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Pictors Studio07 Aug 2019 3:02 p.m. PST

Something changed in the air the moment T'Kharr fell. Sagrat noticed it instantly and withdrew his forces as the amethyst mist coiled slowly from the fractured pieces of the stone colossus.

They fought their way back to where the rest of the army awaited them. Graznak saluted Sagrat's diminished force.


"We's done it," Sagrat said.

"Trooth, Trooooooootthhhhh!" came the cries from the lunatic shaman as he hopped on one foot around the camp before running to his brother and falling before him to his knees.

"To da portal Graznak!"

"Mount 'em boyz, yer herd 'im."

"FAST!" screamed the Shaman.

Graznak swang up on Boarest.

"Da fastest of you lot, keep up. Da rest of you follow!" screamed the warboss before putting heels to the flanks and riding as quickly as they could to the Haamacher Plain.

Above the army green and purple clouds formed in the air and they streamed lightning between them. Dark clouds formed too and the skies dissolved into a mass of swirling colours.

Even over the thunder Graznak's brother could be heard screaming. The sound was a mixture of joy and agony and had anyone chanced to look back they would have seen the shaman absorbing bolts of green lightning from the sky. No one did. Retrospection was not a character flaw in orcs.

With the destruction of T'Kharr the magics that the Nine Eyed Summoner was using to limit the ability of the others powers to access the realm of metal collapsed. After trying to batter his way through the barriers Gork, now unleashed, vented his frustration on the powers of Chaos. As energies of Destruction raged through the heavens, Gork's prophet on the ground, inspired by the direct presence of his deity, moved his forces to continue his hunt for the Toof of Gork.

The thunder of the boars hooves and the cackling of gretchin as they bounded along filled the air as the army raced towards the Realm Gate. As they closed in they saw, emerging from behind the ruins of the vast city that had once stood on the plain, a mighty host of chaotic monsters.


Graznak was unfazed. He was sure that even his vanguard would break through the fur clad enemy. Why only one creature among their ranks rose significantly above the heads of the rest and he had two that did that in his army.


The Beastmen advanced to meet him, but seeing the tidal wave of greenskins that flowed towards them they halted and the blow fell with full effect on their ranks.


Squig hoppers quickly surrounded the beast lord, their gnashing teeth taking chunks out of his flesh as their riders desperately hung on and slashed at him where they could. Legs were loped off of ungor skirmishers as they attempted to bar the way of the chariot and the Loonboss leaped among them on his giant cave squig, the beast swallowing an ungor whole before biting the arm off of another, its insatiable appetite only slightly slowing. A third ungor died when it's hooves stepped in some of the squigs leavings and went over backwards, hitting his head on the hard paving stones.


The enemy center was anchored by huge shaggy beasts that thundered their defiance at the greenskins and were quick to slaughter one of the gargants and laid into the squig knights with great fury. While they did, a great mass of Gors descended on the greenskin flank. They were enthusiastic at first, but then Graznak lead his cavalry into them and their enthusiasm for the fight vanished amidst a mass of fur and tusk and choppa.


Routed they left the battle as quickly as they had joined it.

In the center of the fighting the Beastlord succumbed to his injuries, collapsing to the ground in the midst of the bounding, red monsters.

Destructive energy surged around the Greenskin force driving them on to new efforts and soon the last of the minotaurs lay butchered before the greenskin horde.



Only a few chaos elements stood now and in one last, desperate action the shaman called on his dark gods to send him aid. The air was soon filled with a buzzing and the stench of squig droppings and blood was now replaced with the unholy smell of death.

Three daemons of Nurgle atop massive fly-like daemons hovered in the air, casting putrid missiles at the greenskins.

As they charged into the fray the mangler squigs slaughtered the remaining beastmen and the duel between the loonboss and the shaman ended. With only the upper half of his body the shaman tried to crawl away. He managed about five feet before a loop of entrails stopped his progress as it wrapped around a piece of masonry and he bled out.


The flying daemons destroyed a unit of squigs and then were surrounded by the entire enemy army. They were quickly bashed to the ground and their putrescent corpses dissolved into the stone, leaving stinking, black outlines of where they had fallen.

Now nothing lay between Graznak and the Real Gate.

With a mighty WAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! that shook the heavens themselves, the Warboss glowed green with Destructive energy and, throwing caution to the wind, struck Boarest in the flanks with two might kicks and the two tore across the cobblestones and up the short stair case to where the Realm Gate took him.

cloudcaptain07 Aug 2019 6:11 p.m. PST

Pictors…GW ought to give you a medal or some serious kickbacks man. You are the only person who could sway me towards wanting to play AoS.

Syrinx007 Aug 2019 6:45 p.m. PST

AOS is still a non starter for me. That said, I love the reports and all the painted figures.

Stew art Supporting Member of TMP07 Aug 2019 9:00 p.m. PST

Nice writing and pics! 😀

Pictors Studio08 Aug 2019 12:42 p.m. PST

Aww, shucks, guys! You're gonna make me blush.

It wasn't a bad game, although it was the most unbalanced we've played so far. The dice really let the Beastmen down, a unit of 30 Gors only managed to inflict 1 wound the entire game, for example. Both units of Ungors only managed to inflict 1 wound between the two of them and the Bestigors vanished in 1 turn of combat after failing 5 4+ saves out of 6. The Cygor also under performed and only managed to inflict a single wound.

The only unit that really did anything on the Beastmen side was the Minotaurs who managed to take out an entire giant and 6 squig knights.

The Beastlord did ok considering he was facing an entire unit of squig hoppers by himself. He managed to kill 2 of them but they did ok with their bravery test and only 2 ran away.

The Beastmen force was wiped out by half way through the third turn.

The new Goblins are TOUGH. They must be one of the toughest armies to play against now. The squig hoppers, both kinds, are beasts but the knight ones are one of the best cavalry units in the game.

Compared to the whole Beastman army being wiped out, the Greenskins lost a unit of squigs and a giant. The Mangler squigs had 6 wounds on them and the other giant had 3. The Warboss had 2, from the falling giant and the squig knights had lost 6 of their models. The loonboss was down to 2 wounds.

So total wounds inflicted by non-minotaur units was 33 and the blight drones inflicted 20 of those. So sans two units the entire Beastman army only inflicted 13 wounds in the game and took, sans those two units, 94 wounds.

The minotaurs took 24 wounds and dished out 26 wounds and the plague drones took 15 and inflicted 12.

Baranovich25 Jan 2020 10:22 p.m. PST

Great narrative and table as always!

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