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Forper2000 Inactive Member25 Apr 2017 3:28 a.m. PST

Summer '89, Cold War gone hot. The USMC are pushing NATO's Northern flank with a full scale amphibious invasion into Estonia from Sweden.

In the night Marine recon teams are dropped inland along the coast by CH-46 Phrogs. They're tasked with mainly direct action, taking out Soviet assets that are camouflaged or hardened against air attack.

One such team, A six man team led by Gunnery Sgt Pendleton has been tasked with assaulting a known underground Command and Control centre for the area. It's too deep undergound to destroy from the air. They have to get in and render the site ineffective ahead of the invasion…

After moving swiftly and silently in the night they overcome the sentries at the entrance to the facility using their Kbars to slit their throats. They now descend into the facility to eliminate any other resistance and put any computers or equipment out of commission. There's a shortage of explosives so they have two LAW rockets for the task…

Jones is on point with 203

VDV Airborne troops, tasked with security, have been alerted to the American's presence and wait within the facility:

The Marines draw the first movement card and one of their buddy teams, Pendleton and Jones make a dash into the facility, Pendleton finding himself in the open so going prone to cover the rest of his team still entering.

Next a Soviet 3 man team moves, they set their RPK up on the right while a Rifleman goes left. The Russian squad leader stays put behind cover to give orders.

More Marines enter, this time Davis on the SAW and Corporal Anderson the 2IC

PFC Reyes and Hospital Corpsman Cooper hang back on the first corner to wait and see..

A second Russian team moves up to where the first team was. They pack an RPG:

Fire cards are drawn and the Americans get the drop. Davis and Anderson open up on that RPK gunner and his buddy who just set up on them:

Result is the RPK gunner is supressed, his friend is hit twice, wounded then outright killed with the second round:

The Russian (Rooskies in my world don't have names, they're just nameless cogs in the Soviet machine) working his way around the left opens up on the source of those SAW tracers and manages to supress Davis:

A couple of VDV scouts on the right flank who popped smoke earlier get into firing positions

The firefight is getting pretty deadly for the Russians withe American's crack effectiveness paying off. The RPG gunner fired off a round that overshot by 6 feet (36 feet in real life) and was then wounded by return fire. The RPK gets back into action intermittently:

The scouts have got one man wounded, another pineed..

A grenade lands behind Pendleton as he's moving up on the Marine's right. He's knocked down by the explosion. GUNNY!!!

A quick burst from Cooper the USN Hospital Corpsman kills the guy who just threw that grenade:

Jones stops firing as he notices Gunny is down. On his next move he pulls Pendleton into cover.

There's a lot of blood.. "It's gonna be okay Gunny, Gunny? Bleeped text no.." Jones just found out that grenade killed Pendleton instantly…

Even though they're mindless, Godless Communist killing machines, some of the Russians tend to their wounded too.. I guess, deep down, where really all the same..? Nah..:

Cooper and Reyes break from cover to get to Pendleton and check on him. They draw fire from that RPK but get lucky and make it across the open ground and start working their way up to Pendleon:

Seeing that help is coming Jones loads a new mag into his weapon and starts moving around the flank. Payback time..

Reyes and Cooper reach Pendleton and confirm the bad news:

Jones works around the enemy flank with grenade prepped..

But the Russians are already withdrawing and taking more casualties

In fact at the end of the turn all remaining Russians fail their moral checks and withdraw out of the fight to escape through emergency exits.

The Americans secure the area, blow the comms equipment with their LAWs and treat the Russian wounded. They don't have enough men to take the Russians prisoner so they'll stay behind but Pendleton comes back with the Americans, courtesy Anderson.

Outcome: Russian VDV Airborne security detachment – Leader and 1 scout routed. 4 dead, 2 WIA/temprorary POWs. Major command and control facility lost.

2/6 USMC Recon: Recon team leader KIA. Objective completed. Russian command and control disrupted. Extraction successful.

Rules used: Heavily modified The Sword, The Flame, Machineguns and Grenades (Still modifying)

mad monkey 125 Apr 2017 6:21 a.m. PST

Fun AAR. Thanks.

Personal logo optional field Supporting Member of TMP25 Apr 2017 9:38 a.m. PST

Gorgeous figures, but I question the viability of inserting any ground forces into the Soviet Union in 1989. I foresee a large number of transports destroyed by truck mounted surface-to-surface batteries & the aircraft facing a similar threat from SAM sites (both mobile & fixed).

Just Jack Supporting Member of TMP Inactive Member25 Apr 2017 11:09 a.m. PST


Fantastic batrep, thanks for posting. That was a lot of fun to read!

Regarding insertion into USSR, they're Marines, they're getting in ;)


Forper2000 Inactive Member28 Apr 2017 2:00 a.m. PST

Thanks guys,

optional field: In my head, without going into detailed data on Soviet air defence at the time the war has already been going for some months. NATO Have established virtual air superiority and taken out a lot of stuff on the ground already..

Just Jack: rock n roll!

Hope to take it outdoors for the next firefight, there's an area of bushland I have in mind with new growth, most of the saplings look about right for 1/6 scale full grown trees.

Will post it up here..will Pendleton come back to life or a replacement..? hmmm campaign?

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