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Action Log

06 Oct 2017 9:21 a.m. PST
by Editor in Chief Bill

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Ottoathome Inactive Member06 Oct 2017 7:58 a.m. PST

I finally got around to compiling an Index of Saxe N'Violets. My newsletter for Humor in Gaming and on Imagi-Nations.

Saxe N' violets articles list.

March 2006 Vol 1 #1
"Editorial. "I won't buy the lie"
"Ken Hall "Union Real De Scandalusia" Ken Hall's real life Imagi-Nation.
"Book Review of Dianna Wynne Jones "The Tough Love Guide to Fantasy Land.
"Paint your figures by running them through the computer—almost."
"Daisy Dupes."

June 2006 Vol 1 # 2
"The Electorate of Ober-Bindlestiff Part One."
"College Daze"
"Plan for Carrying Tray for Miniatures."
"The Mad Scientist is back."
"The Duchy of Uppfergrabbs."

September 2006 Vol 1 #3
"the Electorate of Ober-Bindlestiff Part Two"
"Some of the Wurst Humor Ever."
"Really neat words: Things to use in your Imagi-Nation."
"Book Review of Adrian Faucher's the small courts of Germany in the 18th century."

December 2006 Vol 1 #4
"The Society of Daisy Award"
"Turkey in the Straw, Polly on the Stool- goings on at an Imagi-Nation Court."
"The characters in our little soap opera called Magnolia's Mint Juleps n' Grits: Imagi-Nations in the Civil war.
"The Grand Duchy of Laagerbeg."
"Pulping the Right Fantastic: part 1: A review of Howard Whitehouse's Astounding Tales.
"Pulping the Right Fantastic, part 2: A review of Rich Johnson's 45 caliber adventures.

March 2007 Vol 2 #1
"Panzer Armie Argentina"
"Thoroughly Modern Daisy." Modern Imagi-Natons.
"The Levitzer Rabbinate: Don't worry folks, we offend everyone."
"Book Review: A review of Richard Hogue's "The Great Dreadnought: HMS Agincourt" a flagship fit for any Imagi-Nation.

June 2007 Vol 2 #2
"The Emperor gets the Schaff form the Graff, The continuing tale of the strange tale of the Duchy of Laagerdorf by Allen Mordica.
"The picturesque towns and cities of the Elecorate of "Ober Bindlestif.:"
"Bulletin from the Levitzer Rabbinate."
"Bandrika, theme park nation."
"the Bandrikan R&D department."

September 2007 Vol 2 #3
"Announcing Games at Fall in 2007
"the War of the Midgets: Ed Youngstrom – A mini-mini Imagi-Nation Campaign.

December 2007 Vol 2 #4
Editorial, a tale of two membership.
"The Independence of La Republic Bananos."
"How I ended up in Daisy."
"Book review of "Eleanor Herman's two books Sex with Kings, and Sex with the "Queen."

March 2008 Vol 3 #1
"Our secret Society goes Public : The Daisy games at Cold Wars 2008"
"The Ramlech Review of -4222 The short lived history of TriaDCon.
"The Right off the Table Modeling and Painting contests.:

June 2008 Vol 3 #2
"How the Right off the table Modeling and Painting contests fared at Historicon.
" From Lacrimosa to Meringue."
"What's the Lord of the Rings Game Like, by Steven Gilbert"
"Naval War Game Rules "

September 2008 Vol 3 #3
"A Convention Travels on its…"
"the Right off the Table Contest at Fall-In 2007
"A review of the Heroscape system by Steven Gilbert."
Book Review"Hey! Is there anyone from Kerzieminski here??" A review of John Biggins, Tomorrow the World.

December 2008 Vol 3 #4
"The off the table Modeling and Painting Contests, Fall in 2008.
‘Tactics II Game Expansion kit."
"The Presipality of Monte Christo by Jean Louis Fiasson. "
Book Review . "Difficult Book, Difficult Man, a review of Evan Thomas's "John Paul Jones.

March 2009 Vol 4 #1

"Old Dead Games Come Alive again: Game Expansion game to Avalon's Hills' Wilderness Survival making it a full ancient Campaign game."
"The B'hoys of New Rock: Gunfighter battles, the psycopaths are running the psychopaths."
"The Battle of Bulldungrun."

