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Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP25 Nov 2017 5:53 a.m. PST

It looks like Orlocks will be the next gang for Necromunda and they will be releasing some underhive scum to support the various gang land activities going on.

The Orlocks look to be the most interesting gang to me yet.



It looks like you get some sort of harpoon gun on the sprue.


Still no word on when any juves will be released but it looks like there will be new supplements coming out every so often as they are doing with Blood Bowl.


I guess that makes more sense than having a magazine come out monthly as SG did back in the day.

So Gang War II will be out at some point, probably after Christmas as they say "early 2018."


Forge World are going to be producing the underhive scum, as they did with the Beastman bounty hunter.


I'm surprised the release of this stuff is so slow.

We are planning a Christmas-ish Necromunda campaign day at the FLGS and it looks like people are going to have to bring their old gangs as right now there are only two available. Even with three new gangs you could do a lot.

I guess I'll have to dig my old Cawdor and Orlock models out for that day.

They are also releasing another set of tiles for the game but since we will play with 3D terrain that is of little interest to me.

Earl of the North25 Nov 2017 3:35 p.m. PST

Those are more interesting to me as they look like they will fit into other Sci-fi settings easier….maybe as a pirate faction.

billthecat25 Nov 2017 4:05 p.m. PST

Those do look good…!

Dentatus Fezian25 Nov 2017 7:23 p.m. PST

Those look great. Waiting on Van Saar tho.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP25 Nov 2017 8:59 p.m. PST

Why not do both. I kind of want Van Saar too but I will probably get the orlocks just to have a third gang to use.

axabrax Supporting Member of TMP26 Nov 2017 6:42 a.m. PST

Meh. They're OK. I do like the underhive Scum.

nvdoyle Inactive Member26 Nov 2017 10:03 a.m. PST

Going to get them all.

The Beast Rampant27 Nov 2017 7:28 a.m. PST

These Orlocks look pretty cool. IMO they were easily the weakest-themed of the 1.0 gangs. And I see the heavies are back. It's a neat idea, having some faction-specific weaponry.

I'm wondering if I will end up collecting everything for 2.0 Necromunda, too.

Dentatus Fezian27 Nov 2017 10:11 a.m. PST

Six of us in the group right now and I'm hoping each of us will pick a faction once they're all available. Perhaps by then all the rules will be compiled into a single volume too.

Dentatus Fezian27 Nov 2017 10:13 a.m. PST

Curious on new Delaque too. They were great figs.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP27 Nov 2017 12:15 p.m. PST

They painted two of the underhiave scum. Check them out:


Dentatus Fezian27 Nov 2017 2:22 p.m. PST

Hate FW prices tho.

The H Man27 Nov 2017 3:15 p.m. PST

If there is resin stuff from forge world, I assume that's where the spyrers may come from.

I wander how many supplements you will have to buy to just get the rules that came in the original box/book? So much for a game where you only need a handfull of figures. They are more than making up for it with the piles of books required. Perhaps they think many may just use their old figures so are trying to milk the rules for all they are worth? I feel they are also trying to keep the interest for as long as possible, but splitting up the rules seems daft. Who wants to play half a game?

I can see many people waiting, watching.

The Beast Rampant27 Nov 2017 5:46 p.m. PST

You could wait another year (or likely more) while they work all that out, flesh out the world more, develop more factions, playtest more rules, and make a bunch of new minis to serve as eye candy in said publication. Personally? I've waited long enough already.

This was a dead Specialist Game. Even now, it's not on their front burner (the artwork attests to that). I've long said, there's no way re-releasing this with even one good sprue per gang wouldn't sell enough to be reasonably successful. I'm grateful to have that. I quit sticking pins in my GW voodoo doll around a year back. I'm hopeful things will continue to look up.

Some companies put out a complete, all-in-one rulebook, maybe with free online lists and scenarios, which is totally great. But that's not how GW works, or has worked, for many, many years. If you expect them to start now, you need to just wander off and don't look back. GW has come a long, long, long way in how much attention it pays to customer feedback, and how it views it's humbler beginnings. I'm thrilled to bits with all of the the insightful, intuitive design notes I read, not to mention the foreshadowing of things to come (ex: Pg. 16 of the N:U rulebook mentions brats! I GET MY BRATS!).

