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Charlie Dozen Inactive Member05 Feb 2018 5:25 a.m. PST

I noticed that you used to game with Wally Simom, you mentioned it in another topic. Do you know how I can get a copy of his ACW skirmish rules. I think that I saw them in a late 1970's or early 1980's Wargamer's Digest issue.

jefritrout05 Feb 2018 6:30 a.m. PST

Yes, I gamed quite a bit with him. His last project before he died was writing a set of ancients rules for my wife.

As to finding the rules, I have a box full of old PW reviews where Wally wrote most of his rules. Fred Haub pretty much has the definitive collection. I'll email him and see what I can find.

Charlie Dozen Inactive Member05 Feb 2018 7:06 a.m. PST

Thanks! He also had a "modern" set of skirmish rules published in Wargamer's Digest around the same time. I think his army was Wallandia or something like that.

jefritrout05 Feb 2018 7:57 a.m. PST

I have a copy of the "modern" skirmish set, which was pretty much a WW2 skirmish set. At least we used WW2 54mm Airfix soldiers to play. That name absolutely sounds like one he would use. The most famous campaign was the Ostland/Vestland campaign, with Wally earning his "Lion of Ostland" moniker.

onmilitarymatters Sponsoring Member of TMP08 Feb 2018 9:43 a.m. PST

I would point out that Russ Lockwood has edited and republished eight volumes (so far) of Wally Simon's rules, variants, and other wargaming mechanics thoughts. Each volume is an 8.5x11-inch booklet, about 40-50 pages each, 13 or so articles each, b&w interior, $19 USD each, and currently in stock here at the OMM shoppe.

Volumes and Table of Contents listed below:

Vol. 1: Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198831)

* Wally Rules: The Search for Tabletop Perfection
* ACW Telescoping Battlefield: Battleline Melee, Reaction Points, and the d6 Crowd
* Renaissancing The Rules: Support, Rally Zones, and River Crossings
* Revolutionary Morale: Reaction Levels, Cards, and AWI Battles
* The Parade Ground Indian Mutiny: Loyalty Quotients and Rally Points
* Pushing Panzers in WWII: Barbarossa Ho! Thunder From The Sky Artillery
* The Theory Of Melee: Routs, Rallies, and 'Rithmetic
* Card Movement Systems: Wild West Gunfights and British Colonials
* Ancient City Fight: Gridded Play, Reinforcements, and a Melee Template
* Ancient Country Fight: Nodes, Battle Boards, and Command Points
* Great Napoleonic Thoughts: National Characteristics and Quantitative Playability
* Big Picture Siege Game: A Variable Time Strategy Idea
* Sixth Sense For Sequences Of Play: Options, Consequences, and the Future

Vol. 2: More Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198832)

* Movement Procedures in Wargaming: Sequencing, Scales, and Splits
* Seven Years War Over Six Towns: Importance and Bloody Battles
* Seven Skirmishing Samurai: Card-Based Actions and Triangular Hit Rosters
* Pip, Pip, Hooray! An Alternative to Pip Systems Using Cards
* Points of Command: Attrition and Breakthrough in an ACW Battle
* Battle-Line Ancient Warfare: Actions, Re-actions, and Concepts in Progress
* Renaissance Warfare for the Beady Eyed: Distributing Orders, Combat Divisors, and Decisions
* An Altered WWII Mini-Campaign: Movement, Morale, and Airstrikes
* Probability and Ploys: Alternative Morale, Firing, and Melee Systems
* Napoleonic Slugfest in the Peninsula: Fire-Oriented Wargame with Card-Based Variable
* Fighting Swashbucklers of the Foreign Legion: Skirmish with a Hyper Twist
* Meet the Clock: A Variable Time Strategy Idea

Vol. 3: Solo Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198833)

* Simple Solo Guidelines: Morale, Data Sheets, and a Napoleonic River Line Attack
* Good Morning Vietnam: Cards, Squares, and Sequences
* WWII Efficiency: Too Much Damage, Loss Points, Reaction Points, and Combat Points
* Napoleonic Equality of Inequality: Simon's Theory of Fire Power
* Scenario Generation: A Line in the Terrain
* Speedy Solo Siege: Zones, Building Points, and the Passage of Time
* Third Time's Charm: Modern Solo Squad Skirmish
* Renaissance Squared: Grids, Groups, and Grinds
* Bad Blood in the Balkans: WWII Command, Control, Activation, and Quality
* Rules are Greener: American Revolution Response Chart and Efficiency Levels
* Solo Hastings: Flights of Fancy?
* NATO Rescue in Serbia: Pop-Up Squads, Prisoners, and Running Battles
* BONUS: The Wally Quadfecta: Universal Guidelines for Good Game Design

Vol. 4: Campaign Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198834)

