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Smokey Roan Inactive Member13 Apr 2017 6:30 p.m. PST

Wow! I have like 8 units of TSATF sized Seminoles and Maroons, plenty of militia and US troops, and a box full of palmettos and Florida scrub terrain. (Palmetto's are not an easy scratchbuild, if I remember correctly. I think it took an entire Canes baseball season to make enough for a 5x10 table)

Never did finish my Seminole War set up.

Ended up moving to a TSATF "Innsmouth in Fort Pierce" idea, but set in the 1880's, with period buildings, more trees and palmettos, and Fish Men.

But now that I know that right under the basket of Hole 3 at our local Heritage Park Disc Golf Course, is the site of the Barker/Russell Massacre of 1842, which sparked the 3rd Seminole War.

Right where my Innsmouth Scenario is based, anyway (neat Old Skool part of Florida on the Indian Reever. By Beezer's house.)

After rains and flooding, we still come across debris from that period, iron wagon parts and fittings, remains of the buildings once there, old bottles, tools, etc. I bet a metal detector would lead to finds of bullets and personal items.

Once my Innsmouth table is complete, it would be easy to finally do Seminole War games on it. Heck, I will now even include Heritage Park in the terrain. Evidently it was a homestead and trading post in 1842. The actual Barker Russell affair was small, like 5 Seminoles vs 5 settlers and it seems tome it was more of a liquor store robbery than formal battle, but we can dramatize it in TSATF fashion with more units. Right?

Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP13 Apr 2017 6:48 p.m. PST

Can I play?

Ragbones Supporting Member of TMP13 Apr 2017 7:00 p.m. PST

Sounds like an interesting game in the making. Any photos to share of the figures or terrain?

Smokey Roan Inactive Member13 Apr 2017 7:02 p.m. PST

As soon as I find a alternative to Photobucket, I'll post tons of pics.

And yes, Winston, you can not only play, you should run the game, being an expert on TSATF for the muzzleloader period.

Ragbones Supporting Member of TMP13 Apr 2017 7:54 p.m. PST

How about Flickr?

DisasterWargamer Supporting Member of TMP13 Apr 2017 8:52 p.m. PST

Look forward to seeing it

Perris070713 Apr 2017 9:29 p.m. PST

Yep. Flickr. So easy even I can use it.

Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP13 Apr 2017 10:27 p.m. PST

Here's how I would rate them for TSATF:

No rifles. All shoot at carbine range.

US militia: shoot as Egyptians, morale as Boers
US Regulars: as Egyptians

Were Seminoles "shooty" or chargers? I don't know anything about them.
If shooty, rate as Pathan shooting and morale.
If chargers, rate as Dervish.

Maroons: I've been experimenting with mixed units. Half of the figures have muskets but shoot poorly. The rest have melee weapons only and get a +1 on first melee round. Also they get to shoot onlybin a charge that closes, OR if they fire as a "normal" unit they take a full turn with no other tasks to reload. Musket men get no charge bonus.
I'm thinking of doing this for Jacobites, and am about to order some Foundry Maroons to go with Old Glory Voodoo Warriors.
You can go with key cards, or just make a GM decision that half the unit always has a rusty trade musket and the rest machetes.

Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP13 Apr 2017 10:35 p.m. PST

That's my first thought. If the maroons could operate in sepatate units, that simplifies matters. I'm just trying to get away from key card arguments. I've done that by ruling that the shooter removes figure casualties on key cards, the defender on others.
My method also simplifies problems with getting equal amounts of shooters and melee.

We did that for Irish in the '98 and I'm going to do it for Lord Dunmore's Ethiopians. I'm also planning to do Highland charges that way.
Just pick an appropriate morale model, or make some up.

Buckeye AKA Darryl14 Apr 2017 3:37 a.m. PST

The Seminoles were definitely a "shooty" bunch, armed mostly with small caliber Spanish rifles. Very accurate for the fire, but the small round often would not penetrate clothing, etc.