So if you want to consider this another cash-grab, fine. Everyone's entitled. I just consider it to be more pessimism than realism.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP27 Nov 2017 6:54 p.m. PST

If my FLGS is any indication most people feel like they have waited long enough too. On Friday, the stack that they had on Tuesday was almost gone. There was one boxed set left and only one box of Goliaths left. There were two or three copies of Gang War left.

It sold fast. I don't know how many they had reserved but they sold at least $500 USD worth of Necromunda stuff just Friday afternoon.

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP27 Nov 2017 7:36 p.m. PST

I will get any/all plastic gang sets they release for the new Necromunda. I am unlikely to fork over anything to get Forge World resins. Just too darned expensive for me.

I am hoping FW sticks to the bounty hunters and underhive scum, which don't interest me very much anyway. But I loved the Scavvy and Ratskin gangs, so hope those are GW/Plastics if we ever see them.

If they release a new set of tiles, I would get them, even though most of my games will be on 3D terrain. I do like the simpler aspect of tunnel fights, and having more tiles means more variety, and that is nice.

The H Man27 Nov 2017 8:06 p.m. PST

More pessimism than realism? It is realism. All the rules are not in the boxed game and you appear to have to buy multiple books to get the rules that came in the original boxed game. It's only your view on that that makes it pessimistic or optimistic. Though I feel only GW is in that latter camp counting their money, while everyone else just wants to play the dang complete game.

There is no need for that set up except it is structured to encourage multiple purchases. Thus, yes it is a cash grab, to put it crudely. Or rather a way to make it pay.

A pity considering these games were one box wonder spin offs. With Some Extra models and perhaps a supplement and magazine if they proved popular enough.

So much for GW going back to its roots in that respect. At least with necromunda.

I look forward to seeing the entire game released.

The Beast Rampant27 Nov 2017 9:57 p.m. PST

Given the choice of Man-O-War 2.0, AKA "Dreadfleet", and what we have and are getting with Necromunda, I will take penny-packet rulebooks for a supported game, rather than a one-off cuckoo-egg.

Would I rather have everything in one book, right now? Of course, who wouldn't? But this is how we get the game back. I work off a pretty limited hobby budget, but to me, it is not THAT big an imposition. I went out and picked up my copies of Underhive AND Gang War last Friday. I REALLY didn't want to shell out for both at once, but yeah, I felt like I would otherwise be buying a car with no tires, so I ponied up. The notion that Underhive was ostensibly packaged as a Dreadfleet, but one which released with an expansion that opened it up for wider play, campaigns, new factions and equipment, etc. was the big key here. Looking at it THAT way, I personally felt better about it.

And don't forget about:


Was that a cash-grab, too?

A few weeks ago, some guy here was grousing about the same thing with Blood Bowl 4.0. I reminded him that every edition since the first had multiple expansions. This might be (sort of) an new deal as far as Necromunda goes, but GW has been doing thing exact thing for THIRTY YEARS.

The H Man27 Nov 2017 11:33 p.m. PST


I can understand it with a new game, but with the likes of necromunda I find it a bitter pill. The sole reason most fans will want to play is in full campaign mode with all the things we know and love. I just hope their interest keeps up.

I can see people using the old rules over waiting for GW to get their act together.

Again, these were cheap easy games to get into back in the day (playing out of the box). Now it's sounding like hard work.

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP28 Nov 2017 5:40 a.m. PST

I understand the marketing. If you release one big boxed game with all the rules, and two gangs in the box and the other four immediately available, it is one big splahs … then nothing much to follow. Maybe for a year.

This way, the base box is out there (tunnel wars not 3D terrain). And by releasing a pair of gangs every few months, along with the supporting gang rules, you keep Necromunda "in the news" for at least a year. Keeps the hype up. And if the initial gangs were not your favorites, then check out the releases in the coming months.

As The Beast said, of course having it all in one go would be nice, but I can see why they took this approach this time around.

Also, not everyone has a "get everything" stance. So if you only need one gang and one rulebook, you are set to play in somebody else's game/campaign.

