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Ottoathome07 Jun 2017 2:38 p.m. PST

"The Weekend 2017" Bulletin.

The pre-convention mailing of our quarterly bulletin is going out tomorrow. The Weekend is being held from Wednesday June 21st to Sunday June 25th. At the Continental Inn, 2285 Lincoln Highway East , Lancaster PA., 17602. 717-299-0421

This is the eigth weekend and it is going strong.

"The Weekend " is almost twice as long because while we still have the big 5,000 sq ft Ballroom for the days of Friday June 23rd and 24th, we are adding on an additional two days for gamers who wanted a longer experience gaming among friends and socializing. These days will have board games and miniatures though in a smaller room. We also are extending the convention into Sunday to accommodate the newest addition to the weekend, the L'Arte DeLa Guerre" tournament, staged and run by the tireless and promethean efforts of Walt Leach, which will offer prizes and plaques for the competitors who are coming from as far away as Louisiana and Mississippi, Connecticut and Ohio for the event.

All of the old features of the convention are with us, and again the emphasis is on fun, fellowship, games, gamers, fun, munchies and fun. Did I mention the fun and fellowship?

We will have 15 tables over two days devoted to "L'Arte De la Guerre" on Saturday and in addition will have the following miniature games.

"And The Ladies Come Marching Home Again, Hurrah, Hurrah!" By Bob and Cleo Liebl which is a massive colonial action which I am told has something to do with the gracious ladies of "The Imperial Damsels in Distress Seeking To Be Rescued From A Fate Worse Than A Fate Worse than Death Society and Temperence Union". Apparently this bevy of Archeologistrixes is viewing the sights of Egypt and will be set upon by nefarious bandits, fanatics, white slavers, gun runners, rum runners dope pedlers, and red-light runners. I've played Bob and Cleo's games before, my advice to you is worry about the women, not those poor foolish savages out there.

In keeping with the theme of the convention, "The American Civil War" Jerry Lannigan will be putting on a large battle of Picket's Charge! Jerry has a large collection of beautifully painted Union and Confederate troops and will be using his own home brew rules.

Jerry also says he is doing a game, also in keeping with the theme, but it's called "THEY'RE BACK!!!!" but will give me no details. He assures me it's in the Civil War and it will feature the boys in grey and blue up against an unusual situation where they might have to fight together against a common enemy. I don't think it's the French up from Mexico

I will also be putting on two games in the Theme, "The Battle of Fredericksburg of Hollywood" and "Gnoshville" in my "Magnolia's Mint Juleps N' Gritz" rules. It will feature the "flat" woodens troops on a similarly staged battlefield. In the first the Cornfederates under General Holden MaJohnson are defending the southern town of Hollywood where the Famous Fredericksburg Factory is working double shifts to turn out the tons of intimate apparel so necessary to the iconic image of Southern Womanhood decking them selves out to welcome their Johnny when he comes marching home again. The Onion army of General Sterling Silver Service wishes to capture the town and factory and send home the shipment of corsets, bustiers, silk stockings, and other gee-gaws for their wives and sweethearts to wear – other than those bland flannel ankle length nightgowns.

The Battle of Gnoshville will pit the two sides trying to save their purloined cargoes of contraband goods.

Tracy Johnson will put on another brilliant reworking of a classical Board Game, as he did two years ago with "After the Apocalypse." This time he will be putting on a game from Issue 13 of Competitive Edge. "The Hatfield's and the McCoy's." He says this is in keeping with the Civil War theme as it's a "Family Game of Whisky Swilling, Inbreeding, and good old fashioned killing. I am not deceived, though I suspect that Tracy has done a marvelous job of recreating the game and map and retrogressing it to the Civil War Era. Well Any and Rich – looks like Tracy beat you to the punch with your SMIBS game!

We will be taking on the next battle in the 18th Century Imaginations Campaign, the Battle of Puro "La Tour" in which the Army of Flounce will attack the two Brigades of Sweeta sent to aid the Ikeans, and the person of Sha-Na-Na, the Nattering Nabob of Negativism . Last year we had an early battle in the campaign , the battle of the "Little Phlegmatic."

