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richarDISNEY28 Aug 2005 1:53 p.m. PST

I usually play games with my 28mm figs, but i have a scale question fer ya'll….

will 28mm work with 1/48 scale stuff? or is it too big? too small? and what about train scales? is 28mm the same as "O" or something else?


Personal logo mmitchell Sponsoring Member of TMP Inactive Member28 Aug 2005 2:11 p.m. PST

O scale train equipment works very well 2ith 25-28mm miniatures. I think it tends to be just a little big, which tends to help account for the thickness of miniature bases.

I have an old O-Scale train that I use with my Wild West minis, and it looks very nice. Now, keep in mind, though, that not all manufacturers of train buildings stricly adhere to the scale.

For example, Plasticville (made by Bachman) is rather famous for fudging on the scale of their O/S scale line. I find the buildings work very well with miniatures, but purists have noted that, although consisitent within their own line, do not match up perfectly with buildings made by other companies.

Also: Mostpeople tell me the 1:48 cars work well with minis, but I personally thought they looked too big. I went with the smaller (and more readily available) 1:64 scale).

vino1967 Inactive Member28 Aug 2005 2:31 p.m. PST

S-scale railroad (or Bachman O/S) and 1:64 cars work very well with true 25mm figures. Both of these look slightly small compared to 28mm figures. 28mm figures scale in at approximately 1:58. In my eyes, it looks perfectly fine to have your figures a little oversized compared to props and scenery.

O-Scale (which I think is 1:48) definitely looks large compared to 28mm figures. As a matter of personal taste, I do not like having the figures diminished in relation to props and scenery.

In reality, 28mm is closer to S-scale than O-Scale, though the margin of difference is faily small. Go with looks right for you. There are some 28mm-scale buildings and vehicles available through various wargaming manufacturers, though these tend to be slightly more expensive than mass produced train, modelling, or toy products.

cloudcaptain28 Aug 2005 2:41 p.m. PST

I'd just head to Walmart or ToysRus with your favorite fig in hand and size them up against the cars in the packages to see what suits your tastes. I am a 28mm with 1:43-48 kinda guy myself.

Ogdenlulimus28 Aug 2005 3:06 p.m. PST

Don't forget the aquarium isle at PETCO. Stuff is prepainted and just great for Pulp / Ancients etc. Bring the figure along liek Cloudcaptain suggests. Many rules suggest slightly smaller scales for built-up areas with room within for miniature bases.


Paulbytheriver Inactive Member28 Aug 2005 3:16 p.m. PST

Please dont confuse proper modelling scales with wargame figures. Something like 1/48th is absolute but a 28mm figure tends to have its proportions enlarged and over scale, the 28mm usually measures foot to eye not the whole figure height. Then the figure is on a base, another couple of mm, then probably another base for gaming.

But after all that, I have 1/48th Solidos and they match with my Foundry and Battle Honours figures. Some people like to work the scales out and go for something like 1/56th or 1/60th. But go to a museum, see a tank up close – they are all big, even the little ones!

Here's my friend stood next to an FT17, a small tank and check out the height of the rear deck you can just see over it.


Now check this one – a king tiger in the ardennes;


Is that not enormous! Too many 1/72nd scale tanks are being towered over my 20mm figures. Don't let happen in your 25mm games. (Plus you can buy solido and corgi diecasts as cheap as the unpainted kits.)


Matakishi Inactive Member28 Aug 2005 3:43 p.m. PST

It depends on the setting, for WWII then I think 1:48 is good and fits well with 28mm figures. as Paul says, tanks are big, a Sherman is nine foot to the top of the turret, that's a foot taller than most rooms (Where I live anyway).

For modern street scenes then 1:43 cars can sometimes look too big, but often the manufacturer is off on their scale and they can look ok. We tend to worry about the height of the figure and use this to decide if the scale is correct, but really, as someone else pointed out a day or two ago, the height of 28mm figures is at variance with their bulk. They are as bulky as 1:48 figures, sometimes moreso.

If you get a 1:43 car with a driver you can see how much smaller he looks to a wargaming figure. The 1960 Corgi Batmobile is good for this, Batman and Robin are tiny compared to a modern 28mm. This is at odds with the fact that if you stand next to a car it comes up to your chest or thereabouts. Your standard 28mm figure has trouble seeing over a saloon car at all yet would have as much trouble fitting behind the wheel. They're all stumpy porkers.

Buildings are different, you need undersize buildings or you have no table to game on. They need to look right though and this is achieved by the size of the doors and windows. If these scale well with the figures everything will look ok.

It's up to you to decide if something looks right to you. Once you choose a size though, try and keep everything the same, varying scales within a setting draws attention to the differences more than anything else. None of the scenery produced is 'correct' but once you decide which is correct to you everything becomes easier because from that point on you can buy 1:48 or 1:56 or whatever you've chosen and worry about what the item is, not what size it is.

Buy things to please yourself. Whatever you go for will be 'wrong' for someone else but who cares? Are they playing with it? No, you are, end of story.

I hope this helps (I bet it doesn't).

richarDISNEY28 Aug 2005 4:04 p.m. PST

actually, it does…. i am looking at some 1/48 or "O" scale stuff from Plastruct. i guess that i jsut have to give it a try and see.

thanks all fer the advice!

01RAVEN Inactive Member29 Aug 2005 3:03 a.m. PST

I have 1/48 Ospray and the TAG figs I have go well with it. I hope to make a sci-fi drop ship out of it at some point.

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