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CptKremmen22 Dec 2018 5:55 a.m. PST

I posted a new set of WW3 combined arms rules on Wargames vault last week.

Like my other rules they aim to be very fast, fun and still give a 'feel' of the period.

Soviet and nato tanks are fairly well matched for firepower and armour, whilst Nato has much better fire control and stabilisation systems allowing them to hit more often and at longer ranges.

I have made the 1st 8 pages of the rules previewable so you can have a good read and get a feel for whether thay are your cup of tea or not without paying a penny.


Priced cheaply at just US $6.99 USD. I would rather sell 50 copies cheaply and have them used than sell half a dozen copies for $20. USD

Andy Watkins

John Leahy22 Dec 2018 6:20 a.m. PST

I think I'll get a copy. I've been looking for a WWIII to use with my 3mm and or 6mm figs. I have always found your rules to be clear,fun and easy to play. You have been writing them for quite a while!


Old Wolfman22 Dec 2018 11:36 a.m. PST

Sounds interesting.

D A THB22 Dec 2018 2:52 p.m. PST

I have bookmarked them for future use if I ever get around to painting my Cold War forces.

stephen m24 Dec 2018 12:13 p.m. PST

How about some details? Not much on the Wargames Vault site.

1 miniature =?
1 stand of infantry =?
ground scale=?
IGOUGO, alternate movement/actions or ? for activation
command effects
leader(s) effects

Thank you.

CptKremmen02 Jan 2019 9:50 a.m. PST

Sorry, the reason i did not put a lot of detail is because the 1st 8 pages of the pdf can be previewed full size, I thought that would be better than half a page of waffle from me :)

But here goes the waffle….

1 vehicle equals 1 vehicle. If it is a transport of any form it can carry one squad or weapons team.

1 infantry base represents a squad of around 8-12 men or a weapons team which may be a machine gun team with 2-3 MG's or an ATGW team with 1-2 Milan missile launchers for example.

Ground scale always has to be corrupted for miniatures games but not as much for 6mm as some other scales. I tend to think of a scale of 50 metres to the inch for weapons ranges.

So for example infantry small arms plus all types of RPG's have a range of 8" or about 400 yards.

Autocannons MG's and auto grenade launchers have double this at 16" or about 800 yards.

Any weapon above 40mm in calibre has infinite range, at longer ranges the stabilisation and fire control equipment on the tank is more relevant than the gun. A western 120mm gun or soviet 125mm gun could in theory fire many kilometres. However Soviet fire control equipment of the period is considered effective in the rules up to 24" or 1200 yards, beyond that there is a to hit penalty. Whilst more modern western fire control systems do not get the to hit penalty until 36" or about 1800 yards.

The activation system is very important and in some ways is similar to Bolt action in that it is activation token driven. You are allocatted an activation token for each unit plus a small number of extras.

The big difference with Bolt action though is that you start the turn with all your activation tokens and each unit may be activated twice. Sound great? yes but you don't have enough tokens.

It costs 1 token to activate a unit the 1st time in a turn.
it costs 2 tokens to activate it a second time
In addition if you activate it as a reaction when your opponent is activating his units it costs an extra token.

Worst case example, you roll for initiative and your opponent gets 1st activation, he fires a tank at your tank, you realise the chances of losing it are high so you react, this means you both fire simultaneously but it has cost you 2 tokens to do so (1 for 1st acitivation and 1 more for reacting).
You both miss! Your opponent activates his tank again to fire and you react again, this time it costs you 3 tokens (2 tokens for 2nd activation and 1 more for reacting)
I hope you hit and kill the opponent because you have just burnt 5 tokens activating one tank!

All my games are designed to be fast fun and at least moderately realistic but fast and fun is more important as long as it has a reasonable feel of the period. The activation system is key to this, if you burn all your tokens early your opponent can do what they want and you have nothing left to stop them.

Command effects = very little, HQ units give extra spare tokens but largely speaking you are the commander so very little effect of morale, leadership etc.

Tanks and other armoured vehicles are either knocked out when hit or you fail to penetrate, it's all or nothing for speed.

Infantry are different they are OK, or Suppressed or Neutralised or dead.
OK and Dead are fairly self explanatory.
Suppressed means no one has been hit but they are having to keep their heads down, this greatly effects what they can do and how many activation tokens it costs to do them
Neutralised means the squad or weapons team has taken casualties, you now have both morale issues as well as physically dead and injured soldiers who need attending to, this even more greatly limits what they can do, pretty much defend themselves in hand to hand combat and that is it

Speaking of which long ranged weapons fire against infantry, especially by small arms fire is largely ineffective, you may automatically suppress an enemy unit without even rolling but to achieve anything much more than that with small arms you need to engage in close quarter combat.

Once engaged in combat a number of rolls are made until one side or the other has been destroyed. i.e. a combat between 2 infantry squads only lasts one turn, at least one of the units will be destroyed. This may not represent every man in the unit being dead, it merely means that unit is combat ineffective.

I hope that helps, but please check out the 8 page preview on wargames vault.


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