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Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP14 Jan 2017 10:52 p.m. PST

His sabaton disappeared completely in the loose dust that occasionally blew up in small whirlwinds around the advancing Thousand Sons. Obrion had no time to consider that much of the dust was probably ash from the burned bodies of the Orks that had once inhabited this settlement.


Focusing past what he could physically see of the battlefield he focused on the images of fighting going on that were being telepathically projected into his mind.


Ancient Sarvis lumbered towards the enemy, even through the thick armour of the contemptor dreadnought Obrion could feel the heat of the multi-melta each time it discharged. He could feel it because Sarvis himself could feel it. Each shot struck against the armour of a Blood Angel terminator, melting the bulky plate and cooking the veteran marine inside.

That it had come to this.

As soon as they dropped from the warp they could tell that Prospero was a dead planet, they all felt its absence, the death that resided on it. The Blood Angel strike cruiser that started to move towards them had started to cycle up its weapons and, not knowing why their brother legion would turn on them, the wayward Thousand Sons had fled to this planet. They hoped that the arcane ruins they had read about would enable them to make some kind of contact with their Primarch if he still lived.

Obrion continued to advance, as he did he still watched through the eyes of the dreadnought.


The Terminator fired back and shell ricocheted off of the incredibly thick armour of the walking sarcophagus. He targeted them again and another Terminator was down. Just as he fired though Obrion saw movement and Ancient Sarvis moved slightly too slowly to fire at the Blood Angel dreadnought that came out from behind the tower.

It fired a multi-melta and while the heat did not damage the armour of the dreadnought, the intensity of it did manage to overload the circuitry inside momentarily.

The Terminators rushed into combat with the stunned warmachine.

Their powerfists smashed into the armour but were not able to inflict any real damage. Obrion was momentarily ejected from the mind of the ancient warrior as a psychic shriek erupted from the mind of the entombed marine.


All three Terminators stopped their movement and toppled over, their minds shattered by the wave of mental force that had emanated from their opponent.

Quickly the mind meld joined their thoughts again and Obrion could hear the air sizzling as another multi melta blast fused the leg joint of the Thousand Sons Dreadnought.

The dreadnought whirled on its torso and another blast hit it melting through the outer ring of armour and it was stuck fast.

Fortunately it was facing the Blood Angel dreadnought and fired. The force of the heat was too much for the smaller armoured warrior and the Blood Angel dreadnought exploded.


Obrion was wrenched back to his own body as his subconscious became aware of targets of his own. His squad opened up on the Blood Angels and a desperate fire fight ensued, being more exposed the Thousand Sons were getting the worst of the exchange and it was then that a second Blood Angel dreadnought crested the small rocky hill in front of them.

It's dual power claws opened and closed, plasma arcs crackling about them as the energy of the weapons super heated the air in lightning like patterns around them.

Obrion moved himself through the enumerations and saw where the dreadnought would be next. He projected his observations on the squad next to them and their Raptora cult sergeant knew exactly what to do with the information. He projected a bolt of pure psychic force at exactly where the weak spot in the leg joint was going to be. It smashed through a piece of armour in the leg, severing the hydraulic cable behind it.

Normally it would have immobilized the dreadnought but as the dreadnought was moving down the hill the forward momentum caught it and the machine smashed down on its face. It lived, but was out of the fight.


The effort had not been without cost. Obrion saw the sergeant double over. His armour cracked in places and in other places merged with his flesh as the warp energies he had channeled over took his form. Screaming the sergeant charged forward, taking fire from two squads of Blood Angels.

Using the brief respite, Obrion moved up further and continued to engage the Blood Angels until he felt the connection to their commander fail.

His squad mates looked over to where a Blood Angel assault squad and one of their commanders was ripping through the veterans holding the left flank.


With the last of the Terminators falling in a hail of fire and their command and right flank wiped out Obrion had little choice and ordered his remaining troops to slowly fall back, firing as they went. They would have to seek these arcane ruins elsewhere on the planet.

blacksoilbill15 Jan 2017 3:45 a.m. PST

Great looking table and models there!

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP15 Jan 2017 7:01 a.m. PST

Thanks! It is pretty convenient that the Blood Angels got the modern space marine armour at the end of the heresy as my buddy has a BA force so we can pretty much almost use it as is.

We do have to use the guys mostly as veteran squads as he doesn't really have enough bolter armed guys to consistently field 10 man squads of only them.

Still veterans feels right in the post Signus era and definitely in games set after the Siege of Terra, like this one. And with the Pride of the Legion rule you can field them as Troop choices.

Frederick Supporting Member of TMP15 Jan 2017 6:32 p.m. PST

Very nice! Good AAR and great minis

Capt Flash24 Jan 2017 6:38 p.m. PST

👍🏽 great stuff! So glad to see Blood Angels on the field of battle!

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP24 Jan 2017 9:31 p.m. PST

We've had the Blood Angels out a few times in the last few weeks. They fought against the World Eaters in a game set during the Siege of Terra in December as well as this game. It is nice because the BA used modern PA during the end of the heresy as well as actions fought right after so your 40K force can be used for 30K stuff with only minor modifications.

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