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Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP16 Aug 2018 10:03 a.m. PST

So looking at September that leaves 1, 2, 8, 9, 15 and 16 for weekend days to start the campaign. I would like to start it as soon as possible so the 4th or 5th seems best to me. I don't know what PotA's availability is and what they have planned on those weekends and I suppose that would be the best place to start.

As far as the format goes, gangs will be 1000 pts. this time. We can decide on the first day of the campaign if we want to use the tactics cards or not. We didn't use them last time as people were still learning the system. A lot of what follows is fluff. The important stuff in terms of campaign mechanics is in bold below.

I would like to run two simultaneous campaigns using both Kill Team and Necromunda for which players could play in either or both. The Kill Team campaign would detail the events on the planet Datro IV where a small Imperial garrison is trying to defeat an uprising by angered Kroot. Tau forces are divided in what they should do. Some cling to the idea that they should stick to the Treaty of Wersai and try to get the Kroot to stand down. Others, stung by the loss in the war, feel that the Kroot uprising is the perfect opportunity to stick it to the Imperium. Without an Ethereal on the planet there is no unifying leadership.

Of course Inquisitor Duhr wouldn't be present if the taint of Chaos had not been detected and who knows what the Ruinous Powers have in mind for the Datro system.

On top of all of this the Cadeveric Planet continues its slow hyper-elliptical orbit around Datro. The Eldar craftworld was depopulated shortly after the fall by forces unknown and had been empty for thousands of years before an open webway gate discovered in the ash wastes of Necromunda lead right to it. It wasn't long before every House in Necromunda Prime had a presence on the ghost ship and the insides were being mined for Wraith bone but also carved out as new territory for gangs eager to explore the ship for any type of alien artifact that might give them an edge on their rivals. The ship is moving so slowly, its solar sails almost completely eroded away, that it will spend the better part of a terran standard year in close proximity to Datro IV.

There are still many parts of the Eldar world-ship that have yet to be explored, but the heart of it, where the web-way pops travelers out, has been very heavily colonized and settlers have built themselves a home away from home. Massive industrial structures rise stories into the open chambers at the heart of the craftworld. The advantage of the Wraithbone construction of conducting light through the hull of the ship negated by the rusted plasteel construction of the human's ramshackle buildings. Beautiful alien statues and empty fountains have been torn down and cleared away for their wraithbone and to make way for shanty towns and promethium storage depots.

The Eldar have long had their eyes on the Cadevaric Planet and with the Datro System no longer strongly in the hands of either the Tau or the Imperium now may be the time they can take it back and close the dangerously open web-way portal before more knowledgeable minds see the true potential in it.

The planet Datro has a large Imperial city but most of it is covered in woodlands or wastelands with a few Tau outposts dotted here and there and the remains of a long gone Eldar civilization still to be found covered in moss in the woods.

If you are interested in participating in either the Kill Team or Necromunda campaign or both, please let me know. If you could tell me which faction in either or each you would like to play that would be helpful too. And please let me know what days in September work best for you so we can have the biggest possible turn out on the first day of the campaign where we get things started. Depending on who can make it and interest I will decide on whether or not we do Kill Team or Necromunda on the first day. If there is enough interest we might try to run a game of each. That will probably mean we will have to do it on a Saturday as the store is open for longer that day.

If you don't have a force and want to borrow figures I have pretty much everything. In the Kill Team narrative so far we have all of the Imperial forces easily available in the fluff. There are no Space Marine chapters present in the sector but that certainly does not preclude a Space Marine Kill Team of any chapter being there. The mechanicum is obviously present. Grey Knights and Death Watch both have obvious reasons for being there and three different regiments of Astra Militarium are on the planet already.

The Aeldari, of all shades, are interested in keeping the situation on Datro IV unstable because of their interest in recovering the Cadeveric Planet.

The taint of Chaos has already been discovered on Port Talpa and obviously something bigger is afoot. Obviously the followers of Nurgle are involved but that doesn't mean the other Ruinous Powers might not be.

The Genestealer Cult that was the central focus of our last necromunda campaign was not completely annihilated, although it was very much cut back in numbers. They had to go somewhere and the web-way to a massive and empty Craftworld was pretty inviting. Probably some of them will take the opportunity to get to a virgin planet when the Cadeveric Planet passes by.