June 2009 Vol 4 #2
"The House the War Gamer Built. Building your war game dream."
"Old Dead Games Come Alive Again: Game Expansion game to Avalon Hills "Wizzards Quest." New counters, new units new game.

September 2009 Vol 4 #3
"Historicon 2009,A Bittersweet Success."
"SCHLITZKRIEG: Kings and things and buttons and bateaux Converting Avalon Hill Blitzikrieg into an 18th Century Campaign game."

December 2009 :Vol 4 #4
"Space Babes: A complete new multi player sci-fi campaign game."
"He's dead Jim: A Politically incorrect compendium of Space Imagi-Nation Empires."

March 2010 Vol 5 #1
"KriegSchlogg: Another Old Dead Game Comes to Life ; Avalon Hill's "Kriegspiel has new life breathed into it by humor and additional components."

June 2010 Vol 5 #2
"The Weaslies are Washed up, Put through the Ringer and hung out to Dry: a Harry Potter game."

"Kinda Kool about Cold Wars."
"Schedule and games at the Weekend Convention.

September 2010 Vol 5 #3
:"The Weekend 2011 data and preview.

December 2010 Vol 5 #4
"Lace Babes: An 18th Century complete campaign.

March 2011, Vol 6 #1
"Kick off of the International War Game :
"Synopsis of the rules."
"A comparative Book Review of Joe Moreschauser's "How to Play War Games in Miniature" and Don Featherstone's "War Games."

June 2011 Vol 6 #2
Amazon Got Con: Pre reg material for the Weekend 2011.
"Sax Burlapian Sex Palace to Arise near Schlagzahne."
" Zelotypia Declares War on Panacea."
"Fandango – Vicuna Canal meets setback."
"Lord Greystoke's Safari World and Bhwanna Battalion."

September 2011 Vol 6 #3
"Magic in the 18th Century: Depends…"
"Even the Orcs must be beautiful."
"IWG Update"
"The Top 100 things I'd do if I was the Evil Overlord."
"A Brief History of the Trolls."
"Magic in the 18th Century."

December 2011 Vol 6 *4

"Fiddlin' around – Gamus Interruptus. New ideas for games."
"A brief History of the Trolls continued."
"The Archonate of Mallomar. A satire of Divine Right's state of Mivior.
"Schloss Sturmunddrang. An Imagi-Nation Tale."
"There is a divinity that doeth hedge a King—and a humanity as well."

March 2012 Vol 7 #1
"The Heraldry of the Princessipate of Saxe Burlap und Schleswig Beerstein."
"Elfland, the Place that thinks it's too good for the Likes of YOU!" A satire on one of the countries of TSR's Divine Right.
"The conclusion of Ten Broek's Letter on the history of the trolls.:

June 2012 Vol 7 # 2
"When Wars Were Worth it : Preview material for "The Weekend" 2012.
"Is it Worth the Risk? The game risk as a design bed for Imagi-Nations."
"Logos that never made it to the Con." Designs for Convention Logos that were never used .
"Be it every so tacky there's no place like Homior" A satire on Divine Right's Kingdom of Hothior.
"The Anti King- A different kind of Sovereign."

September 2012 Vol 7 #3
"The Daisy Survey."
"Yo-Ho- Ho! Little rules for big ships in the 18th century. Not a pirate game.
"The Gated communities of the Trolls. Another satire of a nation from TSR's divine right."

December 2012 Vol 7 #4
"The Management System of the Whole Damn World! Satire of the Eaters of Wisdom from TSR's Divine right game. The invisible school of Managemummery. Divided into four houses, House, Grubbydoor, House Huffenpuff, house Raven Craven and House Sniveling you get the picture."
"How I handled Fog of War by Erich Turner"
"Small Stories and the Game by Jerry Lannigan."
"Why there were no small wars in the 18th Century."
Other small articles.

