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"Inside view of Myanmar’s Rohingya insurgency" Topic

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Tango01 Supporting Member of TMP31 Oct 2017 10:38 p.m. PST

"Four months ago, while walking to his house from the mosque in his village in Maungdaw in Myanmar's Rakhine state, Rasheed Ali was approached by a mullah from the local madrassa, the same man who taught him to recite the Koran as a child, with an offer he literally couldn't refuse.

The mullah, or Islamic teacher, implored him to join the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), an insurgent group originally known as the Harakah Al-Yakin, or "Faith Movement", that came to public light last October 9 in a series of coordinated lethal attacks against Myanmar's Border Guard Police (BGP)…"
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Sobieski Inactive Member01 Nov 2017 1:46 a.m. PST

There isn't a dam' insurgency – there are people trying to protect themselves and their families against ethnic cleansing.
It is bad enough having Tango clutter up the boards with stale revelations that Prussia beat Austria at Leuthen, but does he have to lend support to genocide?

pzivh43 Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2017 6:21 a.m. PST

He's linking to an article in Asia Times, not professing an opinion on the situation in Myanmar. Get off his back! Stifle or Ignore him if you have an issue with his posts.

VCarter Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2017 7:47 a.m. PST

Yes, that's the ticket. A bunch of belligerent Buddhists attacking a bunch of peace loving Muslims.

pzivh43 Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2017 9:15 a.m. PST

You gotta watch those Buddhists---they keep coming back!!

Private Matter01 Nov 2017 10:38 a.m. PST

VCarter: Was that sarcasm? If so, you do know that the military in Myanmar is mostly composed of followers of the Buddhist faith and they were pretty cruel to their own people. Their history of violence is very well documented. Don't make the very often repeated mistake of judging a religion by the actions of a few. Does the Westboro Baptist church reflect what most Christians believe their faith to be? It doesn't mine. Think about it.

pzivh43 – that was a funny comment.

VCarter Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2017 4:47 p.m. PST

If only Islamic terrorist made up the same percentage as the outcasts at Westboro does for Christians, it would be a far better world.

Personal logo Cacique Caribe Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2017 7:15 p.m. PST

Yep. I don't see the Westboro crazies blowing up huge groups of civilians every week or driving over gatherings of tourists every few weeks like we see with these other fanatics. Plus I don't see many Christians actively defending them as we see these other guys get defended or justified by their brethren.

The guys in Mali were going floor to floor specifically asking people to recite Muslim religious texts from memory before deciding if to shoot them or not. The same thing happened a few months later in East Africa.

That barbaric behavior might have been the common thing on both sides during the Middle Ages and the following centuries, but these sadistic scumbags want to bring it back now in the 21st Century and then spread it everywhere else.


Private Matter01 Nov 2017 7:21 p.m. PST

Sad and disappointing gentlemen.

Personal logo Cacique Caribe Supporting Member of TMP01 Nov 2017 7:27 p.m. PST

Private Matter

Let's be clear about one thing. I'm NOT talking about the religions. I'm talking about the violent fanatics in them, who take scripture as a license to do mass killings of civilians, and I'm also talking about their enablers.

I hope you aren't upset with us because they continue to make themselves the subject of our discussions, week after week. The anger should be directed at those who conduct the violence, not those who are tired of it. And there are millions of forward-thinking Muslims who are also tired of the violence the fanatics are carrying out in their own countries.


Sobieski Inactive Member02 Nov 2017 2:58 a.m. PST

Damn all religion. I'm opposed to murdering people.

Lion in the Stars02 Nov 2017 6:06 p.m. PST

Seems ironic (if not surprising) to most of us that "Militant Buddhist" is not an oxymoron.


But there are jackholes in all religions. Even in the non-religion (which often ends up as worship of State and/or of Science).

Nevermind the antireligion jackholes.

But for the love of all that is holy, we had a 30-year-long war covering most of Europe over the "right to disagree on our religion without killing each other"!

Was one massive war over the idea not enough?!?

capt jimmi Supporting Member of TMP11 Nov 2017 6:59 a.m. PST

"Militant Buddhist" an oxymoron .. yes I like that , but before you go tearing down and stomping religious traditions , consider the saying " Standing in a church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in your garage makes you a car " .

This is a poorly balanced (filtered) article and discussion , but very typical of how this conflict is being presented.

This problem has been festering since at least 1948 and has been exacerbated by the flood of Bangladeshi refugees (economic and more recently religious/political) to Myanmar and the rest of SE Asia for at least the last ten to fifteen years. The government and majority of Myanmar call themselves 'Mons' … descendants of warriors who fought the Bengalis, Muslims, Thais, Mongols, Chinese, Khmers, British and Japanese to maintain their independence. They are fiercely independent.

The Mons would argue the term Rohingya is a political term rather than an ethnic term, and this has been adopted (hijacked) by the once Muslim minority of Rakhine state that arrived as Muslim traders. These Muslims were also the people that colluded with the British empire to control the Buddhist Mons when the Brits wanted colonial administrators. The Muslim minorities have largely never integrated into Burmese/ Myanmar society other than being administrators for the Brits (there are at least another seven ethnic groups) , and the Muslims have a particular habit of knocking the noses / faces off Buddha statues in accordance to Muslim beliefs. None of this history has ingratiated the Muslims to the Mons .
Nonetheless the Mons believe they have accepted more than their fair share of Bangladeshi refugees over time , many of them now living in Myanmar for more than one generation. (but not eligible for citizenship)…and more are still comingin increasing numbers. Mons are now the minority in Rakhine state.
This current wave of unrest started with the targeted pack-rape of a Mon politician's daughter by militant Muslims (no oxymoron there) … that's what's got the local Mons so angry . The Myanmar (Mon) government are completely hard-asses , no BS or PC here . They will intimidate / beat or kill 'their own' (incl unarmed Buddhist Monks) so they won't flinch at going after "outsiders". The Myanmar government has at least five other active insurgencies other than the "Rohingya" problem so don't have time for BS. Recently the wave of Islamist militancy has also arrived on the scene, from Saudi Arabia no less ..

and … the majority of reporting on this has come via Muslim-associated press (al Jazeera et al ) whereas the Myanmar government has made itself a bit of a pariah with western press so is an easy target for western journalists who want to write this sort of "snapshot" journalism without really digging much further .. next week this journalist will be an expert on something else.

? why is Bangladesh such an economic and social basket case ? ,
? why is Bangladesh becoming a pivot-point for Islamist polarisation in the 'east' ?
? why is everyone wanting to leave Bangladesh ?

.. ask these questions and you are getting closer to the answers for Myanmar's longstanding 'Rohingya' problems.

USAFpilot11 Nov 2017 9:03 a.m. PST

+1 VCarter and Cacique Caribe

There exist bad apples in any group, in any religion. But for some reason there is one particular religion which seems to have more than its fair share of fanatics right now, but due to political correctness I can't name which religion that is.

USAFpilot11 Nov 2017 10:13 a.m. PST

And by the way, I say "political correctness" with all the contempt that phrase deserves. "Political correctness" is anathema to freedom.

Caedite Eos Inactive Member12 Nov 2017 5:15 a.m. PST

Do you mean Moslems?

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