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Frontline Tim Inactive Member11 Feb 2017 6:22 a.m. PST

I have cut a deal for the moulds and rights to the long out of production IT 20mm WW2 ranges, which turns out to be larger than I remember. Not only will this bring both the WW1 and WW2 back together but they will also go well with my vehicle ranges.While this will take a little time to get up and running, progress will be posted on Frontline's website and Facebook page and a number of forums

Rhysius Cambrensis Inactive Member11 Feb 2017 6:57 a.m. PST

I was wondering where these had gone. Good news!

Gone Fishing11 Feb 2017 7:48 a.m. PST

Keep us posted, Tim. Those were some lovely figures.

Syr Hobbs Wargames Sponsoring Member of TMP11 Feb 2017 7:49 a.m. PST

That's great news. I loved the WWII range especially the U.S. At one point some had been redone with new poses that were a bit more dynamic.

From a game I ran years ago.






Keep us posted


Gone Fishing11 Feb 2017 8:55 a.m. PST

I painted up some of the Japanese and thought they were great as well.

DyeHard11 Feb 2017 10:32 a.m. PST

Very good news, I have been wanting to rebuild my 20mm forces.

donlowry Supporting Member of TMP11 Feb 2017 10:44 a.m. PST

More and better pictures? never heard of that line (or don't remember it).

Fatman Inactive Member11 Feb 2017 1:31 p.m. PST

Even as a firmly EX 20mm gamer (Yes I am; I am; I am…) I'm still glad to here these figures are going to be available again. They were/are an excellent range.


Personal logo Cheriton Supporting Member of TMP11 Feb 2017 2:53 p.m. PST

Ditto thumbs up


wrgmr111 Feb 2017 7:40 p.m. PST

I'd like to see some of them, up close.

Frontline Tim Inactive Member12 Feb 2017 2:55 p.m. PST

If all goes to plan I hope to have the moulds by next weekend, once I've got some spun off I will start posting pics. It will take a while to get everything on the website until then I will run a list on the facebook page.

Frontline Tim Inactive Member14 Feb 2017 7:43 a.m. PST

Moulds will be arriving Friday, this will give me the weekend to sort them out and find them a home. Then its spin of samples for photos.

Blacky75014 Feb 2017 9:55 p.m. PST

That's great news, while they may be a old compared to some of the newer stuff from Wartime, AB and Battlefield they will be useful as they had some ranges that nobody else did, looking forward to it

By the way Tim, I didn't mean to put you down but the stuff the sculptors use these day to make the masters is far better to work with and allows far better detail.

All I need now is for you to use the same resin for your vehicles as EWM uses and I'll be very happy

Frontline Tim Inactive Member15 Feb 2017 8:04 a.m. PST

Hi Blacky
I don't feel put down I know they are " old style " and they have been out of production for so long they will be new to a lot of gamers.
If the masters were sculpted in the same medium as the WW1 then it was miliput,The only greens are the East Africa range.
Not sure what resin EWM use. Idealy I would like to use polyurathane resin, easy to mix. no smell, quick cure.
Downside is cost. The principle behind the vehicles has always been for a reasonable cost wargame item hence the current resin in use. I do have a sample of a new type to try out but that is on hold until the WW2 figs are up and running.

Frontline Tim Inactive Member15 Feb 2017 2:31 p.m. PST

This is a working list, changes might be made after I've sorted the moulds.I'm not putting out prices until I'm ready for production.

German Infantry (Wehrmacht)
GER 1 Rifleman, kneeling, firing
GER 2 Rifleman, standing, firing
GER 3 Rifleman, standing
GER 4 Rifleman, running
GER 5 Rifleman, walking
GER 6 SMG throwing grenade
GER 7 Firing STUG 43/44 assault rifle
GER 8 Officer
GER 9 SMG, firing
GER 10 Infantry with panzerfaust
GER 11 LMG team 2 figs
GER 12 Dead
GER 13 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
GER 14 MG42 Tripod mount & 3 crew
GER 15 A/T Gun crew (5 figs.)
GER 16 MG34 Tripod mount & 3 crew
GER 30 Staff set
GER 31 Surrendering
GERS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