So far, I am impressed with what I've seen, and what I've read, and if this is how GW releases the game, I am fine with it.

Dragon Gunner28 Nov 2017 5:55 a.m. PST

I have my box set and Gang War. I just wish GW would publish some kind of release schedule. The gangs I want the most were the Outlander gangs. I would buy multiple sets of Scavvies to create a mutant horde to use in other settings.

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP28 Nov 2017 7:13 a.m. PST

"A few weeks ago, some guy here was grousing about the same thing with Blood Bowl 4.0. I reminded him that every edition since the first had multiple expansions. This might be (sort of) an new deal as far as Necromunda goes, but GW has been doing thing exact thing for THIRTY YEARS."

Nevermind Citadel Journal and then all the independent magazines that came out to support the new releases for these games.

It seems like people either just have selective memory about how this worked or they are just ignorant of the facts.

I would prefer that they do it this way. This way the game has a good marketing strategy that makes money for it in the long run.

If it can keep making money for the company then they will continue to support it hopefully.

Also the fact that they have been around to do it for 30 years means that they have picked a winning strategy. How many other companies have been so viable for so long in this industry?

It would be nice for them to put out some release schedule, I agree with you Dragon Gunner. I think I'd like to start a Van Saar gang but I'll probably do an Orlock gang in the meantime unless Van Saar come out second quarter of 2018.

The H Man28 Nov 2017 1:37 p.m. PST

Good old pics, always keeping an eye on GWs bottom line.

I think the point of these spin off games was to sell product to existing players who may not be buying much otherwise. They used to do one or two a year when this first came out.

Of which industry do you speak? GW has been around a long time in large scale fantasy and Sci Fi miniature war games. Then tsr/wizards have had d&d around awhile for miniature rpg. I'm not sure on historical miniatures.

Then again how long have reaper (no earlier than bill and teds bogus journey) been around? Guessing only 91ish. But I'm sure there are companies older than GW in miniatures out there. Plastics certainly and metal historical i would assume. Any ideas?

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP28 Nov 2017 6:21 p.m. PST

I wander how many supplements you will have to buy to just get the rules that came in the original box/book?

My guess is 4. The base game. Gang War I (for 3D rules, campaign rules, and the complete Goliath and Escher gang formation rules (these replace those from the core rulebook), then Gang War II (guessing this will be for Cawdor and Orlock, and Hired Guns perhaps), then Gang War III (for Van Saar and Delaque, and perhaps pit slaves or some such).

So much for a game where you only need a handfull of figures. They are more than making up for it with the piles of books required.

As I recall, the initial game had all of the rules you needed right there in the core box. Except, various new stuff came out in White Dwarf, so you were behind the times if you didn't subscribe to get those bits.

Perhaps they think many may just use their old figures so are trying to milk the rules for all they are worth?

Could be. Or it could just be that marketing has changed in the past 20+ years, and having one major push onoy gets you headline news for a month or two. Having a slower release with something new to talk about every month for a year gets you headlines for a year.

I feel they are also trying to keep the interest for as long as possible …

I agree

… but splitting up the rules seems daft. Who wants to play half a game?

Every game they have ever released has expansions. Don't tell me you can by one of the GW boxed games, and only ever play those two armies, with the forces that come in the box. At a minimum, you probably buy at least one of the full army books, and maybe both.

I bought in to WFB 4th edition. Ended up collecting a full High Elf and Greenskin army, and of course both books. Had a friend playing the undead, so I got his army book just for the intel and background fluff. Somebody else played Chaos, and I got that book. Then we had a Wood Elf player join, and I got that army book.

I just got my pre-order today, and I can now say without a doubt, that this new version is designed to generate some serious cash.

Take for example Tactics Cards. In the core box you get 4 Escher and 4 Goliath specific cards, and 10 generic Tactic Cards that anyone can use. Nice.

Well, I bought the Escher and Goliath separate card packages, and inside there were 8 "new" Escher and 8 "new" Goliath specific tactics. Not repeats of the 4 from the core box, so if you play either of these two gangs, you are going to want the car expansion, because your custom cards will go from 4 to 12.