For Necromunda all of the gangs are present in the Cadeveric Planet. I have figures for 4 of the 6 main gangs that people can borrow. I will be running my Van Saar. The only one I don't have is Orlocks.

Obviously in addition to the main gangs, there is a Genestealer Cult presence on the Cadeveric Planet and I'd be surprised if those crafty Chaos Cultists had not made their presence known. I have figures for both as well as the Forge World bounty hunter figures if anyone wants to run a Venator gang.

That covers most of the options for both campaigns.

It will be mostly a narrative campaign and we will run it through December.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP16 Aug 2018 10:25 a.m. PST

And the fluff so far:

"Without all of the tribes behind them this rattling will just blow away like smoke."

The memory of the words he had sent to General Hearast stung. That had been a scant six months ago. Even two months ago Colonel Bon Alipidus believed that the noises that some of the Kroot shapers were making would result in little more than some angry words and maybe the occasional ambush that resulted in a few men dead. And would end with those Kroot responsible brought to imperial outposts and executed. All of the tribes had gotten behind them.

"Exterminated," he thought to himself. Xenos were, of course, not executed. Especially not savages like these. There were still a few Tau outposts on the planet that had been cut off during the war and were still awaiting evacuation. It was a condition of the Tau agreement to surrender that their soldiers that still remained on Datro be left alive until they could be rescued by a single Tau ship sent for the purpose. Alipidus suspected them of colluding with their former Kroot allies but from what he could get from the traders dealing with the Kroot the Tau had been attempting to stem the restlessness of the avian Xenos.

He had lost contact with all but two of his outposts now, he suspected as many as 100 soldiers may have died in the sudden Kroot assault. Another 500 were trapped in two strong points and would need to be rescued. The Kroot did not posses much in the way of heavy weapons, at least not enough to batter down an imperial strong point.

The only land the Imperial forces still held was along the coastline of the third largest continent on the Datro. Above the planet on the orbiting fortress Port Talpa forces were being mustered to come down and provide some reinforcements to Alipidus depleted garrison. He needed to put the Kroot on the defensive before his two strong points were starved out. Imperial forces were so depleted in the star system and he could not count on anything like real reinforcements.

There was the Cadaveric Planet though and from what he remembered its slow, hyper-elliptic orbit would bring it into close proximity with Datro in less than a month. Alipidus wondered if there was any chance of bringing one of the Necomunda regiments through the portal that was rumoured to exist in the Cadaveric Planet. From what little Alipidus understood the abandoned Aeldari Craftworld was almost entirely in the hands of the denizens of the Necromunda Prime underhive.


The difference between having his eyes open and closed was almost negligible. Feeling the ground with a searching foot before planting it Calum Awlmake moved as quietly as possible. He would be through it soon he thought to himself. There wasn't anything to report. They had detected nothing in the massive room. He dare not speak. He did not want to give his location away. They had searched it pretty well, when their torches had gone out unexpectedly it seemed like something was wrong. Having spent too many days in the underhive mines each of the Orlock gangers could find their way back the way they came through the darkness. There were no turns, the short corridor led into the massive wraithbone room.

It was disconcerting that their lights had all gone out, more so that they had flickered and died within moments of each other. He didn't hear the others moving any more but that wasn't surprising, each knew how to move pretty well in darkness and knew that staying quiet was important if they were in danger.

Calum emerged into the half-light of the end of the corridor. It was illuminated by the distant light of the Sprawl. Each gang was carving their own turf in the abandoned Aeldari ship, this would be the Shattered Ore's new home if things turned out as benign as it seemed. He went to where the corridor branched out into the main hallway leading back to the Sprawl.

Standing in the dim light he looked about before stepping back into a shadow with his back against the wall. He gripped his autogun a little tighter, took the magazine out and looked to see that it was fully loaded, as it had been when he checked last.

He heard a crunch and looked up. There was nothing to be seen in the gloom but he strained his eye and his ears against it and heard distinct foot steps. He stepped forward into the light "Caringer? Jawoul? I think it wi . . ."