German SS
SS 1 Rifleman, kneeling, firing
SS 2 Rifleman, standing, firing
SS 3 Rifleman, running
SS 4 Rifleman, walking
SS 5 Firing STUG43/4 assault rifle
SS 6 Advancing with STUG43/4 assault rifle
SS 7 Firing SMG
SS 8 Officer
SS 9 SMG throwing grenade
SS 10 LMG team 2 figs
SS 11 Kneeling, panzerfaust
SS 12 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
SS 13 MG42 Tripod mount & 3 crew
SS 14 A/T Gun crew (5 figs.)
SS 15 MG34 Tripod mount & 3 crew
SSS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

Afrika Korps
AFK 1 Rifleman, standing, firing
AFK 2 Rifleman, kneeling
AFK 3 Rifleman, advancing
AFK 4 Rifleman, charging
AFK 5 SMG, firing
AFK 6 SMG, advancing
AFK 7 Rifleman with grenade
AFK 8 Officer
AFK 9 MG34 tripod mount & 3 crew
AFK 10 MG42 tripod mount & 3 crew
AFK 11 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
AFK 12 A/T crew (5 figs.)
AFKS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

German Mountain troops (Gebirgsjager)
SKI 1 Standing, firing rifle
SKI 2 Kneeling, rifle
SKI 3 SMG grenade
SKI 4 Advancing with rifle
SKI 5 Firing, SMG
SKI 6 Officer
SKI 7 Walking, carrying skis
SKI 8 Skiing
SKI 9 MG42 tripod mount & 3 crew
SKI 10 A/T Gun crew (5 figs.)
SKI 11 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
SKI 12 Pack mule (loaded)
SKI 13 MG34 tripod mount & 3 crew
SKIS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

German Panzer Grenadiers
PAN 1 Rifleman, firing
PAN 2 Rifleman, advancing
PAN 3 SMG, firing
PAN 4 SMG, advancing
PAN 5 SMG, throwing grenade
PAN 6 Officer
PAN 7 Panzerschreck team 2 figs

VOL 1 Kneeling, rifle
VOL 2 Standing, firing rifle
VOL 3 Advancing with rifle
VOL 4 Firing panzerfaust
VOL 5 Advancing with panzerfaust
VOL 6 Running with rifle
VOL 7 Rifleman throwing grenade
VOL 8 Dead
VOLS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

Germans in Zeltenbahns
GER 32 Standing Firing
GER 33 Rifle, advancing
GER 34 SMG, running
GER 36 Throwing grenade
GER 37 Rifle at ready
GER 38 HMG team
GER 39 HMG team moving
GER 40 Panzerschreck team 2 figs
GER 41 Sniper team 2 figs
GER 42 Radio Operator
GERS2 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

German Paratroops
GPA 1 Rifleman, firing
GPA 2 Rifleman, advancing
GPA 3 SMG, running
GPA 4 SMG, firing
GPA 5 Rifleman, kneeling
GPA 6 SMG, throwing grenade
GPA 7 Officer
GPA 8 Trooper hauling parachute
GPA 9 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
GPA 10 MG42 tripod mount & 3 crew
GPA 11 MG34 tripod mount & 3 crew
GPA 12 A/T gun crew (5 figs.)
GPA1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

Luftwaffe Field Division (smock & field cap)
LUFT 1 Kneeling, rifle
LUFT 2 Standing, firing rifle
LUFT 3 Firing SMG
LUFT 4 SMG, grenade
LUFT 5 Advancing, rifle
LUFT 6 Advancing, SMG
LUFT 7 Standing with rifle, grenade
LUFT 8 Officer
LUFT 9 Available soon
LUFT 10 Dead
LUFT 11 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
LUFT 12 Firing panzerfaust
LUFT 13 MG42 Tripod mount & 3 crew
LUFT 14 A/T Gun crew (5 figs.)
LUFT 15 MG34 Tripod mount & 3 crew)
LUFTS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

German Extras
GOLIATH German, exploding remote control robot & 2 crew
GDINGHY German assault dinghy (inflatable raft) with 4 crew

Soviet Infantry
SOV 1 Rifleman, standing, firing, fur hat
SOV 2 Rifleman, advancing, fur hat
SOV 3 Rifleman, molotov cocktail, cap
SOV 4 Rifleman, walking, helmet
SOV 5 Ppsh SMG, kneeling, firing, cap
SOV 6 Ppsh SMG, standing, firing helmet
SOV 7 Ppsh SMG, theowing grenade, fur hat
SOV 8 Officer, cap
SOV 9 Ppsh SMG, advancing, cap
SOV 10 A/T rifle, helmet
SOV 11 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
SOV 12 Maxim MG & 3 crew
SOV 13 Dead
SOV 14 A/T gun crew (5 figs )
SOVS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

