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"The Treasure of Urgok Headstompa" Topic

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Pictors Studio02 Sep 2019 7:15 p.m. PST

From their vantage point atop the ruined wall Ugula sighted the Orcs coming and gave warning to his comrades. Instantly the party moved to join him on his perch. A powerful storm had just broken over the sight and the rain came down in torrents.


The rest of the warband moved in now. They could see their chief Ekuth running their way. The Orcs had spied them and now they must seek for the treasure that the beasts kept quickly while dodging the thrusts of their weapons.

As the lumbering monsters moved towards them, the Relentless, dodged aside.

The Orcs bellowed their frustration as the warriors born on the plains of Geyenanheim stayed just out of the reach of their weapons.

And while one warrior was dodging the assault of the creatures another was kicking at unlikely pilings of rocks to see if they could find the hiding place.

The roar emitted by the Orc leader was ferocity itself and all eyes turned towards him. He glowed slightly with green energy as he charged towards Ekuth. The Truthspeaker had managed to keep the massive green monster at bay, but glowing with primal destructive energy the creature became as a force of Nature.

While Ekuth's powerful thews were poised and managed to leap clear of the first blow, as he came down from the jump the Orc caught him with his claw. The attack punched into the man's torso and blood burst forth spraying the Orc leader and pinning the man to the wall. Down came the orcs club, making a mess of the man's face with its first blow and the second set him crumbling to the floor where he lay quite still.


The rain was coming down so heavily that even as the monster turned away from his victim, the blood that had covered him was nearly all washed away.

A savage scream from another orc drew Ugula's attention and he saw as Makat's wicked spear protruded momentarily from one of the Orc's hides.

Makat wrenched it free and darted away from the Orc. The beast followed after him and managed to catch up with the first fang, battering him quickly to the ground.


Looking up Ugula spied something that had not been visible before. Where Ekuth had been slammed into the wall the stones had shifted slightly and the plain runner saw a darkness behind the stones.

"Thuka, look there," Ugula yelled and pointed at the gap. Now all saw it. The Orcs also saw that they saw it and moved to defend their treasure.

With their two best fighters down the Relentless, knew that they could not batter their way through the mass of green flesh and iron.

As they left, Ugula shouted at the Iron Jaws' leader.

"You can't stay with your backs to the wall forever."

The Relentless dragged their wounded comrades away.

Pictors Studio02 Sep 2019 8:03 p.m. PST

Urgok knew a little of the language the humans spoke and understood all of the meaning of the little man.

They wouldn't be able to keep the Rocknar in the wall now. The orcs needed to be constantly fighting and if he left one of them to guard the treasure, that one would wander off in search of a scrap.

He had to move it, but he knew that the skin-clad men would dog his steps.

Still it had to be done. He called Tranka over to him and pulled the stones away from where they had become dislodged.

Tranka came up slowly, eyeing the boss carefully. Urgok pulled the rough sewn sack from its hiding place and handed it to the massive brute.

"We's onna move, now," Urgok said and the Orcs split into three groups Tranka and the Bluefist directly deeper into the ruins of the former city while the other Orcs moved on parallel lines.


It was Drog and Zagga that first spotted the humans.


Drog ran towards them while Zagga moved around to put himself where part of the wall had collapsed between them and where Tranka and the Bluefist were moving.


Drog's advance was met by a female and he despised her for her slight frame, but only for a moment before her whip bit into his flesh, tearing chunks of muscle from his frame and causing the blood to course out over his armour.


Her lash moved back and forward again faster than the 'Ard Boyz eyes could follow and then it was around his neck, the barb at the end biting deep into the sinews.

He dropped his weapons and clutched at the leather and impossibly she jerked and yanked him off balance.

One of the others moved in now and his weapons bit into the few patches of exposed flesh that the Orcs armour failed to protect.

Drog was bleeding from four different wound sites, but manged to get enough tension released from the whip to unwind it from his neck. His opponent used his hold on the rope to pull it tight again and then leap forward using the tension on it. Her knees landed on the orcs shoulders and she plunged her knife again and again into the creature splattering herself with gore.

Drog dropped the she indicated to the lion that followed her everywhere to attack Zagga.


Zagga stood like a bastion before the charge of the ferocious beast. He used his vambrace to parry the creatures attacks and only the odd attack got through his defenses. Still it was enough to cause serious injury to the orc.

The woman with the whip turned her attention to him also and her lash was no less effective against him than it was against Drog.


Zagga saw Tranka moving up on his left now, but it wasn't quick enough to stop the human's leader from charging into Zagga.

Even with his wounds though he was able to parry the man's blows.

The Bluefist charged in to his assistance. His powerful blows stunned the human and sent him reeling but did not kill him.

Tranka moved up and battered aside one of the humans wielding an ax before fleeing down a dark corridor.

With the Bluefist blocking the way and Urgok moving towards them, the human warband realized further pursuit was impossible and broke off the hunt.

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