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18CTEXAN10 Sep 2017 9:16 a.m. PST

While Lannes' V Corps was fighting at Golyim, Marechal Bernadotte's I Corps was attacking the Russians at Ciehanow to the Northwest of Golyim. Four main roads cross at Ciehanow so it is a very strategic junction.
Bernadotte's I Corps: infantry – 18 battalions, 18 cavalry sqds (288 figures). 18 gun models, total = 32, 000 men (3,200) figures
Russians: Bagration's 3rd Division: Infantry – 24 battalions, 30 cavalry sqds (380 figures), 36 gun models. total = (3,180) figures
I Corps under Bernadotte consisting of 3 division of infantry, 4 cavalry regts. and supporting artillery…20,000+ men (over 2,000 figures). In the first hour of the attack the French lost 220 men and haven't even closed with the Russians. Battle continues!
Below initial deployments of French (on right), and Russians on left.

"Glorious" French I Corps advances on Ruskie "Green Menace"!

The French covered a lot of open ground but finally closed with the Russians. French assaulted 3 Russian batteries and begun to slaughter the gun crews….payback for the terrible causalities inflicted on the French during the advance. Six French cavalry regiments attempted to assault the Russian left flank position on the hill next to the stream. This ill-advised, failed attempt cost the French 500 causalities in the assault and caused the left to have no other action for the rest of the battle. The French lost 1/5 of their cavalry strength and they refused to advance for the rest of the day!!
French infantry assault town and Russian batteries!


Below Yekaterinoslav Grenadiers advance in an attempt to recapture guns….but too late!

The battle has been joined. There are melees from the right flank stream to the end of the town on the left flank. The hand to hand combat is brutal…the French lose 2,000 men and the Russians lose about 1,800! The Russians even use closed column assaults to drive the French out of the town…..Why didn't the French use artillery to reduce the town to rubble?? Well if you have been bombarded as you advance and you can not reply….when you close the fighting becomes especially personal!
Bernadotte! You are destroying my "Beloved I Corps!" Moans Mon Emperor!
French assault town.

3 Russian batteries have been overrun and the rest of Russians start to withdraw!
Below: Russian cavalry retiring from field. Russian artillery in "rout".

"Yellow" rubber bands denote troops in rout!
The Russians still had 3 uncommitted cavalry regiments and 4 infantry regiments that had not fired a shot…. not to mention 3 batteries that had seen very little action……so why withdraw? The French had slaughtered 3 artillery batteries, had entered the town and had finally brought up their artillery. General Bagration decided that if he didn't withdraw now before sunset….he might lose his whole command in the dark. He also knew that he had given the French a severe drubbing and they would not be pursuing for several days…….withdraw and move north to rejoin the rest of the Russian Army.
NOTE! Russians are "facing away" from French while retiring from field.

Final shot below shows that the Russians are "leaving" the field. French have no "intact" cavalry to pursue!

Butcher bill: French – 500 cavalry, 3,000+ infantry (40% of which were dead), 1 General dead…. GB Pacthod

Russians – 36 guns (3 batteries) killed, lost all of the crews (including Capt. Tushin), no cavalry losses, 1,800 infantry wounded/dead- unfortunately almost all the wounded were captured by the French and bayoneted! A soldier's justice!


Gonsalvo10 Sep 2017 1:37 p.m. PST

Thanks for sharing!
What rules did you use?
Do you have an OOB and/or scenario write up?

18CTEXAN10 Sep 2017 1:56 p.m. PST

You are welcome. Figure scale is 1 figure equals 10 real men. Rules are "ACW" Rally Round the Flag" converted for Napoleonics …. allows for very big battles. Ground scale is 1 inch equals 25 yds, 1 turn equals 15 minutes. A turn is divided into 4 subsets.

We use "The Eagles Turn East" board game to generate campaign games. OOB is historical, but with some differences in Russian, because I wanted some of my "favorites" to get into the fight!

marshalGreg12 Sep 2017 7:41 a.m. PST

I like to fact these are btns in mass at 1 to 10!
These are 10mm Pendraken?
With so many good rules why an ACW version changed to NAp and how were you able to make the cavalry to the LVL bal of the period, with rules of a period were cavalry was not trained or used for shock and fought dismounted typically?



18CTEXAN12 Sep 2017 9:02 a.m. PST

Yes, the figure ratio is 1 to 10. We found that all we had to do was convert cavalry portion to include shock and have no rifled artillery or rifled muskets. The basic rules were already designed for fast play and big battles. We tried other Napoleonic rules and found them too cumbersome for having more than 6,000+ figures on the table. The figures are all ADLER 6mm. We have been playing these rules (with the modifications) for more than 30 years. And have fought many battles with more than 12,000 figures in the game. For us it is about having as many as 6 Corps on a side. Not about being "driven" by rules that are 100 pages and require a law degree….and a judge! But to each their own.

DaleWill Supporting Member of TMP12 Sep 2017 9:19 a.m. PST

Very Cool. I never thought of using those rules for Napoleonic's. But now the most important question, where did you get the flag?

18CTEXAN12 Sep 2017 10:48 a.m. PST

France!…Naturally. Go on EBay and do a search for "French Napoleonic Flag" or try
I also have the "Eagle" that goes with it.
For Prussian flags try: link
Very reasonable price!

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