Russians in greatcoats/winter clothing
SOV 21 Rifleman,advancing
SOV 22 Rifleman, firing
SOV 23 Rifleman, kneeling
SOV 24 Rifleman, throwing grenade
SOV 25 Ppsh SMG, firing
SOV 26 Ppsh SMG, advancing
SOV 27 DPM LMG, standing, firing
SOV 28 Officer
SOVS2 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

British Infantry
BRIT 1 Rifleman, kneeling
BRIT 2 Rifleman, standing,firing
BRIT 3 Sten gun, throwing grenade
BRIT 4 Rifleman, walking
BRIT 5 Rifleman, advancing
BRIT 6 Sten gunner, firing
BRIT 7 Sten gun, advancing
BRIT 8 Officer, sten gun
BRIT 9 Bren gunner
BRIT 10 2" Mortar & crew 2 figs
BRIT 11 Dead
BRIT 12 PIAT team 2 figs
BRIT 13 Vickers MG & 3 crew
BRIT 14 A/T gun crew (5 figs. )
BRITS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

British/Far East(Bush Hat)
BE 1 Firing Rifle
BE 2 Kneeling / Firing Thompson
BE 3 Advancing / Thompson
BE 4 Advancing / Rifle
BE 5 Throwing Grenade
BE 6 Advancing / Rifle
BE 7 Radio Operator
BE 8 Firing Bren / Prone
BE 9 Officer
BE 10 Vickers HMG 3 figs
BE 11 Artillery Crew 5 figs
BE 12 Staff Set
BE13 81mm mortar 3 crew
BE14 Mule handler
BES 1 Mixed pose riflemen 10 figs
P2 Pack Mule 1 fig

U.S. G.I.'s
USGI 1 Rifleman, kneeling, firing
USGI 2 Rifleman, standing, firing
USGI 3 Rifleman, throwing grenade
USGI 4 Rifleman, running
USGI 5 Rifleman, advancing
USGI 6 M3 Machine-gun, infantry
USGI 7 M3 Maching-gunner, firing
USGI 8 Officer
USGI 9 LMG team 2 figs
USGI 10 Infantry, firing BAR rifle (standing)
USGI 11 81mm Mortar & 3 crew
USGI 12 Bazooka team 2 figs
USGI 13 A/T gun crew 5 figs
USGI 14 M1917 Browning MG & 3 crew
USGI 15 Infantry, firing carbine
USGI 16 Infantry, advancing with carbine
USGI 17 Infantry, kneeling with carbine
USGIS1 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

American G.I.'s in greatcoats/ winter clothing
USGI 21 Rifleman, advancing
USGI 22 Rifleman, firing
USGI 23 Carbine, kneeling
USGI 24 Carbine, grenade
USGI 25 Carbine, advancing
USGI 26 Officer
USGI 27 BAR rifleman
USGIS2 Mixed pose Riflemen 10 figs

U.S. Marines
USM 1 Rifleman, kneeling, firing
USM 2 Rifleman, standing, firing
USM 3 Rifleman, throwing grenade
USM 4 Rifleman, running
USM 5 Rifleman, running
USM 6 M3 machine gunner
USM 7 M3 machine gunner firing
USM 8 Officer
USM 9 LMG team (2 figs)
USM 10 Flamethrower
USM 11 Bazooka crew (2 figs )
USM 12 Rifleman, firing BAR rifle, standing
USM 13 Dead
USM 14 Radio Operator
USM 15 Firing Thompson MG
USM 16 Rifleman Barechested
USM 17 At Ready/Shotgun
USM 18 Carbine/Mohican
USM 19 Firing Carbine
USM 20 Advancing Carbine
USM 21 Thompson MG/T-Shirt
USM 22 Command Pack
USM 23 HMG 1917 (3 crew )
USM 24 Artillery Crew 5 figs
USM 25 Rifleman backpack prone
USM 26 Rifleman backpack prone
USM 27 Rifleman backpack kneeling
USM 28 Rifleman backpack firing
USM 29 Rifleman backpack advancing
USM 30 Rifleman backpack charging
USMS 1 Mixed pose riflemen 10 figs
USMS 2 Mixed pose riflemen / backpacks 10 figs

