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Gone Fishing23 Feb 2017 9:28 a.m. PST

Hi All,

My Latin is no longer what it should be, so I'm hoping one of you can help.

How does one say, "Farewell, peaceable kingdom" in Latin? Note I'd prefer peaceable, or peace-loving, to peaceful if possible. Not quite the same thing.

After a good deal of head scratching I've come up with:

Vale, pacatissimum regnum.


Vale, pacifico regnum.

Is one of these correct? Many thanks in advance!

vtsaogames Inactive Member23 Feb 2017 9:40 a.m. PST

Veni, vidi, vici. Amo, amas, amat… sorry, that's about all I recall.

Oh wait, omnia Gallia es in tres partes divivia…

freerangeegg23 Feb 2017 9:53 a.m. PST

Romans they go in their house??

The Last Conformist23 Feb 2017 10:08 a.m. PST

Pacatissimum is "most pacified", which sounds more sinister than I think you want. So Vale, pacificum regnum (note form of adjective) is better.

DrSkull Supporting Member of TMP23 Feb 2017 10:09 a.m. PST

"Vale, pacificum regnum" is what you want

(pacificum, peaceable, needs to agree with regnum, matching in case and number).

pacatissimum is closer to "very pacified", and probably not what you want.

Personal logo Martian Root Canal Supporting Member of TMP23 Feb 2017 10:15 a.m. PST

'Vale pacificum regnum' is a good translation. Lucky that 'regnum' is second declension neuter, or we'd have an argument about case. If it's someone saying it, it would be vocative, so 'regnum' is correct. :)

Gone Fishing23 Feb 2017 10:18 a.m. PST

Gentlemen, I can't thank you enough. I tried to use Google and that made me even more confused! This has been most helpful!

vtsaogames Inactive Member23 Feb 2017 10:29 a.m. PST

Martian Root Canal reminds of why why I have forgotten most of my Latin grammar. It was indeed like a root canal.

Rick Bowes, author, game designer and Fencible, used to have a cataphract figure in an ancient campaign. On his banner it said (in tiny letters), "Friend of the strong, enemy of the weak.

Personal logo herkybird Supporting Member of TMP23 Feb 2017 3:23 p.m. PST

'Vale Regni pacis is an alternative.

Sobieski Inactive Member23 Feb 2017 4:26 p.m. PST

innocentem vale regnum. "Innocens" means "inoffensive", "harmless"; may be as close as Latin gets to your sense.

Gone Fishing23 Feb 2017 4:35 p.m. PST

Thank you both – it's nice to have alternatives. Sobieski, just to be clear: that would be written:

Innocentem vale regnum! (?)

The word order seems odd, but then, I'm very rusty…

uglyfatbloke24 Feb 2017 2:21 a.m. PST

Freerange…shame on you!
'People called Romani they go the house'.

freerangeegg24 Feb 2017 2:43 a.m. PST

Romani ite domum
Romani ite domum…..

Sobieski Inactive Member24 Feb 2017 4:31 a.m. PST

Latin word order is largely a question of emphasis; it's a heavily inflected language, so it doesn't rely on word order to show grammatical functions the way English does. Capital letters vs lower case are a red herring; to be most accurate, do the whole thing in capitals.

Personal logo Martian Root Canal Supporting Member of TMP24 Feb 2017 7:23 a.m. PST

I don't think 'vale regni pacis' works. 'Vale' is the imperative form of 'valere', which is a verb. I could make an argument for 'regnum' being vocative (the form would be regnum) or accusative (the object of the verb). Because regnum is 2nd declension neuter, the form again would be 'regnum'. 'Regni' is the genitive singular form.

It's been a while, but the old ways come back to mind LOL. Thanks for asking the question. It shook some cobwebs loose.

Personal logo Martian Root Canal Supporting Member of TMP24 Feb 2017 7:37 a.m. PST

Thinking more, another option (using a relative clause) is:

'Vale regnum quod pacem amat.'

Literally, 'Farewell/be well, kingdom that loves peace.'

Gone Fishing24 Feb 2017 8:19 a.m. PST

@Martian: Thanks very much for that new option. That might be the one I use.

@Sobieski: I appreciate your patience and guidance. I would buy you all a pint if you lived close enough.

I've said it a thousand times, but this is a big reason I enjoy TMP. It's the only hobby site I know of where a question like this can be asked in the first place, and then be answered in such a complete, friendly and rapid fashion. Many thanks!

Sobieski Inactive Member24 Feb 2017 5:39 p.m. PST

Try the Pendraken site. Much patient goodwill there too.

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