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"15mm TYW Matchlock vs Minifigs" Topic

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boy wundyr x31 Jul 2017 2:54 p.m. PST

I'm looking to start a small Thirty Years War skirmish project with 15mm figures, and there are a number of ranges around, but to mesh with the orders I want to make for other projects, I've been investigating Minifigs. I see that under both the Minifigs and Matchlock brands on the Minifigs page, there are TYW figures. Does anyone know if they're compatible in size? They look ok in terms of style.

I also understand the Matchlock figures, should work with Essex, QRF, and possibly Viking Forge (at least on the ECW front, being ex-Matchlock figures), is this correct? That'd be handy to fill in the project, particularly since I'm looking at VF for the ACW.


Swampster31 Jul 2017 3:21 p.m. PST

Mad Axeman's review should be helpful

dwight shrute31 Jul 2017 3:38 p.m. PST

Love the matchlock infantry ( which match my Essex figs very well ) , not so keen on the matchlock cavalry though

boy wundyr x31 Jul 2017 3:39 p.m. PST

Thanks muchly Swampster, that solves things! Looks like both Matchlock and Minifigs are a bit more well fed than Essex and QRF, but workable and about the same height.

boy wundyr x31 Jul 2017 3:40 p.m. PST

Thanks Dwight – saw elsewhere that someone put Matchlock cavalrymen onto Essex horses, might see if they would fit onto Minifigs horses.

dwight shrute31 Jul 2017 3:47 p.m. PST

Now I am confused the viking forge figures look like the same matchlock figures listed on the minifigs/matchlock UK site , are these licensed figures ?

boy wundyr x31 Jul 2017 4:14 p.m. PST

From what I understand, yes, a sub-set of the Matchlock line is produced by VF under licence.

The Beast Rampant31 Jul 2017 5:21 p.m. PST


And I also mix with Essex foot, with all-Essex cav and command.

Gallocelt31 Jul 2017 9:59 p.m. PST

Hello boy wundyr x,

So I've just read the TMP article on how to post pictures. Here are some size comparison photos (not so great but hopefully useful.) I've typically included Matchlock, Minifigs and Essex and in one case, Freikorps 15. I think if you look at Mad Axeman's page, the Minifigs are an earlier generation. Honestly, I don't even know where one could get those older Minifigs. The Minifigs pictures I've posted are of the current range of TYW. Just infantry this time. I could do cavalry if you're interested. Let me know if you would like to see anything more specific.

Here's the links:






boy wundyr x01 Aug 2017 7:08 a.m. PST

Excellent, thanks Gallocelt, that really does help to see them side by side in bare metal, they look like they'd all work.

I would be interested in some cavalry, I guess right now the remaining issue for me is whether the size of the horse is an issue for the Minifigs cavalry too, or just the Matchlock cavalry?

Gallocelt01 Aug 2017 3:57 p.m. PST

About 15mm TYW/ECW Matchlock, Minifigs and Essex I would generalize the following:

Matchlock infantry Slightly taller than Minifigs, certainly more stocky, larger head.

Minifigs infantry Less animated, elegantly posed, realistic figure proportions.

Essex infantry Crisp detail, big headed, short legged, posing is somewhat strained.

I think the cavalry human figures are all about the same size. Horses are another matter! Matchlock horses seem a bit slim side-to-side compared to the competition.

Hope this series of photos gives you a better idea about the available cavalry.






boy wundyr x01 Aug 2017 4:25 p.m. PST

Thanks Gallo, again I really appreciate it, that does help.

bruntonboy02 Aug 2017 2:54 a.m. PST

Could also use Peter Pig infantry with Essex/Minifigs etc.. Cavalary a bit too small to match though.

Gallocelt02 Aug 2017 6:54 a.m. PST

Yes, Peter Pig ECW and Khurasan Irish and Scots are also a possibility. Peter Pig figures are slightly shorter than Matchlock/Minifigs/Essex (which I will now refer to as "the three") but I plan to mix in a few (especially for ECW) because they are nice figures and have some interesting poses and types. The Khurasan's are great, same height as the three but slighter build, no big bruisers among 'em.

If anyone would like to see side-by-side comparisons of Peter Pig or Khurasan infantry with the three, let me know.



boy wundyr x02 Aug 2017 9:14 a.m. PST

Interesting that Khurasan fits in with them, I'd figured they'd be 18mm – is that the ex-Testudo line or Khurasan's own? So I guess I would be interested in seeing pictures if that's possible, thanks!

Gallocelt02 Aug 2017 12:01 p.m. PST

Well, the thing is, Khurasan has different ranges. They have a dedicated TYW range which, although I've not seen them, I assume from reading their website they would be more like 18mm size, more compatible with Testudo, Old Glory, etc. On the other hand Khurasan has an Irish and Scottish range for ECW that are closer in size to "the three." Khurasan ranges vary in size and style depending on their sculptor. One of my favs is the very talented Clibinarium. He sculpted the Irish and the Scots I'm referring to. It seems that when Clibinarium makes a 15mm figure it is fairly close to the mark. I also have some of Khurasan's late 16th century range, same height, also the work of Clibinarium. I'll try to get some pics of the Khurasan ECW soon.



boy wundyr x02 Aug 2017 1:25 p.m. PST

Thanks Gallo.

Henry Martini02 Aug 2017 8:25 p.m. PST

Minifigs are made of a relatively soft metal, and pikes and hose-clad/bare ankles (depending on the pose) are thin and prone to constant bending. If you buy any you should seriously consider replacing the cast pikes with wire/brass rod.

Gallocelt03 Aug 2017 10:42 a.m. PST

I haven't had much trouble with Minifigs ankles but I know what you mean about the pikes. When ever I begin my TYW project I'll have to drill out a lot of pikes. The truth is I always prefer steel wire pikes and wish 15mm manufacturers would simply cast pikemen open-handed. Matchlock does this, also Khurasan and Freikorps 15. Minifigs, Essex and Peter Pig all have cast-on pikes.



Gallocelt03 Aug 2017 10:50 a.m. PST

Here are a couple photos showing Peter Pig and Khurasan in a line-up with the three. I have included Freikorps 15 again 'cuz I like their pikemen and will mix them in with Matchlock and maybe Essex (after I drill out all those cast-on Essex pikes! Uuuggh!)





Henry Martini03 Aug 2017 4:59 p.m. PST

Essex pikes are thicker than Minifigs. When they do bend it's not as extreme, you don't have paint flaking off, and they can be more easily realigned. Still, replacing them too would at least result in aesthetic homogeneity.

Gallocelt03 Aug 2017 7:29 p.m. PST

Yep Henry, that's mainly why I would do it. Plus Essex miniatures have smaller stands resulting in an odd angle of the pike to allow it to attach to the base.



The Wargames Room11 Aug 2017 4:02 p.m. PST

A very useful post, as I was just looking at some of these various ranges for a small order yesterday. Thanks for all the supporting pictures.

Supercilius Maximus12 Aug 2017 4:51 a.m. PST

Just for the record, a lot of the Asgard/Tabletop range was sculpted by the same guy who did the 2nd generation Minifigs (individual figures that replaced the original strips, but were replaced by the current (UGHHH!!!) range in the mid-1980s.

Henry Martini13 Aug 2017 1:44 a.m. PST

With a few exceptions I never liked the original 'super-detail' figures. They looked like they'd been carved out of solid lead. Muskets in particular were poorly depicted: far too short and thick. The more recent (but now very old) range is much better proportioned and sculpted with more flair. Against this are the drawbacks mentioned above.

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