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kcabai23 Oct 2018 6:05 a.m. PST

HMGS-Midwest at Gamehole Con, in Madison Wi. November 8th-11th. Come and join us for one of the fastest growing conventions in the midwest. Great spacious venue, plenty of dealers, and of course hundreds of games. HMGS-Midwest GM's will be running:

McClellan on the Peninsula, 1862-Saturday (3 times)

McClellan launches a bold attempt to capture Richmond and end the war by advancing along the Chickahominy River.

DuPont for Napoleon, 1808 in Spain.-Sunday

The Spanish Revolt pits General Dupont and his French columns against Generals Reding and Castanos and their Spanish divisions near Baylen, July, 1808.

Roman Empire-Circus Maximus-Thursday, Friday and Friday

If you like the chariot racing scene from Ben Hur then this is a game for you. Whip your opponent's horse, ram you chariot into their's, and hope to survive to cross the finish line first. Beginners welcome.

]"A Gentleman's Dilemma" (Freeman's Farm) -Friday

19 September 1777 Saratoga, New York. Cut off from his line of communication to Canada, Major General "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne orders his advance guard to outflank Continental positions at Bemis Heights. Dan Morgan and his Corps of Riflemen lie quietly in wait. What follows is one of the great battles of the American Revolution. Featuring the fast-playing and easy to learn Wilderness Wars rules, this event brings the New York frontier to life in 15mm.

"To The Gates Of Hell" (Bunker Hill)-Friday

17 June 1775- Charlestown, Massachusetts. General Israel Putnam and the nascent Continental Army have occupied the high ground on the Charleston peninsula. General William Howe and a crack force of British regulars cross the Boston Harbor to dislodge the Rebel position. The events that follow this day are legendary. Featuring the fast-playing and easy to learn Wilderness Wars rules, this event puts the players in the midst of a desperate struggle.

"The Lion Of Judah" 15mm Italo-Ethiopian War-Saturday

14 April 1936 – Ogaden, Ethiopia. Ras Nasibu and Turkish mercenary General Wehib Pasha lead the last Ethiopian field army to stem the onslaught of Graziani's mechanized columns. Will the forces of Haile Selassie's empire stand long enough for the Imperial Court to escape into exile? This game is fast-playing and easy to learn, while still reflecting salient historical features.

"A Cup Of Coffee In Huesca" -Saturday

21 August 1936 – Aragon, Spain. Columns of Anarchist militia led by the charismatic Buenaventura Durutti close in on a key crossroads. Beleagured Nationalist forces must stop them from linking up with the Basque separatists. This game is simple enough for a complete beginner, but has enough color and detail for the grognards.

Gettysburg – First Day-Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Robert E Lee did not intend to fight a battle at Gettysburg but on July 1st, 1863, but four divisions arrived on converging roads to envelop the Federal 1st and 11th Corps so he decided to stay for the next day. Will the Federals do better in our game than in history or will they clobbered again? Steve Fratt offers this scenario as a play test of his new approach to musket warfare – Small Deadly Space.

"A Ford Through Troubled Waters"-Friday and Saturday

The Orcs/Goblins hold Castle Ost. The Humans hold Giant's Keep. Between them is the Whiterun River and the ruined old Tower. There may be a dragon living there! Who will win the day? Will you dare to approach the dragon? Take one of two sides – with troops, creatures, artillery, Heroes and Mages – and fight to the finish in this fun set of old school miniatures rules with lots of figures on the table! Beginners welcome!

Beren and Luthien escape from Angband- Thursday and Friday

First Age: 466 After the theft of a Silmaril from Morgoth's Iron Crown, the lovers flee back to Doriath. Home of Luthien's father, King Thingol. Accompanied by Huan, the Hound of the Valinor, they are pursued. Morgoth empties the fell beasts and Orcs of Angand to find them. The maddened giant wolf, Carcharoth, is also on their trail. Elves from Doth Lath, and Dwarven allies from Belegost, sortie out to rescue them. Can they make it to safety of The Girdle of Melian?

Fulda Gap 1938- Saturday and Sunday
As the morning fogs slowly burns off, in central Germany, the sounds of thousands of vehicles can be heard. Sporadic gun fire rings outs from time to time, accompanied by fireballs somewhere in the mist. Advancing overnight from their staging areas, the Warsaw Pact forces have crossed the border, in force. Many of us remember the real threat, we lived with on a daily basis, in the 70's and 80's. The nightmare of a Soviet surprise attack, is happening. WP and Nato doctrine will clash on the battlefield, and leave only one victor. But this is not 1988, back the technology back 50 years, to 1938. Can the American Combat Cars, stop the Soviet BT 7's? Which new prototype weapons can swing the balance?

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