BUT … there are 12 additional generic tactics cards, and these are unique to each expansion. So the 10 generics from the core box get 24 additional cards if you get both. So even if you don't play Escher or Goliath, you might want these two expansion decks so that your generic options expand to 34 cards, up from 10.

The remaining four gang card boxes will have a different mix. To compete with the core game + expansions for the first two gangs, of the 26 cards they will need to provide 12 specific gang related cards. If they still include 6 blank cards, then that will give them 8 slots remaining for generic gang tactics.

In which case, to have the "full" selection of generic cards available, even if you only play one gang, you might end up getting all six card expansions.

So no matter how you slice this, the newest rendition of Necromunda is designed to generate multiple sales of multiple add-on products, with a release schedulet hat stretches out at least a year.

Comparing a 2017 release with one from 1995 is just a waste of time and energy. Times have changed.

The Beast Rampant28 Nov 2017 9:26 p.m. PST

I would prefer that they do it this way. This way the game has a good marketing strategy that makes money for it in the long run.

As I more or less said. Again, Dreadfleet was dumped out with everyone wondering, "um…is there going to be more coming?" There was not, and I can't imagine that it was particularly successful for it. I certainly didn't bite.

So as long as the expansions and accessories for Necromunda aren't unreasonably priced (which IMO they're not, Forgeworld not withstanding), I'm fine with it. I hope Necromuda has a successful future.

David Johansen28 Nov 2017 9:34 p.m. PST

I've always wondered if Dreadfleet would have done better if it had actually done fleets instead of pirates.

The Beast Rampant28 Nov 2017 9:40 p.m. PST

Perhaps they think many may just use their old figures so are trying to milk the rules for all they are worth?

I will use my old, and work the new in as I finish them. I am very attached to the good old metal ones, but all else aside, the customization factor for the new plastics is a HUGE sell, and is an ideal fit here. the old metal minis were often difficult to convert, which I often did, as the existing line wasn't particularly well thought out, equipment-wise. For instance, Cawdor was (by it's advance scheme) a fairly melee-intensive gang, but had absolutely NO ganger minis that were dedicated melee troops.

Also, the old gang boxed sets were, what, thirty-something dollars-? Compared to $40 USD now- not bad…

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP28 Nov 2017 10:13 p.m. PST

"Also, the old gang boxed sets were, what, thirty-something dollars-? Compared to $40 USD USD now- not bad."

And you only got 8 figures back then vs. 10 now.

Also the new sculpts are just better in terms of detail. I was just fixing up my Delaque figures after the movers damaged them. They are not anywhere near as well done in terms of proportion, execution of detail and certainly not in conversion potential.

The H Man29 Nov 2017 4:26 a.m. PST

Though remember you are comparing plastic to metal. Melt them down and see. The metal would win hands down.

Otherwise they are each good and bad in their own ways. I can't see a definitive answer to it.

With expansions. I don't think outlanders or digganob came out right away. They were a good few months to a year went they?

I'm not sure sudden expansions are a blanket modern thing. I think they may not want interest to diminish with the next big thing coming out so are trying to sell us everything at once. I am not sure what they plan long term, if there is one.

I can see books cards and resins (hence forge world's involvement) being quick to produce. So selling it all at once they can quickly make more. Plastics they probably produce more than required most of the time anyway so it's not a big issue. But if it flopped they would loose a little on a lot. Not sure where thats going, but there you go.

hmm. . Something wrong there considering i have been bothered by them splitting up stuff. . Now them selling it all at once. Just proves how pointless splitting it up was I guess, if you can still get in in a few months. Though paying more, of course.

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP29 Nov 2017 3:48 p.m. PST

I've always wondered if Dreadfleet would have done better if it had actually done fleets instead of pirates.

I had zero interest in Dreadfleet. If they had properly rebooted Man o War, I would have been all over that game.

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP29 Nov 2017 3:56 p.m. PST

GW of "old" had a spring release that was usually a sideline game or product, and their fall release that every two years alternated between WFB and 40K.

So every four years, the edition of WFB and 40K changed. That gave them 4 ywears to release all the army/codex books for the current edition, and that was tough for them, as they were hard pressed to get 3 done per year.

