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"GW Black Orcs, I ordered my straight jacket!" Topic

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Baranovich16 May 2017 5:41 a.m. PST

Preface: I still love the detail of GW's miniatures, they have been and are still my favorite fantasy miniature range.

But in my ongoing saga of building several Warhammer armies en mass, I am receiving much nostalgic sentiment from some of these boxed regiments.

As the title suggests, GW had a way of designing some of their models with the intention of driving one to the brink of insanity, lol.

GW's Black Orcs, circa 2006 or so, on the border between Warhammer 6th and 7th Edition. Of all that I have assembled so far I have to say this boxed set was the worst by far in trying to rank up into a wargaming unit.

It seems that GW often times was trying to be cute and clever by making a boxed regiment for both the collector and the wargamer at the same time. As such, as you all well know they use very dynamic poses and have bits and often have things sticking far out beyond the borders of the models' bases.

If one is casually building these for a diorama or to just display as a group of miniatures where ranking is not a necessity that is totally fine. However…if one wants to make an actual regiment out of them, or several boxed sets to make more than one rank…ummmm…

There were times I actually began to laugh out loud when trying to make the Black Orcs rank up. When they would finally rank up side to side, they would not rank up one behind the other, or vice versa. I had to cut off many of the chains and other things hanging from weapons in order to make it all work in the end. In the end, every single model will have to be numbered because there is a serious limitation on interchangibility. Many models will rank up with ONLY one other specific model. The command group can only be deployed in ONE specific order.

And the HORNS on the HELMETS!!! Gaaaaaaaah! I have never come across a boxed regiment where, of all things, the HEADS prevent ranking up! On some of the Black Orcs GW decided to put obnoxiously long horns shooting out sideways from the helmet. Looks very cool, yes: But they also happen to prevent you from ranking it up with half the models in the kit.

This standard bearer, that's the helmet. GOD help you if you try to use that helmet on other models in the regiment.


The final nail in my coffin was that the printed instructions show components that, if assembled per the instructions, not only don't rank up, but are actually the wrong components that do not even fit together. Whomever used to be in charge of producing and editing their model instructions obviously would cut and paste in components without actually checking if those components were actually meant to be together.

This kit provided absolutely no forgiveness! God help you if you try to assemble these for the first time with super glue! Fair warning: Use plastic glue, you WILL be adjusting and re-positioning A LOT!

I score the difficulty of this boxed set for the wargamer as brutal. Seriously.

An awesome-looking regiment when it's all done, but DANG.

These are some pictures of two boxed sets to make a regiment of 20 models with 3 command models:


PMC31716 May 2017 6:48 a.m. PST


Might just ebay the old metal ones then!

Baranovich16 May 2017 9:08 a.m. PST

The old vintage metal ones might not be a bad idea!

I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, my problem is that I really do love the look of the later edition's plastics and I love working with plastic glue over super glue.

I guess one thing that could be considered a benefit is that because the ranking up is so difficult and so tight, when you finally do figure it out the unit looks awesome because the models are so closely ranked and massed. But GW makes you jump through hoops to get there!

But no doubt that the earlier GW metals are WAY easier to assemble and rank up overall.

It will take me less time to PAINT this bleeping regiment than it did to assemble it!

Baranovich16 May 2017 9:22 a.m. PST

One other element I neglected to mention was the musician that comes with the regiment.

He can only hold his drum in one position. No matter how you position him on the base, his drum literally protrudes out practically half way across the base next to him. The model on the base next to him has to be positioned at a diagonal, far off to the left side of the base with his feet right on the edge of the base.


Crazyivanov16 May 2017 2:30 p.m. PST

That "helmet" is actually one of the banner tops. I used that on my Boss for the unit, just chopped off one of the horns so he could swing his axe.

Baranovich16 May 2017 4:31 p.m. PST


Ahh ok, I see….well the helmets are nearly as bad though, the horns are nearly as obnoxious as the banner top.

Yeah I can see now that that's the banner top and not one of the actual helmets.

Crazyivanov17 May 2017 11:52 a.m. PST

Oh yeah, that's why I used the banner top, it fit, just remove one of the horns so he can swing his axe.

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