March 2013 Vol 8 #1
"The Seetha's : Finding the base idea behind an Imagi-Nation."
"The Importance of being earnest—and Human. By Jerry Lannigan
"Mapping the Imagination Part 1."
"The Punderful Punderful names of Imagi Nations."
"A Plan, a Plan!!! My Kingdom for a Plan!: After the Seethas."
"Union Real De Scandalusia."

June 2013 Vol 8 #2
"Economics in Imagi-Nations: Don't do it!"
"A short biography of Frederick William I: Imagi – Nation Gamer in real life."

"mapping the Imagi-Nation part 2. Pieland and Airgland.
"A disquisition on Economics in War Games."
"Economic System #2 a bit more involved."

September 2013 vol 8 #3
"Mapping the Imagi-Nation: a Bit more involved."
"What went ye into the Wilderness to see??: What are you looking for in an Imagi-Nation."
"Fleshing out your Imagi-Nation."
"The Levitzer Rabbinate, by Hal Lotman- An update"
"Economic system #3 for Imagi-Nations."
Other small articles on Imagi-nation states."

December 2013 Vol 8 #4
Planning a complete Imagination a Tale of Two Turkeys."
A comparative article by Otto Schmidt and Jerry Lannigan on forming an Imagi-Nation on the idea of Turkey in the 18th Century.
Army by Osprey- Jerry Lannigan.
Figures by Suren, Army by Mozart- Otto Schmidt."
"Mapping the Imagi-Nation- More Abstract Methods."
"Economics in War Games, Part II."
Other small articles. On the Imagi-nations."

"SEX in the Imagi-nation. Including how to build a mistress for your Imagination."

March 2015: Vol 9 #1
"Building your Imagi-nation Vocabulary"
"Managing Characters in the Imagi-Nation."
"Mapping the Imagi-Nations, Part 5"
"Herr Otto Flick- by Trevor Wheble" An Imagi-Nation subordinate character."
"Mars and Venus, Mars or Venus" Female characters in Imagi-nations.
"The Black Hand: Another satiric look at a country from TSR's divine right.

June 2015 Vol 9 #2
"A Military System for the Imagi-Nation."
"Mapping the Imagi-Nation without maps."
"More vocabulary for the Imagi-Nation."
"Eric von Smallhausen and Others- Minor Imagination Characters by Trevor Wheble."

September 2015 Vol 9 #3
"Using Other Games for an Imagi-Nation Set up."
"Battle of Hochswasser by Bruce Bretthauer"
"Things to avoid in Imagi-nations."
"Sismundo Malatesticle- by Michael Lonie, an imagi-Nation minor character."

December 2014 Volu
"Another Military System for Imagi-Nations."
"Fahrvergnuggen: A Modern Imagination."
"The Imaginaton on Holiday: Don't forget to give people time off!"
" A third military system, fractional reductions."

January 2015 BONUS ISSUE-
"Violence in Imagi-Nations."
"The two manifestations of violence."
"A dialogue on the Monstrous."

March 2015 Vol 10 #1
"Update on Scandalusia, how it has changed in a decade."
"The Battle of Achnu: An ancients Imagi-Nation and Campaign by Michael Lonie, part one.."
"Science fiction and the Musket Era, by Carl West."
"The tortuous trap. Commander Personalities."

June 2015 Vol 10 #2
"The Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Gorgonzola: Don't leave home without your genealogy."
"The Army and navy of the Grand Duke."
"Bruce's Bundle of Bad Tactics: by Bruce Bretthauer."
"The Achnau War, Part 2."

September 2015 Vol 10 #3
"Easy and Simple Mythical World. A complete campaign tracking system."
"The adventures of Bobo Crumscrub in the French and Indian war by Carl West."
"Chiaroscuro: The Snobs Role Playing system in the Renaissance."
"Are War games Art?"
"There but for Grace: Goings on down at the Train and Game."

December a 2015 Vol 10 #4
"Choice Campaigns- yet another idea on how to run campaigns.

"Easy and Simple Mythical World. A complete campaign tracking system."
"The adventures of Bobo Crumscrub in the French and Indian war by Carl West."
"Chiaroscuro: The Snobs Role Playing system in the Renaissance."
"Are War games Art?"
"There but for Grace: Goings on down at the Train and Game."