One of the Highlights will be the return of Col. Bill Gray, (Ret.) who will be putting on "On to Sevastapol" under the Age of Glory system. Bill puts on big, lavish extravaganza's in the 19th Century and we all remember his Battle of Gadeville from "The Weekend 2014" This looks to be even better.

John Desmond will be repeating his Pre-Dreadnought game from last year, only this time I am sure we will find some other interesting scenario involving just about everyone who had one of these old crocks to float around.

Mike Nagel will be putting on a Black Cross and Blue Sky game of the Battle of Britain in World War Two. He will also be doing a grand Napoleonic Game, BLUCHER!

Chuck Yingling will be hosting a "Sergeants Miniatures Game"

Paul Trainor will have a "Kings of War" Miniatures game.

Dennis Largess will be hosting a new game he has developed, "Vietnam, Landing Zone Ez."

I will be hosting also a Between the Two World Wars game, my game of The Shattered Century. In this one , the Army of the Workers Winter Wonderland of Freeland will be defending the capital of their province of the Gulag Archipeligo (called Gullagins Island) from the vicious, capitalist, imperialist, fascist, fish faced suckers of the blood of the glorious proletariat, the 7 ¾ Reich of Fahrvergnuggen.

Carl West who wowed us last year with with his "McRaptors versus the O'Raptors" a visual treat and a riot of fun, is giving us "Army Versus Navy—Mock War!" You never know what Karl is going come up with, but it's always new and always fun. It sounds like it's all about football. I think… or rather… I guess I should rather say--- I hope.

Tracy Johnson is offering a replay of the 2nd edition of the Reworked Divine Right game from TSR in the 80's. A third edition is coming but they couldn't get it ready in time. This has been held at the first Weekend and again last year and it's always fun.

Ken Hall will be hosting a "Mustangs and Messerschmidts" game. This is the one where the planes move around on dollies on the floor with sticks which allow them to fight in three dimensions, the altitude shown by moving up and down on the stand. Great fun.

Mack Tuck will be hosting a "Blood and Plunder Pirates Game.

Mitchell Freeman will host an as yet unspecified game, but I suspect something to do with Sheboygen may be in the cards.

In addition players are having Games of "Serenissima," "Diplomacy," "History of the World" (with the new game expansion cards made by myself and featured in the After Action Report / Keepsake booklet last year, and among others still coming in, Advanced Civilizaton, which may go to dawn! Sometimes the game takes almost as long as the real thing….. ….. NAAH! With this group they'll be at their throats within an hour and Civilization will regress to the level of Zinjanthropogous in short order.

The convention again will hold a kickoff dinner at 6:30 on Thursday evening.

This year we will not be hosting a Military Science Theater 2000 as we suspect several games will last long into the night and we don't want to shut off the games for a movie.

The wives are already planning expeditions to the various outlettery of the Amish Persuasion and

Finally, YES there will be the munchie pit where you can sit and relax between games, talk about history, your latest projects, swap jokes, tell tall tales or outright lies and cat about people who didn't come. The munchies pit offers refreshments for free that the attendees donate, and so there's plenty to eat and drink.

The Convention is FREE if you stay at the Continental In, and we ask a $20 USD donation if you stay at some other hotel, or are a walk up. We do this for equity. For the past 8 years we have been running this on the simple model of "all we want to do is cover our costs. We don't want to make a large amount of many and any small bit we sometimes have left over goes to next years convention. We get credit for room nights if you stay at the hotel so this is why we only ask for a donation from a walk-up or people who stay at other hotels. The cost for a room at the Continental for the Weekend is $92 USD a night, for a single or double, a triple is $102 USD and a "quad" $112 USD, and up to two children may stay for free. There is a free continental breakfast at the "LaFleur" Restaurant which is superb. The hotel has indoor and outdoor pools, and a hot tub, and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday has a grill kiosk out by the pool which is delightful to sit and lunch at.

Please reserve under the Society of Daisy Gaming Weekend " if you come to the Weekend and Stay at the Hotel.