The rest of his sentence was cut off by the murderous crack of a stub gun. Calum jerked forward as the round blew most of his windpipe out of the back of his neck.

He dropped his autogun as his hands went instinctively to his neck, blood pouring over his knuckles.

He was unable to keep his feet and fell forward onto his knees. Had he been able to recognize the smell of anything but blood he would have caught a strong sense of unwashed flesh as the man who shot him squatted next to Calum.

"Did the darkness breath, heretic?" said the man exhaling a stench that could stun a sumpcroc at 10 paces.

The dim light hid the rust on the knife that the man drew from somewhere in his tattered and dirty rags. He stabbed the knife up through the base of Calum's throat and into his brain before pulling it out quickly and letting Calum collapse in a heap.

The man looked down at Calum's body before standing up. He turned to the other ganger that had emerged from the darkness with him and said, "And that is how we deal with unbelievers and those who would befoul the Emperor's holy order by the use of xenos materials."

The other looked down at Calum. He had dispatched one of the other Orlocks in the darkness of the chamber. They had been the ones that set off the crystal disrupter that had shut down the torches that the gangers had carried with them.

The younger man then asked the other one, "But isn't that what we did with the crystal disruptor."

"That is quite a different matter. We were using it in the service of the Emperor's Will. Now with proper modification and an exorcism of the xenos spirits this cavernous room will serve our gang nicely. Jake, run back to the Sprawl and get the others."


The cup was placed down on the console. It had only made it about half way to the Inquisitors lips. He removed the glove covering his right hand and ran his fingers along the lip. A mechandrite from his harness moved a light into position and it shined on the finger. Duhr's face betrayed his anger, his eyes blazing with it before literally blazing and the filth on his finger being burned away as the flame flashed out.

"Can you keep nothing on this station clean Hearast?" Duhr said as he turned away from the group of men assembled around the map of the planet below them.

The door opened as he moved towards it allowing him through. Kast, Duhr's acolyte, followed him and General Hearast moved around the table to protest.

"Where are you going, Duhr? We have a serious problem on that planet below. It is your fault for not allowing us to exterminate those beasts down there. You might take the time to help us figure out how to contain it. Especially since you won't let us virus bomb the planet," Hearast said.

Duhr did not slow down as the small procession followed him down the corridor and to the stairwell.

"Well?" said Hearast.

Hearast said, " Are you going to answer me?"

"General, the Xenos are not our primary concern in this sector and they have nothing to do with why I am here. We ended the war with the Tau as quickly as possible. That is for a reason. It is not a reason you are, as of yet, privy to. You will contain the uprising on the planet and you will kill no more Kroot than necessary to do so. There are still some Tau on the planet. I suggest you work with them and show them that you intend to follow the treaty and that they do what they can to keep most of the Kroot neutral in this uprising and not let it spread."

"You would have us work with the xenos?"


At that Duhr stopped before the scullery door. Not programed to recognize the presence of such an important official the door stayed closed. A glow from Duhr's eyes changed that. Two scullery serfs looked up in amazement to see the Inquisitor standing in the door way. As Duhr raised his plasma pistol their amazement turned quickly to fear but before either of them could move the weapon pulsed and flashed and a burning hot beam of energy emerged from it and blasted through the chest of the first serf before hitting the second in the leg and burning it off of her body. Duhr had moved forward quickly and his sword caught the second serf in the neck as she fell, her momentum adding to his upswing to sever her neck from her body.

"By the throne!" Hearast declared.

"Was that necessary over a dirty cup?"

Duhr scanned the bodies and then lifted up the severed head by its hair. He turned it around and lifted his sword. The hair on the head parted with the skin at the touch of the razor sharp blade. He turned the head around to show the general the festering wound where three circles with arrows pointing out between them had been cut into the scalp at some point.

"This kind of dirt warranted it," Duhr said, "we certainly have bigger problems than revolting Kroot warbands in this system."

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP05 Sep 2018 10:03 p.m. PST

To General Hearast,

All is in as ready of a state as one could imagine it being. The colonists have been most useful to me in readying this outpost in case of attack. We have gathered all the supplies into the central bombproof and, while it groans at the load it contains, it has freed up other storage areas for the housing of the colonists.

