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Ponder Supporting Member of TMP29 Jul 2017 2:37 p.m. PST


Ran the first of what I hope are many modern Men Under Fire games on Saturday, 7/29, at the HobbyTown in Frederick, Maryland. The game was played with 15mm figures (figures a mixture of Rebel minis and Skirmish Sangrin). HMMWV actually 1/72 Matchbox.

The scenario: A US platoon is tasked with making contact with an Afghan village. At the start of the game, a security element is deployed on the outskirts of the village. The command element is driving up the valley, when an IED is encountered. HMMWV destroyed, survivors (commander and two scouts) are deployed adjacent to the knocked out Humvee.

About a dozen stands of Afghan civilians are also present in the village. Hostiles (Taliban) include three elements, one veteran and two regular units supported by command element and heavy weapons element (one each mortar, HMG, & LMG). Each hostile element of six stands includes a Commander, LMG and RPG stand in addition to three "rifle" stands.

The US has two quick reaction squads, and a commander which enter the board. One on turn one, and the other on turn two. Each squad has two Humvees, carrying four stands (Commander, 2 rifle stands, and a SAW stand. One of the Humvees has a cupola mounted HMG, the other has a Mk 19 grenade launcher.

The US objective is to find ammo caches reported in the village. The Taliban objective is to kill Americans. Now, a few pictures.

Photo 1 Terrain looking up the road from US entry point; knocked out Humvee in center.

Photo 2 Village, view from North side of table.

Photo 3 Village, view from South side of table.

Photo 4 Looking down on Village

The wooded areas along the edges of the board represent steeply sloping mountain sides. The river and stream are fordable. Takes a full move to cross river, stream not a significant obstacle.

Summary of the game play: The Taliban open fire on the survivors of the IED, who fall back into cover on the opposite side of the valley.

Photo 5 Firing on IED survivors

Photo 6 Lead element of QRF spots and knocks out RPG ambush.

Having knocked out the RPG, the lead elements of the QRF dismounts to sweep the hillside for additional hostiles. They find them, and get ambushed.

Photo 7 Ambush of QRF element

Meanwhile the trail element of the QRF, has driven up to the northwestern side of the village. The Taliban mortar attempts to take them under fire, as they close. Firing short, the mortar unwittingly takes itself out. Ooops! The US force enters the village and drives the Taliban back. The US was constrained from using their grenade launchers in the village for fear of collateral damage.

Photos 8 & 9 - Trail QRF element enters the northern side of the village, finding an ammo cache along the way.

The Taliban in the village failed a couple of morale checks and were exiting the southern side of the village.

My version of Modern MUF is modified with a card driven activation system, similar to that used in "The Devil to Pay" ACW rules. The deck consists of cards for movement, fire, rally, charge and free action. When a card is driven the two sides alternate acting on the card. To act, the unit must spend a command chit. Veteran units have two, Regulars have one, and Green units do not get integral command chits. Commanders get two chits. So green units are dependent of commanders.

There is no guarantee you will get through the deck each turn, as there are two "end of turn" cards in the deck. The turn could end prematurely when the second end of turn card is drawn.

Other than the command system, the rules are virtually unmodified Men Under Fire from Test of Battle games.

Both sides lost five stands during the game. The US was well on the way to clearing the village, and could call the action a win.

It was enjoyable game with three players participating. I hope to use these rules for a mini-campaign "In the Stans." More to come …

Ponder on,


Oberlindes Sol LIC29 Jul 2017 3:55 p.m. PST

Great AAR and a beautiful table. Thanks for posting!

Dwindling Gravitas Inactive Member29 Jul 2017 5:29 p.m. PST

"Modern Men" … ?

Just kidding … excellent write-up, and a very convincing table … really!

Ponder Supporting Member of TMP29 Jul 2017 6:43 p.m. PST


MUF was written for WW2. Trying to simply communicate directly and clearly. I appologize for unintentional puns.

Ponder on,


Joe Legan Supporting Member of TMP30 Jul 2017 6:17 a.m. PST

Great table and write up.


Legion 430 Jul 2017 6:51 a.m. PST

Yes, that is some great looking terrain ! thumbs up

Ponder Supporting Member of TMP30 Jul 2017 10:52 a.m. PST


Since prior links were destroyed by Photobucket. Shown below is campaign map for the "In the Stans" mini-campaign.

Ponder on,


Oberlindes Sol LIC01 Aug 2017 2:18 a.m. PST

Condom Province? OK, someone has to do it:

The National Security Forward Workgroup (NSFW) submits this report on military activities in Condom Province.

Coalition forces have been tasked with seeking out and destroying Improvised Underground Depots (IUDs), in which Cached Fuel, Narcotics, and Munitions (CFNM) are often stored. Surface Tracking Devices (STDs) are used to find IUD entrances. All Coalition forces now have STDs.

Breaching Dynamic Series Munitions (BDSM) are used to cause Vertical Damage (VD) to IUDs, collapsing their internal structures and destroying and burying any CFNM within.

Forward Fire Managers (FFMs) request BDSM when STDs reveal likely IUD sites. The Base Observation Battery (BOB) coordinates FFMs. A typical FFM is a Junior Officer (JO) assigned to the BOB, but a Technical Sergeant (TS) or Observation Specialist (OS) may be an FFM.

In cases of severe VD, a Common Bridge Transporter (CBT) will lay a bridge over the crater for transportation safety.

Ponder Supporting Member of TMP01 Aug 2017 5:40 a.m. PST

sigh …

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