If you want to receive our quarterly newsletter and our latest bulletin, just send me your SNAIL MAIL POSTAL ADDRESS to and I will post you the brochure, RSVP and convention attendance response.

ViscountEric08 Jun 2017 10:34 a.m. PST

Huzzah and all that! Reservations made and reply mailed back.

I'll need to make a few trips to the pool to relieve the kids from watching my wife (or perhaps it's the other way around) but I'm prepared for fun, relaxation, and absolutely hideous die rolls.

Personal logo Bowman Supporting Member of TMP09 Jun 2017 3:53 a.m. PST

For work related reasons I can't make it this year. But I will be back. This is a great little convention and I encourage anyone who wants something a little out the ordinary to come for the weekend. As you can tell there are a great variety of games put on by a good group of people. Drop Otto a note and come down!

Ottoathome15 Jun 2017 7:21 a.m. PST

I have decided to put on another game at "The weekend"

This will be from my "The Shattered Century" rules
which is a set of rules dealing with the period between the wars and into early WWII.

The game is an ARMY level game, with the table top not being a depiction of some stretch of real life countryside, but perhaps best understood as a table-top. A table top in a chateau twenty or thirty miles behind the lines, with the only colonel in the room to take the coffee order. All the players are generals and field marshals, and the figures on the table top are moved around by nattily dressed WACS with croupier sticks. (That requires the most imagination of all!). The only connection with the muddy, bloody, gassed over hell you have sent your men to fight in, is the slight tinkling of the crystal chandelier as the barrage reaches it's crescendo. After a tiring 8 hours you go out with the Ravising Hungarian Naval Attach to your world dominating table at the local Bistro.

The game this time will be between he forces of the Workers Winter Wonderland of Freeland and the Bandrikan army, aided by a few Fahrvergnuggen reinforcements. It will be fought in the area of Conflict called "The Kalahari" picturesquely known as "The Land that Time Drinks to Forget!"

Please don't feed the T-Rex, he does quite well on his own

As a little more background In my WWI-WWII game "The Shattered Century" there are 12 Imagi-nations though it's not hard to figure out who's being stereotyped--- Try and guess who they are.
Workers Winter Wonderland of Freeland
Bandrika (this is the hardest one)
The Empire of Tirramasu
The Empire of Fu-Manchu and chain of Chinese Restaurants,
The 443rd (and Counting!) Flounce Republic.
Hungland or the Brutish Empire
The Newnited States (They'll make you a deal you can't refuse)
The Fascist Monarchy of Fanabla
The Sultanate of Ikea
The Grand Holy, Republican, Socialist, Democratic Dictatorshp of Putzland (Long Live Marshal Soapsudski!)
Each of these countries has its own history, army uniforms and so forth, but each also has it's own R&D Department with its own unique weapons and so forth that might appear on the battlefield.
For example Flounce has the Bimbo on a bicycle, which can be introduced to distract attention (no move or fire when she is in the immediate area) which is part of Flounce.
The Fahrvergnuggie have the Intercontinental Ballistic Canon, an enormous gun which can send shells into the upper atmosphere and across oceans. Works quite well as long as you're aiming at a continent.
The Bandrikans have the best of all. One of their weapons is the Martian Fighting Machine. Yes it's the fighting machiens from War of the Worlds. Did you know it actually happened!!! But not in Grovers Mill NJ, but it leedle ole Ost-Schweinschlobber Bandrika, where the first fall of the martians were wiped out by the smell of cooking sauerkraut and Bratwurst done up by the welcoming party (who knew the pungent fumes of Sauerkraut and bratwust were toxic gasses to the Martians? Did they ask!? Did they make Reservations? Did they let us know they were coming? Anyway the Bandrikans captured intact but unassembled a Martian fighting mchine. They put it together, but Engineering hasn't got it quite right… it works… you can use it.. it was working fine just a few minutes ago… go ahead use it, what can go wrong?
The answer on Bandrika is that it is an "omage" to Alfred Hitchcocks great film "The Lady Vanishes." A pre-war tale of espionage and skullduggery somewhere in the Balkans just before WWII. Two fo the best characters are Charters and Caldicott.
Also to the 39 Steps.

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