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"My Impressions about Mortem Et Gloriam (MEG)" Topic

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Napoleon 197414 Jul 2019 10:10 a.m. PST

I'm a new player in Ancients and wargaming in general.

But I'm impressed by how much fun I have playing this game in my club !

1) It is a game that the use of your units matter. In many games and especially DBX you can have 3 claims higher than your opponent and still he gets 6 and you get 2 and he wins ! In MEG you get a red dice and he gets a white. So in 5 or 6 he inflicts a wound (half kill) but you on 5 or 6 you get a kill (base removal) and on 3 or 4 you get a wound. It is the same possibilities of getting a wound and the added 33% possibility of inflicting a kill. So luck is a factor that does not play such a big role like in other games. This means that the game has strategic deepness. How you use your units matters.

2) In MEG the army lists follow the evolution of military technology. So there is no chance that Alexander would meet the French Knights of the 100 years war and would get away with it. An almost certain defeat(with equal dice). This makes the game more historical and forces the players to play at least games with opponents of about the same age. Even if the French never met the Ottomans, it would be a match that everybody would be interested to watch ! So the games become really what if and not completely science fiction.

3) It is a game that takes the best things from all previous ancient games. I consider it to be a new fog, with refinements but at the same time the battle is between files, like in DBX. And adds alternate activation and individual activation of units. The training of your units here matters. A new concept.

4) The command and control accurate, historical and fun. The alternate way of moving makes you think carefully what your opponents move will be next. And the cards restriction is a much better way to replicate fog of war. When you have 3 cards Red, Yellow and white, which is a very good hand, you have to think of a lot more and you can do a lot less things than if you have 6 pips. In that way ADLG gives the player more freedom. On the other hand FOG leaves you completely free. And this is its main drawback. After playing 2 games of MEG I don't think anyone could go back to FOG.

5) Huge Army Lists 650 or so armies. And FREE !

6) I read about the cost of dice and cards and that the book is not hard book. But the author says that this is intentional. You can print any change in the rules and include it in the folder. I know a hard book is beautiful, but the MEG book is more practical. And the cards and the dice are included in the book set, at the price of a hardback. I don't think is too much.

7) You can choose to invest in Generals or not. Good Generals means that most likely you will move almost everything you want and when you want ! But when the battle comes you will have less or inferior units to fight !

8) A real feeling of carnage ! When you lose you remove bases. You don't just put a marker. Furthermore the game is bloody. The units fall fast.

9) No geometry.

10) Very informative and helping sight and forum. Although I would like a Youtube series by the author to explain the basics. Because it is a really high learning curve. And this is said also by other more experienced players in Ancients than me in the club.

11) Large Armies on the board ! This is spectacular but also expensive, especially if you want to invest in more than one armies. And this is something that the game really provokes you to do. Every army is different and every age is different.

I'll stop here! I'm obviously an enthusiast. I'd like to hear you views…..

torokchar Supporting Member of TMP14 Jul 2019 1:10 p.m. PST

We play quite a bit of MeG here in Texas (Lone Star Historical Miniatures – LSHM – club). Our last gaming convention we ran a nice MeG tournament (see MillenniumCon website for pictures – photo album).

If you ever get to Austin Texas in November come join us.

martinwilliams14 Jul 2019 2:26 p.m. PST

It is a lot of fun. Playing a comp this weekend, really looking forward to it.

Glad to hear from someone else who consider more models a positive! No 'armies' of 100 or so 15mm models!


Napoleon 197414 Jul 2019 11:06 p.m. PST


MilleniumCon : The painting on the miniatures is fantastic, terrific terrain features, lots of happy people. What more could anybody ask for in a convention !!

Unfortunately I live on the other side of the Atlantic (Greece). For now we are planning to go to Brussels for the IWC 2020 in January. Hope some day I will be able to visit your convention !

martinwilliams :

I think that that there is a tendency in the last years for minimalistic games. Both in the size of the armies as well as in the complexity of the rules.

The argument is " I don't have time to learn and play a more complex game, that would be more accurate historically and I don't have the time to paint large armies"

And I answer " OK ! You could play backgammon. " I don't think it's right for someone to ask for the removal of everything that makes wargaming so beautiful to fit his personal needs. I respect the fact that people don't have much time for their hobby, but, at least in our club, we accept in a more friendly setting, people with armies that
are not fully painted. And you can buy a fully painted army from an older member for about 100-200 euros(15mm). If you cannot spend that money for a long term investment in your hobby when it is simply the money that you need for a weekend in a simply decent hotel, then you may have chosen the wrong hobby. That's my opinion.

lionheartrjc15 Jul 2019 8:16 a.m. PST

There is a MeG competition this weekend at Attack! – the show in Devizes, Wiltshire. The theme is Armies and Enemies of the Roman Republic from 400 BCE to 9 CE. There are 12 entrants with a good range of different armies, 4 Roman and 8 enemies of Rome.

There is room for many different types of Ancient war game. I happen to think MeG is the best, but it all depends what you are looking for in a war game.

Several weeks ago we had a competition with 38 entries in Daventry. It included visitors both from France and the USA. It looks like the IWC event will have entries from Greece, UK, USA, France and Belgium. Possibly elsewhere as well.

Saurocet21 Jul 2019 5:45 p.m. PST

"4) The command and control accurate, historical and fun."

I agree. The cards, generals (professional or instinctive), and training level (drilled, formed, or tribal) add up to make the armies very unique. Moving a late republican Roman army around the gaming table feels different than moving a Dacian army, which feels different than moving Alexander the Great's army. The command and control rules in this game are wonderful.

Great game. Easy to learn. Deep. Fun.

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