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"Starblazer/SB Yamato Fighters rated for Silent Death?" Topic

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boy wundyr x Inactive Member15 Aug 2017 11:08 a.m. PST

I picked up the cool Mecha Colle Starblazer/Space Battleship Yamato fighters last year and have been collection potential opponents from Shapeways (and one F-Toys Viggen in gaudy colours) to rate up as pirates until someone comes out with proper opponents in the same scale.

Anyway, just yesterday I committed to running them using Silent Death at a games con in six weeks, so now I have some painting and some rating to do! I passed on doing my SD Star Wars game as a massive X-Wing tourney is running the next day at the con.

Anyone ever rated the Cosmo Tigers (I, II, two and three-person crews), Cosmo Zero, and Black Tiger? I have some stats from the official fleet game rules and source books, but was curious as to what speed and other ratings people may have used as their baselines.


BlackWidowPilot Fezian Inactive Member20 Aug 2017 10:04 a.m. PST


the single best English-language source I've found to date for things Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers is the CosmoDNA fan site:

To date I've been slowly building up my 1/144 scale Yamato 2199 fighter forces for just such a vanity project of my own. I've managed to pin down a few stats on Garmilas interceptors, but I am still on the hunt for translations of the technical stats on the other main antagonists.

If we work from what has been shown on the actual anime footage, the general breakdown can be deduced to make the ships more or less workable. For example, the Cosmo Zero from the orginal Yamato anime canon packs a pair of large caliber rapid fire guns that IIRC were energy weapons that packed a punch. We could probably interpret these as a twin Splattergun battery to use a Silent Death analogue. The big vent in the nose between these twin cannon barrels is a large caliber cannon in the new Yamato 2199 series. Low cyclic rate of fire with a hefty stopping power. Kodai used this in Yamato 2199 to bring down the Garmillas "heavy bomber" in one episode with about three or four direct hits. There are also four hardpoints under the Cosmo Zero's wings in the current Yamato 2199 iteration, and the Mecha Colle "box scale" kit comes with two options for underwing stores.

I have a pair of Cosmo Zeros of the newest vintage built with the heavier individual missiles used by Kodai and Yamamoto in their two-ship shoot-em up on the Garmillas base on Pluto. So back engineering the Cosmo Zero is not all that difficult. While I haven't sat down and actually crunched the numbers using the Ship Design Rules in the Core Rulebook, I suspect that a 300 ton SPAC template is where to start. We can interpret the ship pretty safely as having twin Splatterguns, an Autocannon (if not a Railrepeater!), and four Mk. 20 or Mk. 30 torpedoes. The rest of the slots would emphasize Drive, Defensive Value, and passive systems.

Given the apparent fragility of the fighter craft of both sides displayed in both anime iterations, I'd limit Damage Reduction ratings to no more than 2 on the very toughest of birds in the Yamato canon.

When it comes to Yamato 2199's EDF Hayabusa (the replacement for the Black Tiger), the ship is a lightweight dogfighter with substantial armament for its task but fragile as all Hell like its namesake the Ki-43 of WW2 (which lacked the substantial firepower of the fictional bird). What I managed to scare up so far is that the Hayabusa has six light cannons (treat as miniguns), and four light missiles carried in internal weapon bays (treat as Mk. 10 torpedoes).

The Hayabusa should emphasize speed, firepower, and Defensive Value, but given how quickly Hayabusa succumb to battle damage in Yamato 2199, I'd actually seriously consider giving them a Damage Reduction of 0 (yikes!) to reflect this.

The Cosmo Tigers IIRC were essentially heavy fighters with a punch, no less than eight forward firing cannons. I'd say use either miniguns or Pulse Lasers, and yes, an eight gun cannon package would rate a +7 to hit and damage (so expect to get lots of ugly kills on anyone unlucky enough to be sitting in front of one of these flying buzzsaws!). The underwing ordinance would be torps of whatever feels about right. Start with the smallest sized as Mk. 10s, and work your way upwards. The three-seater was IIRC a dedicated torpedo bomber, so the big fish under the Cosmo Tiger III's belly would be a Mk. 50.

I'd give the CT III twin Splatterguns for the turret with a five-arc to the rear field of fire. Use the 400 ton templates for SPAC, TPAC, and MPAC to hash out the Cosmo Tigers. You should get some workable results accordingly.

The Black Tigers IIRC had six guns and two underwing torps, so you could potentially just follow the 300 ton template to produce a six-gun/two torp dogfighter. I'd again emphasize speed, Defensive Value and firepower for the Black Tiger, which appears as a fairly fast and lethal gun platform IIRC the original 70s vintage anime.

Our Garmillas pals have in Yamato 2199 an interceptor used during the Pluto Base battle. I did find a translation of this bird's stats, and they're quite intimidating on paper, consisting of two 47mm automatic cannon, four 37mm automatic cannons, and twin 7.92mm automatic cannons, plus some internal ordinance. Performance wise these were fairly sluggish compared to the Cosmo Zeroes and Hayabusa, the former having had little trouble fending off some steep odds (although in fairness, the Garmillas pilots were hinted at being second stringers, while the two Earth pilots were Kodai Susumu and Yamamoto Rei, both of whom I'd rate a legendary aces), while the later shreded the hapless, lumbering Garmillas birds soon after they intervened.

The Debake is the mainstay carrier fighter of the Garmillas fleet we saw in Yamato 2199. It appears to be an update of the original from the 70s anime. It appears to have multiple cannons and four anti-fighter missiles under the wings. I have procured one so far (but have yet to paint it). Performance wise it is comparable to the Hayabusa (and just as vulnerable). I do get the impression overall that the Earth pilots tend to dominate their more numerous Garmillas opponents, who while aggressive and brave enough leave the impression that they are more rigid and less imaginative in their tactical approach. This could be simulated by turning to More Than Valor and imposing the Flies By The Book quirk on the Garmillas.

The Snuka is my current "Holy Grail" of the 1/144 scale Garmillas birds. My present hobby budget won't exactly allow me to purchase the big carrier model just to get the mini kit of the Snuka that comes with it (sigh!). But if something cheap n' cheerful comes along to substitute for this mainstay Garmillas strike fighter, I would say what we have is a two seat strike fighter with a rear arc twin Pulse Laser battery, twin forward firing Missile Launchers (10), plus assorted Torps. Speed and Defensive Value would be mediocre, as a single Cosmo Zero piloted by Yamamoto Rei (legendary ace!) held off an entire carrier strike wing from successfully prosecuting their attack against the Yamato to fullest effect (one of the Garmillas officers riding as an observer in a Snuka at one point snarls in frustration voicing his disbelief that a single fighter is literally holding off his entire strike force!).

Hope all this helps!

Leland R. Erickson
Metal Express

boy wundyr x Inactive Member21 Aug 2017 11:53 a.m. PST

Thanks Leland, that does for the EDF. Till I get some matching Garmillas or Comet Empire fighters I'm using some proxies from Shapeways and Reaper CAV.

Buckaroo Inactive Member05 Sep 2017 1:12 p.m. PST

I would buy the heck out of Yamato Fighters in 1/270 scale. Love the 2199/2202 fighters.

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