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Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP03 Mar 2018 6:56 p.m. PST

We had our first meeting of the Phantom of the Attic Necromunda League today.


6 of the 8 people in the league were in attendance. After going over the ground rules for the campaign and timing and so forth we did a couple of games.


Escher won both games but also lost one of them.

A good time was had by all. I will probably post the results of the campaign as they go by weekly. I'll be writing a "town crier" type newsletter weekly once I come up with a good name for it.


It looks like so far we will have

2 Orlock gangs
1 Goliath Gang
1 Escher gang
1 Cawdor gang

then possibly 1 more Escher and 1 more goliath gang.

clifblkskull Supporting Member of TMP03 Mar 2018 10:01 p.m. PST

Really cool
Thanks for posting
I ran a campaign a few years back and did a newsletter called Sump News

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP04 Mar 2018 8:59 p.m. PST

WE also have a Genestealer cult gang.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP04 Mar 2018 9:04 p.m. PST

Here is the background for our campaign:

The light lit up slightly before the klaxon sounded warning the crew of the Deathless Emperor that there was a ship just translating into the system at the Mandeville point. The next thing they heard, as they brought the long range auspex array to bear on the direction of the incoming ship, was the sound of the ship's distress beacon.

Attempts to hail the ship failed and the ship seemed to be increasing in speed as it moved from the edge of the system towards Necromunda. The Deathless Emperor's crew put the ship in readiness to intercept the strange vessel and coordinated their activities with their sister ship the Solemn Conqueror.

The two ships were in orbit around Necromunda re-supplying before heading back to the Viali Front to run convoy duty in the face of a resurgent ork fleet.

It looked as though they were going to see action before their official deployment.

Half of the crew were planetside as the two ships broke their orbits and moved to intercept the new vessel now identified as the cargo ship Chanticlear. The Chanticlear still would not respond to any of the frequent and increasingly urgent communications being sent.

The sister cruisers engaged the Chanticlear as it came into range of their guns. A cargo vessel was no where near as well armored and shielded as an imperial cruiser but they were not without defenses. The speed witch which the pair of vessels passed the intruder was remarkable, both imperial ships corkscrewing through space to bring both of their broadside batteries to bear in the time it took the ships to pass before shearing off and turning to try to catch the now crippled cargo hauler.

Despite the battering it had taken, the Chanticlear was still moving quickly towards Necromunda. As it came closer the planets orbital defenses opened up blasting huge chunks of metal away from the ship. The ship almost looked like it was screaming in cold weather as bursts of venting gas and, almost invisibly at the distance, bodies and equipment hurtled into the void from the breached hull in a dozen places at the same time.

Eventually a shot hit the engine core and the vessel started to glow. Soon life pods were streaming out of the sides of the stricken ship hurtling past the main orbital defense platforms but mostly being destroyed by the secondary batteries put in position to target smaller landing craft.

The ship exploded, destroying many of the slower to launch pods.

Debris still pulled towards the planet by their forward momentum struck many of the orbital stations and caused damage here and there when they had overwhelmed that platforms void shields.

On Necromunda Prime most of the people in the Spire were able to watch the debris being destroyed in a pyrotechnic display. They had been aware of the threat and were also aware of the chances of the vessel making it past all of the planetary defenses.

They had gathered to have a party to watch the fireworks.

The underhivers were not so lucky and most toiled or fought on oblivious to any threat outside of their immediate environment. It was why it came as such a surprise to them when part of the hive wall collapsed inwards and shattered three levels of the hive near it. The resultant shockwave caused the biggest hive quake in living memory. Even the spirers felt the effects and many a glass of wine had to be re-poured after it had fallen from where it rested.

The life pod came to a halt three decks down from where it entered the hive, it had spilled a number of crash coffins from it where a rent was torn in its side.

Before the underhivers could move in and collect much scrap a patrol of Adeptus Arbites were on the scene cordoning off the area. The Arbites kept guard for two weeks before a small group arrived and thoroughly searched the ruins. After another full two months they were finished and left and the Arbites trooped off as well leaving the damaged area to the underhivers. It was not long before gangs were moving in and staking their claim on the area newly vacated by the authorities.

The crash site, and the area around it badly damaged by the hive quake, came to be known as the Jagged Roost and everyone wanted to see what was still of value there. Some of the survivors whispered warnings of the danger that lurked in the newly uncovered areas but most of the adventurous put it down to post traumatic stress from being in the crash site.

In the vast majority of cases greed beat out fear hands down.

Dentatus Fezian05 Mar 2018 5:11 a.m. PST

Nice one. Very much looking forward to this.

Centurio Prime05 Mar 2018 5:14 a.m. PST

I'm going to run a Genestealer Cult gang in our next club event in Morgantown. How many credits does a starting gang start with?

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP05 Mar 2018 7:57 a.m. PST

We are starting with 800. I think they usually start with 1000.

Centurio Prime05 Mar 2018 10:20 a.m. PST

ok, so by the book its 1000… that's what I needed to know

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP06 Mar 2018 11:44 a.m. PST

Here are the special rules for Campaign Turn 1:

The departure of the Imperial delegation from the Jagged Roost was watched by those nearby with significant interest. Soon mouths were passing the word along and it was not long before the news was known by every underhiver within two levels of the crash site.

The Arbites cleared the area even more quickly, moving back to their precinct station at the center of Level Four. Before any organized force by even the closest gangs could mount an expedition, hive scavengers were among the ruins hunting for anything that could be traded, soon many of them came running out.

It was not clear what force had prevented any rubble from settling during the stay of the Imperial delegation but whatever it was, it was gone now and moving through the runs was now fraught with the peril of falling debris.

Whatever other threats lurked in the Jagged Roost, the danger of jagged pieces of metal falling down was very real. Still the threat was not enough to deter gangs from trying to gain an advantage over their rivals so in they went.

Rules: After Priority is determined in each turn but before the first player starts their turn the player with priority rolls a d6. Add one to the roll if any blast marker weapons have been used (not the flamer template is not a blast marker) or if anyone fired a weapon with S6 or more on the previous turn. Subtract 1 from the roll if there was no shooting at all in the previous turn.

1 or less: No effect: The area rumbles ominously but no debris fall.

2: Minor Tremor: Reduce all models move distances by 1. This counts for their entire move not just against the characteristic. So if a model has M4 and they move and shoot they would be able to move 3 and shoot. However if they move-move they would move 7 as their total move distance would be 8 normally. Same with charging, they would move 4 plus d3, this would be (4 plus d3) -1.

3: Fierce Shaking: Subtract 1 from all die rolls for shooting. So if you roll a 4 it becomes a 3.

4: Epicenter of the quake: The player with priority can pick a point anywhere on the battlefield and rolls 2d6. Any model within that distance in inches has to make an I check or suffer a S5 hit from falling debris.

5: Split asunder: the instability has become even worse and the ground itself opens up briefly. Pick two points anywhere on the table 10" apart and draw a line between them. Roll a d6 for each model on that line on a roll of a 1 the model takes an I check or falls through the crevice and is taken out of action counting and will have to roll on the recovery table at the end of the game.

6: Tectonic upheaval: All of the results from 2 to 5 on this table takes place.

It is the player with priority that turn that gets to determine the location of events that occur.

This obviously represents the area settling after the crash. The Inquisitor and his retinue were obviously using some sort of psychic powers to keep the mess in place (powerful psyker!) and once they left that wasn't happening any more.

These rules will be in place for any games that occur prior to our next meeting on March 24.

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