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Dark Eyed Warrior 69a Inactive Member19 Nov 2016 12:45 p.m. PST



Penn will need to take a morale check for seeing one of the party members being killed. Ghislain will need to take two morale checks, one for seeing one of the party members being killed and another for being wounded for the first time in this combat. They need to better a DC 15 -2 for military training, -2 for having been successful before with this party -9 for the best Diplomacy skill in the party = 3. Penn rolls a 7 and will continue to fight. Ghislain rolls a 4 and a 14 and will also continue to fight.
Ansic swings his long sword at the ghoul attacking him and hits it in the left arm as the creature is reaching out to try to scratch him again. He does 6pts of damage and the monster screams in pain and its eyes darken with revenge.
Ghislain desperately stabs at the ghoul attacking him and cuts deeply into its right hand dealing 7pts of damage.
Thomas fires an arrow at the closest ghoul and hits the monster in the stomach. It is a sickening wound and he deals 10pts of damage.
Uthalin moves 10ft to the north west and fires his heavy crossbow at the ghoul that's about to feast on Trone but the bolt misses as it goes flying over the creatures grotesque body.
Halee shouts to Penn to get in there and to try to help Dedrik as she moves 10ft to the west and fires an arrow at Trone's ghoul. She lines up the creature carefully and loses the arrow which pierces the monsters right arm, dealing 5pts of damage. The ghoul looks up at Halee angry at being disturbed.
Penn moves 10ft to the north and attacks Dedrik's ghoul stabbing at it wildly with his long sword but he misses. The ghoul looks up at him and hisses.
Risandor doesn't know what to do so he casts Daze at Trone's ghoul. It's a DC 13 Will save and the ghoul has a Will save bonus of +5 and thus needs to roll an 8 or better. It rolls an 8 and shakes off the spell. It turns its head towards Risandor.
Asmara casts Protection from Evil upon herself and readies herself to charge into the fight.



A Paralysis token Z" is removed from Trone and Dedrik.
The south eastern most ghoul continues its attack on Ghislain and misses the man at arms with all three attacks.
The middle eastern ghoul attacks Penn, angry that its meal has been interrupted. It tears at him with its mouth, biting deeply into his left leg and dealing 4pts of damage. It tries to rake with its claws but does no damage. Penn rolls a 6 for the save against paralysis and fails, becoming paralysed for 5 rounds. He rolls an 18 and saves against being poisoned.
The north eastern ghoul continues its attack upon Ansic. Ansic only just manages to deflect the savage blows.
The north western ghoul leaps at Risandor, angry at the little thing stopping it from eating its meal. In doing so it provides Ansic with an attack of opportunity. The big fighter lashes out with his long sword but he misses as he's too distracted with the ghoul to his front. The ghoul assaults Risandor but fails to hit the halfling.
The south western ghoul 5ft steps to the east and attacks Thomas, angry at having being wounded by the arrow. It scratches Thomas with one of its claws dealing 5pts of damage. Thomas rolls a 15 and makes the Fortitude save against paralysis.



Both Dedrik and Penn will need to take morale checks when they come out of being paralysed. Dedrik will need to take two, one for being wounded and one for losing a party member, and Penn will need to take one for being wounded as he has already taken one for losing a party member. As both are paralysed however they do nothing this round, as does Trone.
Ansic attacks the ghoul to his front. He smashes it, cutting its left arm deeply with his long sword and dealing 8pts of damage. The ghoul slumps to the ground dead.
Risandor knows he cannot take this monster on in hand to hand combat and makes a Withdraw move.
Asmara moves 10ft to the north west to try to defend the paralysed Dedrik and Penn. She slashes at the ghoul with her scimitar but misses the fiend.
Ghislain stabs at the ghoul to his front but also misses.
Thomas 5ft steps to the south east and fires an arrow at the ghoul that had just attacked him. He easily hits it, the arrow penetrating deeply into its stomach and causing another 10pts of damage. The ghoul slumps to the ground dead.
Baby Cord 5ft steps to the north and attacks the now dead ghoul, not realising that the attacker of his master is already dead.
Halee fires an arrow at the ghoul that had attacked Risandor but misses.
Uthalin reloads his crossbow.



One paralysis marker is removed from Trone, Dedrik and Penn. Dedrik wakes up, prone upon the ground.
The south eastern ghoul attacks Ghislain and bites him on the left leg for 3pts of damage but can't scratch him with his claws. Ghislain rolls a 20 and isn't paralysed.
The north eastern ghoul attacks Asmara but fails to hit the protected cleric.
The northern ghoul attacks Ansic but cannot beat his defences.




Echoco Inactive Member19 Nov 2016 1:32 p.m. PST

Thomas has a clear sight to ghoul fighting Ansic.
His wound stinging he ready another arrow and takes aim.
He feels less threatened by the other two as they're being blocked by a lot of people.

Mardaddy19 Nov 2016 3:52 p.m. PST

Halee moves north 10ft and switches to target the eastern ghoul attacking Ghislain.

She is hoping between Ris, Thomas and Uthalin, the northern ghoul will be dropped.

Halee is not that concerned about the other eastern ghoul, Asmara is there, and she is well-armored.

(((Halee kicks herself for delaying attempts to make Antiplague until her kit shows up…)))

PMC31719 Nov 2016 6:49 p.m. PST

Asmara will seek to protect the incapacitated party members at all costs.

Has she any spells that can cure disease? She might need to use them…!

Mardaddy20 Nov 2016 9:46 a.m. PST

When this fight is over, and while we bandage everyone up, we will need to make a Heal check to determine who is infected and the specifics of ghoul fever to determine if they need immediate treatment or can go on and delay until later (as players we may already know, but our characters do not.)

Darkest Star Games Sponsoring Member of TMP21 Nov 2016 8:06 a.m. PST

Trone: "Shhhhh, I'm sleepin'!"

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