The Maroons would have nearly all have had rifles as well. Seminole "slaves" were treated as near equals, many had positions of leadership, and many were free.

Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP14 Apr 2017 6:15 a.m. PST

Well then.
Sounds like a classic Egyptian and Boer vs Pathan fight!

DisasterWargamer Supporting Member of TMP14 Apr 2017 8:57 a.m. PST

Terrain was very much their friend

RudyNelson14 Apr 2017 10:43 a.m. PST

The 1812 southern Indians by old glory 15 will work as Seminoles.the og15 frontiersmen from either the 1812 or the mex-am war should work for volunteers.

Smokey Roan Inactive Member14 Apr 2017 10:51 a.m. PST

Yes Rudy, which is why I have a bunch :)

The terrain is cool. I hunt, hike and play disc golf on the stuff. EVERYTIME I play golf, I am bleeding all over from the saw palmettos. When you are in the palmettos, and hunting a hog, you realize you can be killed any second, (well, I have knocked them on their ass with a .22LR, so I never agree with the legends of their ferocity) but I sure as Hell wouldn't want to be hunting a Seminole in the stuff.

In all my TSATF, my American units shoot as regulars with +1 (ie a 13+ to hit Class I targets) because, well, I'm prejudiced or Nationalist or something :)

My 10 man American unit with Teddy Roosevelt NEVER loses in Africa or Asia! (They also get a +2 melee bonus 'cause they are Americans :) )

Seminoles were "Shooty" AND "Fighty" and so was their US opponents. Battles were small. The Barker/Russell "Massacre" was 5 on 4, with one death to each side.

How cool is it, that Barker is buried right under the Hole 3 basket? And I rock that hole! Got a hole in one there once.

BTW, the noseeums HAD to be the biggest threat back then. If you ever had experience with them, they make just existing impossible when they are out, and there is no wind. No swarms of mosquitos can hold a candle to noseeums.

Hafen von Schlockenberg Inactive Member15 Apr 2017 2:30 p.m. PST

What--no gators?

Smokey,try TinyPics. I followed Condotta's instructions here:

TMP link
and it worked fast and easy. And I'm an idiot.

Smokey Roan Inactive Member17 Apr 2017 8:18 a.m. PST

Thnaks Hafn, I'll study it.

So, I set up three baskets at my daughter's house this weekend.

I discover a massive raspberry patch, when my throw lands in the middle of said. I thought "Cool! Berries! I used to pick them and make pie in Indiana as a chil'"

I didnt remember the thorns! Tore me up! Florida used to be covered in them. That HAD to be a nasty problem for early troops here?.

So, anyone here ever been in a saw palmetto stand? "Saw" is accurate. The fronds are basically a very sharp, very tough killer, like a typical wood saw. Imagine being whacked all over your legs, arms and torso by people swinging 6 foot metal saws, and you get what it's like.

I'd make movement in Palmettos 1D6 for Troops, and 2d6 for Seminoles and experienced militia

Ragbones Supporting Member of TMP17 Apr 2017 10:41 a.m. PST

Raspberries! Num, num, num!

Smokey Roan Inactive Member18 Apr 2017 8:31 p.m. PST

Yeah, its all fun and games until you have to make an approach shot, literally wrapped up in their vines!

Still thinking that the cuts on my legs (maybe 100 3 -6 inch long scrapes) could have been bad news, as I went swimming in the swamp afterwards, and didnt shower till monday morning. Do you want infection? Because thats how you get infection!

And LOL! Didnt ever even wash or clean the snakebite on my hand. (I meant to, just forgot). Bleeped texting Rat snakes! Why bite if you dont have poison?


Gone Fishing19 Apr 2017 7:30 a.m. PST

I love unusual projects like this. If you ever get the photo situation worked out (and as a complete luddite I sympathise, deeply) it would be great to see pics of a game!

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