiniers doesn't show any mark of 'regimental' differences that I recognise. No argument they were there.

We know because it is well documented, Meisonnier and Detaille both had official access, extant pieces of equipment to examine and indulgence of real life troops and cavaliers to produce their 'photographic' quality artwork.

That cannot be said for all. There are some famous pieces of art that could not even get the flags in the correct orientation for instance.

As I said above, great work.
regards davew

MarbotsChasseurs10 Mar 2020 6:48 a.m. PST


I completely understand that the uniform of the 13e Leger is very plain and may be incorrect. However, Colonel Jean-Charles Langlois did a lot of research for the Battle of Hoff in 1807. Langlois contacted the commander of the Tirailleurs du Po just to get the correct uniforms, which I believe von W has posted in the past here. So who knows if Louis Hersent did his research.

Can you tell me where this painting is located? I would love to see it in person as I have seen the Battle of Frieland by Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier when I visited the MET in New York. Huge painting and absolutely amazing even if some details are wrong like the location of the Cuirassiers!
here is a WIP of the elite company soldiers from 1st Chasseurs a cheval in full dress and 24th Chasseurs a cheval based off the Otto Manuscript. Both need some work with the swords and adding small details, but the general uniform feels close to the sources.


von Winterfeldt11 Mar 2020 2:35 a.m. PST


In case you mean this painting, some details, I agree – it is an excellent source and a lot of detail show that the artist knows what he was painting, in contrast to Meissonier or Detaille for example, see for example to show still the old briquet, as confirmed by numerous contemporary prints, the diverse method of carrying or not carrying the greatcoat, the size of the cartridge box, the colour of the bayonet scabbards, the finger position of drawing the ramord, how the back back looks – not the nice square one but stuffed more like a ball, I cannot see any evidence where the uniform should not be correct, nor the equipment.

shat1984 joined my stifle list.






von Winterfeldt11 Mar 2020 2:41 a.m. PST

Rugendas shows the Bavarians, you can get it on the ASK Brown collection, this one might be also of interest to you


MarbotsChasseurs12 Mar 2020 6:01 a.m. PST

Such a beautiful painting! You can really feel the painter took time to understand the battle and how the fighting really looked like.

Thank you von W

von Winterfeldt12 Mar 2020 6:27 a.m. PST

I agree much better than Detaille or Meissonier who paint end of 19th century style and confuse details, like the Officiers d'Ordonnance of Boney – here a full view


MarbotsChasseurs16 Mar 2020 11:48 a.m. PST

Hello everyone,

It seems I no longer have a job for at least two weeks and maybe more. So I will have time to work on some uniform plates. Frustrating time, but hopefully everyone is safe and sound.


You seem to have had access at one time to records in the French National Archives. Do you have information on any of the regiments from the 1808-1809 time period in the 3rd Corps? Even as early as 1805 I can use the situation reports to search for names of officers from each regiment. I have already used the Base Leonore, Etat General de la Legion d'honneur, Martinien A. Tableaux par Corps et par Batailles des Officiers Tues et Blesse pendant les Guerres de l'Empire 1805-1815 wounded and killed officers, and regimental histories to get a decent look at who may have served with these regiments.

Any data would be great help and would allow me to keep researching as much as I can. I found yesterday a great find!

Tambour Major Nicolas Serrier of the 105e Ligne who served in this position since 1791 and retired in 1810. He would of been 54 during the 1809 campaign and still leading the tete de colonne. This is a painting from E.Fort showing the tambour major of the 105e Ligne in 1810 which actually shows the most likely grey moustache man! Granted this isn't primary source material, but it fits the age of Serrier.


His Base Leonore LdH file. Awesome stuff and really enjoy the research!



MarbotsChasseurs17 Mar 2020 12:52 p.m. PST

Here is Tambour-major Nicolas Serrier

First his service record from Base Leonore



This was a fun one to do. Hopefully, more to come.
Ps looking at this post from my phone the yellow looks almost neon. My computer is showing the correct dull yellow.


GamesPoet Supporting Member of TMP09 Dec 2021 8:48 a.m. PST

Enjoyed seeing these paintings, thank you!

MarbotsChasseurs11 Dec 2021 8:05 a.m. PST

A new addition to the Hussar officers!



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