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Mars Miniatures26 Oct 2017 10:13 a.m. PST

Taken from full post here: link

Thorin And Citadel's Norse Dwarves

Buddies, here's another post showing off my new Cigar Box plush mats.
This time its one of the European Field ones, of which there are 4 different ones in the series.
They give off a distinct fantasy world vibe, to me at least.
Not exactly the same as old Bakshi Lord of the Rings 80s movie, but somewhere along those lines.
Which is a great fit for this Oldhammer Middle Earth Imagi-Nations Campaign!

Now on to the latest fluff!

When last we left, the Shire defenders reached Moria.
But they arent the only ones heading to Khazad-Dum.
Several days journey north of Moria, another force of Dwarves are marching towards the call of battle…

Thorin Oakenshield has awoken from his slumber beneath the Lonely Mountain!
The Runesmiths of Erebor with guidance from their Adeptus Mechanicus allies have combined archeotechnology with Runesmith-ery to keep Thorin Oakenshield alive from his much publicized (false news!) death during the Battle of the Five Armies.
For more info on this and Thorin's true lineage, see this previous post: link

So the truth has come out at last – The Arkenstone is a stasis healing device that can create a medically induced healing coma, which is good for Primarchs and Sons of Durin alike who need recovery from ouchies received in battle.
Apparently its quite useful for a galaxy spanning grimdark Empire Imperium full of grim and dark war, and an "only war" future that is dark, war grim… grim… did I mention the dark?
Back to the present… (or is it the past? Im so confused!)

But Thorin and his Runesmith posse are not the only Stunties looking for a fight!
Queen Helgar of the Norse Dwarves have come to escort Thorin to Moria.
Some say she might have the hots for the bearer of the Oakenshield, if ya know what I mean…
Thats right, she must be after Thorin's family recipe for "The King's Spicy Rhinoxen Hasenpfeffer in Athelas Leaf Stew" (Oh, what did you think I meant?)
That recipe's name has references to Warhammer, Lord of the Rings… and Bugs Bunny too!


Reinforcements from Erebor the Lonely Mountain, and also from the Dwarven Holds in Norsca.


Here is the Argonath Du Nord.
This smaller version of the Argonath is just north of Moria on a small stream feeding into the Anduin river.
While the Big Argonath, south of Lothlorien, are massive statues of the 2 Kings Isildur and Anarion, this one is just one king from the northern kingdom.
No one remembers which king's or chieftain's likeness it is.
Either Arvedui, Araval, or maybe even Arveleg.
Its some distant ancestor of Aragorn's, at any rate.


Here are the Dwarven infantry.
In the center is Thorin himself.

Thorin II Oakenshield, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King under the Mountain.

Im sure everyone is anxious to see if his views on Elves and Humies have changed any…
At least Halflings are on his good side, thanks to that Hobbit thief extraordinaire Bilbo Baggins.

Never trust an elf.
Be wary of humies too!
They are just short lived, round eared Elves after all.


Thorin in the center and Queen Helgar on the right.

Thorin is a proper 80s Oldhammer metal mini.
His code is ME-82 The Hobbit Personalities, Thorin Oakenshield

Queen Helgar comes from 5th Edition and the Grudge of Drong campaign.
She is a hefty and stout Dwarf Lady!


More Norse Dwarves. And a female Dwarf warrior.
These Norse Dwarves are vintage Oldhammer and are coded as C06 Northern Dwarves.


Here we have an Anvil of Doom!

Riding upon the Anvil is Runelord Vulkanor of Erebor.
Vulkanor is the senior Runesmith in Erebor who supervised the powering of the Arkenstone.
He has served Thorin Oakenshield well and has been honored with riding the Anvil of Doom wherever Thorin goes.
He learned from the greatest Runesmith of the era – Kragg The Grim, who is currently serving High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer in Moria.
Vulkanor hopes to impress his teacher with tales of the Arkenstone and also to show off his new fancy free-wheeling Anvil of Doom!


For the rest of the post: link

Huscarle26 Oct 2017 11:34 a.m. PST

Excellent stuff, really like the Oldhammer dwarves. I have that Thorin figure, although sadly mine doesn't have such a bunch of stalwarts beside him thumbs up

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