* Dot Wars: Armies on the Move
* Solo Campaign: Zulus Against British
* Simplified Campaigning: Napoleonics and Status
* Campaign Anyone? British Colonial Era Ideas
* Ancients Campaign: Army and Commander Points
* American Civil War Campaigning: Styles and Substances
* Zulu Uprising: A Mini Campaign
* England vs. Colonies: American War of Independence Campaign
* Lost Napoleonic Campaign: Planned Moves and Victory Boxes
* Rhombusia Campaign: Colonization and Rebellion
* Campaign Trail: Play by Mail Wargaming
* A Map Exercise: Tiered Movement

Vol. 5: Master Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198835)

* Viking Hex: Skirmish Rules on a Grid
* Catchy Cromwell: ECW Morale and Firing
* WWII Battle Rules: Supply, Aircraft, and Damage
* Ancient Impact: Combat Values, Morale, and Rally
* ACW Rules Experiment: The Perils of Rallying
* Renaissance Warfare: Hits, Bits, and Markers
* WWI Trench Assault: Kill Dice and Casualties
* AWI Bemis Heights: A Morale Game
* Modern Island Invasion: Action Cards and Areas
* Medieval Campaign Ideas: Towns, Provinces, and Revenues
* Napoleonic Concepts: Areas, Scale, and Weird Design
* What's An Officer to Do?: Orders, Morale, and Casualty Transfer
* Skirmish Melee Odds; They Did Not Die in Vain

Vol. 6: Skirmish Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198836)

* Gladiators Behaving Badly: Bluffing, Buffers, and a Quick Arena Campaign
* Goin' Commando: Falklands Raid: Stealth, Detection, and Demolition -- British commandoes attack an Argentinian airfield
* Victoria Colonial Skirmish Rules: Attributes, Cards, and d100s
* Samurai Skirmish: Archery, Windage, and Melee Bands
* Von Vorren's Machine Gun Duel: WWII East Front Skirmish -- Germans hold a farmhouse against the Soviets
* House-to-House Modern Skirmish: Reaction Deck, Wounded, and Response Deck -- a card system long before today's modern re-discovery
* Swath Fire: Volley Fire Variation: For Muskets Through Lasers
* Bash and Crash Medieval Melee: Agility, Strength, and Reactions
* Command and Control Cards: Activation with a Twist
* Hey Pilgrim! You Forgot Your Popgun: Wild, Wild West Shootout -- Posse tracks down the gang
* Zgroshk Modern Skirmish: Clocking, Wounds, and Reserve
* Ragnar's Viking Raid: Fast, Simple, and Chartless Rules
* 23rd Century Urban Uprising: Dicing, Reaction, and Rally Rolls -- The people revolt against tyranny

Vol. 7: WWII Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198837)

* The Zen of Armor Combat: To Hit or Not to Hit
* WWII Battalion Skirmish: Casualty Filter, Rally Areas, and Reinforcement Cards
* Armor Firing and Damage: Single Die Throw System
* US Invasion of Vladivostock: Goofettes A Plenty
* Skirmishing with 54mm Figures: Poses, Actions, and Sustained Fire
* A Trio of Bridges: Time as Command and Control Increments
* Command Strike at Dawn: Skirmish Raid
* Pacific Carrier Battle: Quick, Simple, and Random
* Oregon Beach: Solo Landing Scenario
* City Fight: Block by Block in Stalingrad
* Island Invasion: Naval Bombardment, Efficiency, and Reaction Points
* Town Skirmish: Suppression Fire and Reaction Chart
* Two 15mm Battles: Dispersal, Initiative Ploy, and Clock Die Op Fire

Vol. 8: Naval Secrets of Wargame Design (OMM# 198838)

* Pirates and Treasure Islands: Strategic Grid, Tactical Cards, and Gold
* Solo WWII Sea Battle: Pip Ideas Combined
* Seven Seas Battle: Rhombustian Age of Sail Naval Rules
* Attack on Chimpanzee Island: WWII Double Blind Fog of War
* Rams, Rammers, and Ramees: American Civil War Harbor Attack
* Sink the Tirpitz: An Undertable, Undersea Adventure
* Modern Ship Lock-On: Damage and Repair
* Double Blind Convoy Game: Raids, Routes, and Patrols
* Russo-Japanese 1904 Naval Battle: De Bellis Navalis Recap and Modifications
* Simon WWII Ship Game: Firing in an 8-Inch Diameter
* Age of Sail Cards: Command and Control Decks
* Triremes and Ancient Memes: Impulses, Movement, and Oar Confusion
* Classic Fletcher Pratt: US vs. Japan WWII Battle
* Truk Island WWII Battle: Air-Sea Interaction

Charlie Dozen Inactive Member09 Feb 2018 2:42 p.m. PST

After searching through numerous boxes in my storage shed I managed to find both articles written by Walter Simon, "Skirmish Gaming Rules for the ACW" and "A Modern Skirmish Campaign". I've had both articles for probably 30 years but had misplaced them.
Thanks to everyone for responding.

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