December a 2015 Vol 10 #4
"Choice Campaigns- yet another idea on how to run campaigns.
"To Fourdoor where the Sunny Days lay." An article on Imagi-Nations and the joy of thumbing your nose at the Osprey Nazi's."
Book Review: The Dream King: by Wilfred Blunt. The life of Ludwig of Bavaria- A sovereign who actually got to live in his own Imagi-Nation.
Book Review: Danubia by Stephen Windner: The personal history of Hapsburg Europe- the very land where Imaginations existed"
"Down at the Train and Game: The further adventures at your favorite game store.
"Immer: The land of Strength through joy (provided your papers are in order)" Another satirical look at a country from TSR's Divine Right.

March 2016: Vol 11 #1
"Comparative article between two founders of gaming, A review of Joe Moreschauser's "How to Play War Games in Miniature and Don Featherstone's War Games."
"Comparative review between Don Featherstone's "Solo War gaming" and Henry Harris "Collecting Model Soldiers."
"Joe Saur reviews Peter Young's "Charge or how to play War Games in Miniature".
"A review of "Little Wars" and "Floor Games" by H.G. Wells, the foundations of war gaming."
"Sea Battle Games by P. Dunn"
"Naval War Games by Don Featherstone."
"Naval War games of WWI and WWII by Barry J. Carter."
"The War Game by Charles Grant."
"Shambattle: How to Play with Toy Soldiers- by Lt. Harry G. Dowdall and Joseph H. Gleason."
"Miniature War games Du Temps De Napoleon." By John C. Candler."

June 2016 Vol 11 #2
"The 443rd (and counting) Republic of Flounce: The imagination of France in 1939)
"France 1940, The Sum of all their fears."
"The adventures of Bobo Crumscrub in the French and Indian Wars, Part 2"

September 2016 Vol 11 #3
"Narrative Campaigns, The Best Bang for the Buck."
"The Defense of the Mighty Mortadella, and Ogabas battle analysis."
"The further adventures of Bobo Crumscrub in the French and Indian Wars by Carl West."
"Further adventures down at the Train and Game, the Samtorage was in."

December 2016 Vol 11 #4
"The Battle of Stollen: A Battle Report as documentary History"
"A campaign Methodology Concept: Another complete campaign system."
"LPS The silent menace to War Gamers."
"Christmas down at the Train and Game."

March 2017 Vol 12 #1
"Charge or How to play War Games by Peter Young. A different take"
"Playing at the World, a history of simulating wars, people and fantastic adventures from chess to Role Playing games, John Peterson.
"War games through the Ages Vol 1 to 4, Donald Featherstone"
"The First Century Ad. Gods, Emperors and Everyman by William A. Klingeman"
"Collecting Model Soldiers by John G. Garrett."
"Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations by R.C. Bell."
"Games Ancient and Oriental and How to play them." By Edward Faulkner."
"Charles S. Grant's The War game Compendium."
"The Jewish War by Flavius Josephus."
"A Soldiers Story by Omar N. Bradley."
"War Games: A History of War on Paper. By Phillip von Hilgers."
"Book Review Essay: When a game is not a game, a review of Paddy Griffith's "Sprawling War Games."
"Napoleonic War gaming for Fun by Paddy Griffith."
"Click, Click, Clickety Click Down at the train and game."

June 2017 Vol 12 #2
"The Narrative Campaign Method, update,"
" The 18th Century Imagi-Nations Campaign, 2016."
"The War of the Bazoomian Succession, the analytical report."
"The War of the Bazoomian Succession, the Purple Prose Report."
"A Break form the Train and Game."

September 2017 Vol 12 #3
"The Battle of Picknikov. The Analytical Battle Report."
"The King's Picnic. The Purple Prose report."

"Campaigns, the Real and the Ideal."

December 2017 Vol 12 #4
"The Vela Campaign. By William Butler: An archival essay on a successful campaign."
"The Battle of Fleu De Coup: From Documentary Evidence"
"The Battle of Fleu De Coup, Analytical Battle Report."
"Don the Glom Down at the Train and Game."

Ottoathome Inactive Member06 Oct 2017 7:59 a.m. PST


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