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jbvibe15 Dec 2019 11:46 p.m. PST

micro battlefields latest platoon level scenario, based loosely on the novel 'Red Phoenix' here is the link to WGV
picturs on the microbattlefields website

Legion 416 Dec 2019 6:26 a.m. PST

I served with a US Army Mech[M113] Bn having two tours on the DMZ in '84-'85. We were running dismounted Squad recon & ambush patrols and manned two guard posts with one Plt each. Their tracks remained at Warrior Base. The US ARMY FOB along the DMZ. The rest of the Bn was running "training" missions along the DMZ and just South of it. There was a 155mm FA Plt right across the road from Warrior Base, called 4 PAPA 1.

When not on the DMZ our Mech Bn was with a forward deployed Inf Bde. About 12Ks South of the Z, along MSR 1.

There was also an Inf Bn there, at Cp. Liberty Bell. Right next to Pan Mun Jom, the site of the "Peace" talks that have been going on since '53.

We were always in Nork FA & missile ranges. We knew that might be the first notification of an attack. With their FA, raining HE, Incend. and Chem. rounds on our positions.

The USAF air assets, etc. would keep close watch on the border to see if they were moving units closer into attack positions. Sometimes we'd hear an SR-71 running photo, etc. missions along the border. It would sometimes make a sonic boom just to mess with the Norks.

And if war did break out our, the ROKs and hopefully the UN's mission was to push on to Pyong Yang, etc., and unify Korea under the South. If the PRC would get involved was the Wild Card.

Regardless the US, ROKs and hopefully the UN with overwhelming firepower, technical and tactical superiority would defeat the North. And not give up any ground. This time around. We were prepared now including the ROKs. Which then was spoiling for a fight and unify the Koreas. If they had to kill every Nork to do it.

We used to say our mission was as much to keep the Norks North and the ROKs South. The Norks were/are primarily an Infantry forces with heavy FA support and limited armor.

The only thing that kept/keeps the dynasty alive is the fact we can't take out enough of their FA and missiles before they'd hit Seoul. Causing massive losses to the city of 12 million today and 9 million in the '80s. But having get those shots the Norks would be seriously attrited by the US/ROK/UN(?) firepower. They'd get one shot to do as much damage as they could. Before they'd take heavy losses. With them eventually being defeated. And the regime being charged with crimes against humanity. Having about 40% of it population starving, running camps, etc.

And once again, would China risk a war with the US and it's Allies? That really wouldn't be good for business …

ScottS16 Dec 2019 8:03 p.m. PST

The only thing that kept/keeps the dynasty alive is the fact we can't take out enough of their FA and missiles before they'd hit Seoul.

Also, who would want to be responsible for trying to rebuild that mess?

Legion 417 Dec 2019 7:15 a.m. PST

Yes, some in the South say it would bankrupt them trying to rebuild and bring the North into the 20th let alone 21st Century. Many of the young in the South see no reason to become one Korea. And it is clear the leadership of the North are basically a family run criminal enterprise worldwide. Who does "business" with Iran, Putin, and China to name a few.

RudyNelson17 Dec 2019 7:59 p.m. PST

In the late 1970s I had several soldiers transfer from Korea back to Ft Hood. When they arrived I had to award medals for actions along the DMZ. They had served in Cavalry units along the border. Several got Army Accommodation medals. Two guys received Purple Hearts for enemy actions. One had broken a leg while falling into a tunnel that caved in. One was wounded in a mortar attack. My brother later in 1981, was forced to land his Cobra in the DMZ. A suspicious situation.

Legion 418 Dec 2019 8:04 a.m. PST

Yes, during the Vietnam War, the North made a number of attacks along the DMZ and along the peninsula. Kim wanted to support his communist "brothers" in South East Asia fighting the Yankee "Imperialists". Some called it the 2d Korean War. IIRC about 60-70 Troops had been KIA and a number WIA during that time period. Along with a number of ROKs.

When I was there 22 months '84-'85, there were a few "incidents" along the DMZ. It may have been the Cold War but it did get a little "hot" at times. Was awarded an AAM for a Medevac on the DMZ in '85.

Upon returning to the USA to Ft. Benning, GA, I was awarded an MSM for those 22 months. With a Forward Deployed Mech Bn in the Western Corridor.

Then in about 2015 I was awarded a Korean Service Defense Metal … better late than never. It collects dust on my book shelves along with the others.

My point is not about my awards, but things were a little "different" there than when stateside. It was a place where real "soldiering" could happen. Many of the LTs when their 12 months were up were selected to serve in a RANGER Bn.

jbvibe21 Dec 2019 11:46 p.m. PST

Interesting thoughts and first hand observations/experiences Legion 4 et al. I agree, and I m guessing the DPRK are aware they ve become somewhat of a paper tiger. Yes, I concur, those Koksan SP guns , and some missiles could umleash a good deal of destruction on Seoul at least for a short time. Despite that potential, four years of living in th ROK I didnt notice the populace take much heed of the annual civil defence exercises at least in the period 2013- 2017 they seemed nonchalant and generally unconcerned

Legion 422 Dec 2019 8:20 a.m. PST

Yes, it seems no matter what, unless we know for sure, the North will get the first shot. But it will be their last shot.

In both the long & short term. Seoul and it's population will suffer some damage. I've heard estimates of a few thousand to 10s of thousands.

Either way most understandably think any losses would be too much. So Un keeps the ROK/US in check, so to speak by having a gun at the head of the denizens of Seoul. Which includes not just South Koreans but many US and other nations' citizens.

In the long run most of the world would be better off with the Kim dynasty gone. If Un and any of his "cronies" survived they be up for Crimes against Humanity, etc. And hopefully get the death penalty.

But the cost to South Korea, etc. may still be too large to make that come about.

in the ROK I didnt notice the populace take much heed of the annual civil defence exercises at least in the period 2013- 2017 they seemed nonchalant and generally unconcerned
I think they all realize that the chance of Un attacking Seoul would be very small. And as time goes on like with any "Drill(s)", the civilian population anywhere would generally see it as minor annoyance.

Hopefully we never have to find out how many losses Seoul will take in an Un's first strike. But again it would be the end of the North's criminal dynasty.

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