This marketing gave them two "events" during the year to focus on a new game. Sideline games then usually had a year of some support. I think Outlanded came out 1 year after Necromunda, and between those dates, the metal gangs came out, and the hired hands, etc. Then Outlander, and that led to another year of stuff coming out on a regular basis.

Having White Dwarf as the subscriber catalog was brilliant. Always had a new product to paint and play with and battle report on and/or convert.

With a minimum of 4 more gangs to release, along with a Gang War volume to support them, and their card decks, plus whatever they want Forge World to offer up, I see Necromunda being in the spotlight for at least a year.

I am hoping they have more beyond those first six gangs, so they can keep the spotlight on for a couple of years. If sales are there, who knows, this could last even longer.

Twoball Cane29 Nov 2017 5:36 p.m. PST

I like these Orlocks the best so far. I played spyers..those power suits once you spent points on the armor they were tough to kill. Necromunda was my favorite game by Gw. Pleased as punch it has a new life.

The Beast Rampant29 Nov 2017 6:03 p.m. PST

I had zero interest in Dreadfleet. If they had properly rebooted Man o War, I would have been all over that game.

For me, Dreadfleet was like saying, "are you really hungry? Well, you'll be happy to know I prepared you a nice meal, which I then threw at the dog."

I think they could do for a good dozen gangs. I hope GW determines this to be sufficiently profitable. I am always concerned that being publicly traded forces them to have unrealistic expectations of the the wargaming market, and prematurely kick thing to the curb once they've decided they're played out.

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP29 Nov 2017 8:11 p.m. PST

Necromunda was also my favorite game by GW. And I am extremely happy it has come back with the changes they have made.

My only complaint about the original was the IGOUGO nature of it. At the time, that was how most games played. But over time, I was exposed to numerous other skirmish games (for example The Rules With No Name for westerns) and having the action go back and forth or be random in some way (like turning over cards) just seems so much more chaotic and skirmish-like, no plotting out your entire gang for a turn, like chess.

I have hoped for nearly 20 years it would come back, with the turn sequence changed to alternating in some fashion. This is a great Christmas present for me, from GW, and they didn't even know this is exactly what I wanted.

The H Man29 Nov 2017 8:28 p.m. PST

Yes they did…

Or rather they thought a lot of people may like it.

Thanks Seattle gamer for the historical info.

Could someone please explain what the tactics cards are used for?

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP30 Nov 2017 9:44 a.m. PST

Tactic Cards … Hopefully someone with their set in front of them can give a few examples.

What I remember from reading the rules last night, most scenarios allow each gang to have 2. If I remember the scenarios correctly, the "attacker" gets to pick their two, and the defender shuffles their deck, and selects 2 at random.

In addition, as a way to balance gangs (in campaigns) where one has grown more powerful than another, for every 100 credit difference, the gang with less gets another card.

I barely skimmed the cards themselves, but the one I remember from the battle report in White Dwarf is a card you play when somebody tries to open a door. The card has the door rigged, and so it explodes, and the ganger who was trying to open the door is now rolling to see if they are injured. In the battle report, the explosion took the ganger immediately out of action. So it was a very useful card.

The core game gives you 4 Escher and 4 Goliath specific cards, and 2 copies each of 10 generic cards (which any gang can use).

The booster expansions give you 8 Escher (or Goliath) specific cards, and 12 unique generics. There are also 6 "blank" ganger cards for designing your own gangers but these have no bearing on tactics.

So far, that means the totals are 12 Escher, 12 Goliath and 34 Generic tactic cards.

I will be reading them all tonight, so if nobody posts more on this later, I shall do so.

The H Man30 Nov 2017 3:39 p.m. PST

Thank you.

As far as cards I would have preferred a die roll on a chart. I feel cards are easily lost or damaged (will these fit in sleeves?). I guess they do it to help stop people giving away copies of the rules, but the cards can be copied so that's a bit pointless. Also if the cards can be bought separately anyway. Oh right, there's the reason.

