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"Androids: The 'Andy' series (Mk's 8-13)" Topic

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Mason101 Sep 2017 6:05 a.m. PST


The 'Andy' Series

Continuing the series on the various models of Android in the BB Corporation 'Andy' range and their origins.

The Mk 8.

The Mk 8 model is a unit specifically designed for polite and professional public service. It has a broad range of protocol-based programming so it can cope with many different cultures, races and their expectations without causing offence. It is primarily designed for a 'high functioning servant' role as is most commonly encountered fulfilling the function of a butler or maître d'.

The Mk 8 model has a variety of 'skins' available to cover it so that it can blend into it's environment most effectively, but the 'Butler' option is by far the most common.

Usually found in top end hotels and restaurants, it is also popular with the more affluent members of society as a household servant where it is often referred to by its 'name', with 'Jeeves' and 'Alfred' being two of the most common choices.



Mk 9 tomorrow….

Mason102 Sep 2017 3:03 a.m. PST


The Mk 9.

The Mk 9 model is a unit specifically designed for the more mundane roles in the public service industry. It has a basic range of protocol-based programming so as not to cause offence or upset to the many different cultures and races that encounter it. Being that it is primarily designed for the less technical roles it is most commonly encountered fulfilling the function of a maid or waitress.

The most common 'skin' that this model is most often equipped with is shown above. This design is able to be provided in various colours dependant on the needs of the purchasing organisation.

This particular model is much more common than the Mk 8 and can be found almost anywhere where its abilities can be utilised.


Mason103 Sep 2017 10:47 p.m. PST

The Mk 10.

The latest model in the range, the Mk 10, is seen as potentially the most versatile in the series. It has  been designed to be used in a variety of' roles where it's ability to hover can be utilised..The most common uses for this particular model are traffic control and surveillance.

The lower hover section of this model features a single propulsion unit and a series of 'thrusters' built around it to help it 'steer' itself through and around any obstacles it may encounter.

Given its ability to 'fly' has seen this model prove popular in a lot of different roles including maintenance (particularly of high rise buildings), spaceport security and customs, law enforcement and even seen use in the military.

As the 'Andy' series is so flexible in regard to programming it is extremely adaptable and there are many uses for almost any Android in the range but this particular version could see that versatility taken to a new level.


Mason105 Sep 2017 2:27 a.m. PST

The Mk 11.

The next model in the range to be reviewed is the Mk 11. It has been designed to be used in the municipal and environmental industries for a sanitation role. Although it can have various appendages added to the base unit the most common is the multi-purpose 'street sweeper' arm .

This model is a common sight in towns, cities, spaceports and municipal parks everywhere. It has a very simple programming chip and is extremely cheap to purchase, run and repair, which only adds to its allure.

The promised future option of multiple 'arms' with a variety of different functions only increases its attractiveness to sanitation departments across the galaxy.

Mason106 Sep 2017 6:46 a.m. PST

The 'Andy' Series

Continuing the series on the various models of Android in the BB Corporation 'Andy' range and their origins.

The Mk 12.

The Mk 12, known as 'The Trainer' is next. This particular unit has been designed to be utilised by the military and law enforcement agencies in the training of close combat to its members. Although it can have various 'weapons' added to the base unit the most common is the 'Gladiator Baton', which can deliver a non-lethal, stunning charge to its 'victim'. .

This model has extra 'armour' panelling added in various locations on its person to protect against trainees that are becoming a little too adept.

The general sale of the Mk12 unit has been criticised in many quarters, including by several law enforcement agencies as they feel it has been 'misused' by various criminal organisations. The banning of sales of this model has not been successful thus far but may yet happen.

Mason107 Sep 2017 5:30 a.m. PST

The Mk 13.

The Mk 13, is a specialist Demolition model and is the final 'Andy' model in the Second Collective. This unit has been specifically designed to be utilised where it would be extremely dangerous for living creatures to operate. .

This model has large 'Crusher' fists and extra 'armour' panels built into its design and also has shock resistant  suspension built in to its upper limb joints. It is certainly the toughest 'Andy' to date.

Sale of the Mk 13 unit are restricted to Demolition licence holders due to their nature.This has not stopped them falling into the hands of  criminals who want to make use of their 'abilities' The unlawful sale of one of these units carries an extremely high penalty, but this does not seem to have halted their availability to those in the underworld.

That is all six 'Andy' units from the Second Collective.
The campaign finishes in the next 24 hours so, of you want to jump on board, now is the time.


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