We have been using the aurochs that we have about the place for meat rather than the rations as I thought it best to save the stored food and reduce the herd of aurochs in case the carnivores attack. There is nothing now to stop the xenos from stealing among the herd and taking them if they were to come this far out.

I had a bit of panic on my hands earlier today when a man came in saying that he had seen Outpost Blane taken by the enemy and burned. Upon hearing the news the colonists were up for leaving and many of them were begun packing. As flight was already the plan I thought I risked nothing by publicly questioning the man and when I questioned him on the number of Kroot he had seen he could not say that he saw 5 or 10 or 12 or 20 but that he had seen some. He could only say it was more than 1, which it may indeed have been. This seemed to mollify the crowd to some degree but then I asked him at what time it was that he saw the Outpost burned he answered that it had been about midday two days before. To which I produced data logs from Outpost Blane with clear time stamps showing the communications came after the alleged time of the burning of the position and also shewed that the commander there had burned some of his redoubts where they obstructed fire from his position.

The crowd quickly realized that the man had been mistaken and the panic subsided.

Nevertheless we are in straightened circumstances. I have managed to form two companies of PDF with the colonists that have come into the station so far. They certainly lack the discipline of regular Astra Militaria but since I only have two squads of them it seemed the most prudent thing to do. We have one company on duty at a time and they hand off their weapons to the other when the changing of the guard happens.

We have not heard anything from Outpost Ecuyer and await any information they can send.

At your service,

Captain Nahgorc 60th light fusilier Regiment, Corvus Central Guard

P.S. Among the colonists that have come in this very evening I have one Rogue Trader among them. She had been authorized to trade with the xenos and yet many of the colonists reported that she had been exchanging contraband with them. Inspection of her wares revealed nothing but I am sending her to you for further interrogation. She did seem evasive in her answers but I have neither the time nor the means to properly question her.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP05 Sep 2018 10:03 p.m. PST

On such a large ship it was impossible to detect every little impact. On such a large abandoned ship it was impossible for anyone to hear the brief squeak as air escaped into the void when the boarding tube burst through the wraithbone hull. Equally, it would have been impossible for anyone to smell the stench of the burning Eldrich material that comprised the hull of the ship.

But even if they had been there, even if their ears had heard the sound, their movements carried them to where the odor could enter their nostrils, it would have been impossible for them to survive what they would have seen.

With bolters raised two metallic green-blue armoured giants emerged from the still-glowing hull. In the half-light of their entry they moved down the darkened wraithbone corridor until their shadows merged with the general darkness. As they moved further into their ship a voice came over coms in their helmets.

"Preparing to detach the boarding cordon."

"Acknowledged," the one of the left responded, "we are clear. There is no opposition as expected."

After several hours the two giants reached a bifurcation in the long outer corridor. Without a word to each other they split up and went their separate ways. Their initial cautious movement upon entering the ship replaced with a more relaxed stride, their bolters mag-locked to their hips not even a fare-well was exchanged. They were both experts in what they were about to do, experts with 10,000 years of experience. They knew that they would fare well.

The one that had taken the left branch of the corridor moved on for another three hours before he came to a large chamber that dropped away before him. The railing around it was encased in vines. He did not touch them. His helmet sensors and his enhanced eye-sight made out the details in the room with uncanny clarity despite the near total darkness. He could hear the man breathing softly below. He could hear the slight wheeze in the lungs. The giant was not an apothecary so he did not know what ailment it was the man was suffering from other than anxiety.

Suddenly the giants feet were in the air and his hand grasped the railing squeezing and directing his fall over it. A cloud of spores flew into the air where his hand squeezed the vines. His hand propelled him through the air and except for a slight ring as he first touched the wraithbone railing with his hand he fell silently.

He landed right in front of the man and the man gasped and flinched backwards, moving with a reactive leap right into the wall. The armoured giant leaned down over him the little light that was in the room glinting slightly off of his armour, his eyes now glowing with internal light. The man slumped down in pain and fear to the floor. He felt more than saw an armoured gauntlet close around his shoulder and haul him to his feet.

"I am Alpharius. I have come to help you achieve your goals."

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