Japanese Infantry
JAP 1 Rifleman, kneeling
JAP 2 Rifleman, firing
JAP 3 Rifleman, standing
JAP 4 Rifleman, running
JAP 5 Rifleman, advancing
JAP 6 Officer with sword
JAP 7 LMG, lying, firing
JAP 8 Light mortar team 2 figs
JAP 9 Dead
JAP 10 HMG 3 figs
JAP 11 Firing Rifle (Cap)
JAP 12 Advancing (Cap)
JAP 13 Sniper Team 2 figs
JAP 14 Staff Set
JAP 15 Rifleman/Barechested (Cap)
JAP 16 At Ready (Cap)
JAP 17 Waving on (Cap)
JAP 18 Throwing Grenade (Helmet)
JAP 19 Surrendering
JAP 20 Artillery Crew 5 figs
JAP 21 Radio Operator
JAP 22 Rifleman/Barechested
JAP 23 Banzai charge/1
JAP 24 Banzai charge/2
JAP 25 Banzai charge/3
JAP 26 81mm mortar 3 crew
JAP 27 Mule handler
JAP 28 Mounted Jap officer & horse 1 fig
JAP 29 Satchel charge
JAP 30 Carrying flag
JAPS 1 Mixed pose riflemen 10 figs

Japanese Marines
JM 1 Firing Sub-machine Gun
JM 2 With rifle
JM 3 Advancing / Rifle
JM 4 Advancing / Sub-machine Gun
JM 5 At Ready / Sub-machine Gun
JM 6 Officer
JMS 1 Mixed pose marines 10 figs

REF 1 Elderly couple 2 figs
REF 2 Man with loaded Wheelbarrow 2 figs
REF 3 Children 2 figs
REF 4 Housewives 2 figs

Blacky75016 Feb 2017 12:17 a.m. PST

Well I'm definitely looking forward to the Germans in Zeltbahns and LFD

Frontline Tim Inactive Member17 Feb 2017 3:32 p.m. PST

Got the moulds today, will get samples spun off and photos taken asap.

Blacky75020 Feb 2017 11:59 a.m. PST


Have you had a chance to run the moulds?

Frontline Tim Inactive Member20 Feb 2017 1:55 p.m. PST

Sorry not yet. A couple of large resin orders are taking up my time at the moment. There is 85 production moulds to spin so it will take a little while to do. I take it you want to see the Zeltbahns.

Blacky75022 Feb 2017 1:19 p.m. PST

Yes please and the LFD

Frontline Tim Inactive Member22 Feb 2017 2:00 p.m. PST

Finaly got on top of the resin jobs and will be spinning tomorrow.

Blacky75024 Feb 2017 4:16 p.m. PST

Any joy with the spins?

Frontline Tim Inactive Member24 Feb 2017 6:09 p.m. PST

Hi Blacky
Yes got the Luftwaffe field div done, no pics as yet life has got in the way. I will try and get pics taken tomorrow.

Blacky75025 Feb 2017 10:34 a.m. PST


Frontline Tim Inactive Member01 Mar 2017 6:03 p.m. PST

First pictures are for the Luftwaffe feild div. I'm not the best photographer but you get an idea of what they look like.

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

‌"TMP link

online photo sharing

Blacky75002 Mar 2017 2:43 a.m. PST

Yep, how do we order

Frontline Tim Inactive Member02 Mar 2017 3:18 p.m. PST

On the frontline website ( click on either the contact us or order infomation next to the logo. or send orders in to

Prices are the same as the WW1
single fig £0.60 GBP
2 figs £1.20 GBP
2 figs + support wepon £1.60 GBP
3 figs £1.80 GBP
3 figs + support wepon 2.20
5 figs £3.00 GBP

Zeltenbahns up next.

Frontline Tim Inactive Member08 Mar 2017 4:55 p.m. PST

Germans in Zeltenbahns

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forum image hosting

Rallynow Supporting Member of TMP08 Mar 2017 7:29 p.m. PST

This is great news.

donlowry Supporting Member of TMP10 Mar 2017 9:48 a.m. PST

I don't see why a prone figure needs a base!

Frontline Tim Inactive Member16 Mar 2017 4:56 p.m. PST

Perhaps he doesn't want to lie on the damp ground.
Sorry domlowry couldn't resist.
So far all the prone figs are on bases. I'll perhaps look at changing this at a latter date.

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