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"Is There An Official Name For The Thread-Merging Bug?" Topic

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Comments or corrections?

Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 2:08 a.m. PST

If not I suggest:

* Transporter Malfunction Bug (TMB)
* Accidental Teleporter Fusion (ATF)
* Brundle-Fly "Bug" (BFB)

Any OTHER suggestions for the topic-merging problem we have been experiencing so much these last few months? Or has it been longer? I didn't get hit until a couple of months ago.

We might as well name it. Simply calling it "the bug" doesn't really paint an exact picture of what this specific one is doing:

The topic title looks like one thing when it's on the main page, and like another title altogether when looked at on on one of the boards. And when you click on the topic it looks like two people's OPs got fused, and even blends together their cross-posting selections.




XRaysVision Inactive Member25 Sep 2017 2:30 a.m. PST

Yes, there is a name…but it's filtered out…

Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 2:37 a.m. PST

I was thinking of suggesting the "Pig Lizard Bug" (PLB) as a potential name, but the Galaxy Quest pig lizard wasn't combined with anything else when it was transported.

It simply arrived inside out … and then it exploded.

YouTube link

That hasn't happened with our threads … yet.





OldGrenadier at work25 Sep 2017 3:03 a.m. PST

I suggest 'Bob'.

Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 3:15 a.m. PST

OldGrenadier: "I suggest 'Bob'."

Lol. I don't think that "Bill is working on Bob" sounds right. But, what the heck, were just throwing out suggestions, right?


skippy0001 Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 3:44 a.m. PST


RittervonBek25 Sep 2017 3:59 a.m. PST


Hafen von Schlockenberg25 Sep 2017 4:00 a.m. PST


Personal logo Saber6 Supporting Member of TMP Fezian25 Sep 2017 5:10 a.m. PST

That which will not be Named!

Personal logo 20thmaine Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 5:21 a.m. PST

I believe it is known as "Buggy McBugface".

All else is fake news.

Personal logo miniMo Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 5:21 a.m. PST

Rico's Bane.

Neal Smith25 Sep 2017 6:48 a.m. PST

Buggy McBugFace would be my choice also…

Personal logo Zeelow Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 7:38 a.m. PST

The "Weaver."

Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 7:45 a.m. PST

This next little bug should be a lot easier to name:

TMP link

I suggest the Stutter Bug or the Echo Bug for that minor one.


Personal logo War Artisan Sponsoring Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 8:49 a.m. PST

Naming Bugs is like feeding stray cats.

You'll get attached to them, and then you'll be sad when they're gone.

Personal logo Virtualscratchbuilder Supporting Member of TMP Fezian25 Sep 2017 9:34 a.m. PST

Malta class carriers were built on incomplete King George V class battleship hulls

This is not so. The three Malta class carriers were built on the hulls of the incomplete N3 class battlecruisers.

Dagwood25 Sep 2017 10:02 a.m. PST

Is that a new bug VSB ?

MajorB25 Sep 2017 10:22 a.m. PST

I think "Thread Merging Bug" is actually quite a good name – TMB.

Personal logo Herkybird Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 11:06 a.m. PST

'The Merge-roach!'…or 'the Dread Beast of Tharg!'

14Bore25 Sep 2017 12:55 p.m. PST

The naming of bugs is a difficult matter
It isn't just one of your holiday games
You may at think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you a bug must have three different names

14Bore25 Sep 2017 2:06 p.m. PST

But if we're voting its Buggy McBugface

Bunkermeister Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 2:47 p.m. PST

Sounds like a poll suggesting and if we're voting its Buggy McBugface.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek

Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 3:18 p.m. PST

Well, seeing as how I have no clue what you guys are saying, I guess I'm gonna have to look up what the whole "Buggy McBugface" thing is about.


Henry Martini25 Sep 2017 3:39 p.m. PST

It's a union, a joining together as one of different threads with ostensibly different agendas, now united literally 'on the same page' in a spirit of electronic harmony, so obviously it can only be…

The Love Bug!

Personal logo Bashytubits Supporting Member of TMP25 Sep 2017 5:00 p.m. PST

I suggest totally merged posts, a.k.a. TMP. (cue dramatic music)


Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 5:37 p.m. PST

This other bug sounds like it limits your access to only the very latest discussions:

TMP link

So, perhaps that some should be called the Short-Term Memory (STM) Bug? Or the 50-First Dates (50FD) Bug?

PS. By the way, what happened to VSB's post above (this morning?) looks like could be called something like a Temporary Personality Transfer (TPT) Bug. :)

Cacique Caribe25 Sep 2017 5:55 p.m. PST

So currently we have the following issues on TMP, that we keep referring to collectively as just "the bug" despite their different effects:

* The thread-merging bug (the main one discussed here);
* The echo or stutter bug;
* The temporary personality transfer bug (what happened to VSB above a few hours ago, an old bug I though had been eradicated); and
* The short term memory bug (the one linked in the post immediately above this one)

Any others?


Personal logo jhancock Supporting Member of TMP02 Oct 2017 3:45 p.m. PST

WTF? Web Time Fail?

Sorry - only verified members can post on the forums.