I liked when fantasy went with the mordheim magic rules as opposed to a big box of cards. Less to buy and lose. (Though I know the cards have their fans)

SeattleGamer Supporting Member of TMP30 Nov 2017 5:49 p.m. PST

I am a fan of cards in games. I was a bit saddened when WFB dropped their winds of magic cards, and equipment cards. Having a card in front of you reminds you of the things that you have (army rosters tend to bury those things and then you forget you had it).

Blood bowl used to have cards, then they opted for a table. Not sure if the newest rendition of the game has gone back to cards, but hope so.

Okay, as for tactics cards, here are a few examples:

Counter-Charge: (used when one of your fighters is charged, allows you to pick someone to counter-charger the enemy charger)
Gas Trap: (used during a game, allows a gang member to place a trap)
Scrag: (used at the start after setup, causes enemy fighters to make nerve tests at 9" instead of 3")
Stealthy Advance: (used at the start, after setup, up to half the fightres in your gang can make a free standard move)

Brutal Charge: (played when one of your fighters charges, their movement and attacks increase, and all their attacks gain the Knockback skill)
Inhuman Resiliance: (play this card instead of activating a figure, Each of your pinned figures immediately stands up, then they can make a recovery roll, with Out Of Action results becoming Serious Injuries instead)
Stimm Surge: (play when activating a figure, the figure being activated has several stat increases this turn. During the end phase roll, and the card may cause an injury, be removed, or stick around)
Unstoppable Behemoth:(play when an attack is made against one of your fighters, but before any injury roll is made, the attack has no further effect, with no injury roll made)

So the Escher cards seem to make that gang a bit more tricksy, and the Goliath cards seem to make them a bit hardier.

There are 10 generic Tactics Cards, and I won't list them in as much detail, but a quick synopsis of a few:

Last Gasp … one of your fighters just taken out of action gets to make a free attack (melee or ranged) before they leave. And if they have a grenade, center the grenade on them and it will not scatter!

Rigged Door … play on a fighter standing next to a door. Close the door, and this forces the fighter to avoid the slamming door, or be slammed and make an injury roll.

Hidden Passage … play as you are activating a fighter. Place an unused ductway marker anywhere on the board (sounds like this createsd a secret passage that one of your fighters can then immediately use to surprise someone)

Those are three of the 10 examples.

The booster boxes add 8 gang specific cards, 12 generic cards, and 6 blank cards. And the generic cards are not the same in the Escher and Goliath boxes.

So even if you don't play Escher or Goliath, you might want to increase your choices from the 10 that come in the core game box, up to 34 by adding both boosters.

The H Man02 Dec 2017 10:32 a.m. PST

To me cards are more boardgamey. Miniature game and rpg rules should exist in a book to feel right to me. That said i can see the appeal of cards as a different tactile approach to rules.

I'm a bit the same with dice. D6s in mini games feels more correct. Other types and funny faced dice seem wrong in mini games.

This is all because of the history of mini games and how I feel they should be rules able to be played from a book with out fancy other things needed except minis and regular dice/ruler.

Modern mini games, particularly Sci Fi and fantasy, are out to make money. Thus the conflict. But as these tend to be more flash in the pan it's not worth me getting too upset over.

The Beast Rampant02 Dec 2017 2:42 p.m. PST

If you don't like the cards, don't use them. I felt a bit like you on the matter, but I do feel they add bring a bit of the unexpected to the game, along with adding to the narrative. Without a GM'ed game, you aren't getting that with the likes of 1.0.

There's only one "new" die in 2.0. It replaces the "downed" result chart from the original. Not that anyone I ever saw had to refer to the cart after the first game. With rolling multiple die for multiple wounds, the results, it adds more complexity, as well as speed up the game a bit.

It follows the trend of ditching charts, such as in 40K 8th's of replacing "stats" (requiring x/y charts) with outright target numbers. The way that the target number system is done also helps to give the d6 more of a spread. We ultimately ditched using d6's for Old Necromunda because of that (swapping it for a d10 worked great, with little adjustments otherwise).

Other than that, you have the ammo roll icon doing double duty on the rapid fire die- OMO, brilliant. There was nothing more a buzzkil than rolling a six to hit, and thusly running out of ammo. Speaking of 'buzzkill', they ditched that damned "jam" icon.

Sorry - only verified members can post on the forums.