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18 May 2018 4:29 p.m. PST
by Editor in Chief Bill

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M1Fanboy01 Jul 2016 1:28 p.m. PST

I recently procured this little app for my phone called paintRack, it's really a good program. While it doesn't track EVERY paint bottle I have (no databases for AK, BF, or any of the myriad of craft paint manufacturers), it did give me some insight into just how much I do have…

10 pots of New Citadel (non hexagonal)
Unknown numbers of Old Citadel (Hexagonal pots)
Unknown numbers of Ral Partha, Armory, and Testors Model Master
Gigundus amounts of craft paints
28 P3 pots
1 pot from Reaper
92 pots of Vallejo (probably more with the duplicates of some colors I have)
3 Pots of Army Painter Warpaint
7 Pots of Taimya (some colors again, duplicated)
19 Pots of Ammo MiG
And more than a few AK and Battlefront colors…

Personal logo Pictors Studio Sponsoring Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 1:52 p.m. PST

Probably more than a dozen or so.

JimDuncanUK01 Jul 2016 1:57 p.m. PST

I can see in excess of 200 pots of paint without opening any of my five drawers which also hold paint so I'm not going to count them all but I can see 6 or 7 different paint manufacturers.

Timmo uk01 Jul 2016 2:04 p.m. PST

Four estimated numbers in brackets

Vallejo (40)
Humbrol (10)
Derivan now OOP (4)
Specialist etch primer can't recall the make (1)

Personal logo jeffreyw3 Supporting Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 2:07 p.m. PST

I picked up the app--not sure what it will do for me (a lot of my bottles are old and don't scan). Thanks for the heads up.

Rich Bliss01 Jul 2016 2:14 p.m. PST


Liquitex (21 tubes)
Tamiya (8 jars)
Testors (2 jars)
Americana (9 bottles)

GildasFacit Sponsoring Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 2:15 p.m. PST

Neither know nor care. Each I have got works for something – if it didn't it has already been binned.

Legion 401 Jul 2016 2:27 p.m. PST

A whole bunch !

Rallynow Supporting Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 2:33 p.m. PST

Yeah, a whole bunch. Don't expect an inventory. For me I get whatever brand that has the color I am looking for.

eptingmike01 Jul 2016 2:38 p.m. PST

I used to have quite a few but I have slowly whittled down to Vallejo as my main with a handful of specialist things like Army Painter inks. I get interested in checking out other lines again but I always come back to the issue of ease of purchase. Locally, Vallejo is easiest. :)

KPinder01 Jul 2016 2:41 p.m. PST

I lost count years ago. I never met a paint I didn't like. If I find a flea marketer selling off out of production paints, you can forget about me for a while. I'm gonna be busy.

Winston Smith Supporting Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 2:45 p.m. PST

More than I want to sit down and count.

Mute Bystander Inactive Member01 Jul 2016 3:03 p.m. PST

Aside from Craft paints, Reaper only.

The Beast Rampant01 Jul 2016 3:06 p.m. PST

Four: Privateer, Vallejo, Citadel, Target Games.

Though most of my old Target pots now contain custom mixes. The pots are small, durable, and to my experience, never dry out.

RavenscraftCybernetics Inactive Member01 Jul 2016 3:26 p.m. PST

there are only a few paint manufacturers. there are many different brands/labels.

nnascati Supporting Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 4:24 p.m. PST

Apple Barrel, Folkart and Delta, along with a couple of free samples from Reaper.

Extrabio1947 Supporting Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 5:40 p.m. PST

Polly S

zoneofcontrol Inactive Member01 Jul 2016 6:20 p.m. PST

Off the top of mu head, 4 to 6.

d effinger01 Jul 2016 7:03 p.m. PST

I can't them but there are a LOT.


Terry3701 Jul 2016 7:28 p.m. PST

I have a couple hundred bottles of paint from about 7 different makers (because I like using out of the bottle for base coats). I mostly use the cheaper hobby store paints, but also like Vallejo and a few similar brands. I do find that some Vallejo paints are very difficult to mix up properly without taking the top off and stirring it which is frustrating.


79thPA Supporting Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 7:54 p.m. PST

I'd say at least 8.

Personal logo etotheipi Sponsoring Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 9:06 p.m. PST

Paint: Apple Barrel, Folk ARt
Spraypaint: Krylon, Rustoleum, MinWax, and Generic Wal-Mart brand

Personal logo Extra Crispy Sponsoring Member of TMP01 Jul 2016 9:09 p.m. PST

Vallejo (lots), Coat d'Arms (lots), P3 half a dozen or so. Craft paints (Apple Barrel, Americana). Derivan (4 or 5).

arsbelli02 Jul 2016 4:18 a.m. PST

Two: Army Painter Warpaints and inks for figures, Apple Barrel craft paints for bases.

langobard Supporting Member of TMP02 Jul 2016 4:34 a.m. PST

Interesting question, I used to try buy the 'precise' colour I was looking for. Now I'm older and hopefully a bit wiser and certainly realise that in the majority of the cases that I paint, there is no 'correct' colour, so now I just use Citadel and Vallejo paints as I find they are good strong pigments, and I am a lot better at mixing paints now till I'm happy with the result.

So for me, just two manufacturers now.

slugbalancer02 Jul 2016 7:52 a.m. PST

Lifecolor – lots
Xtracrylix – lots
Revell Aqua Color – lots
Tamiya – lots
Vallejo – some
Humbrol – some

Markconz02 Jul 2016 1:59 p.m. PST

Coat d'arms
Army Painter (for inks)
Games Workshop (for excellent red and yellow base paints, plus some browns)

Testors for matt spray varnish
Plus hardware store matt black spray paint

Don Manser03 Jul 2016 5:11 a.m. PST

Numerous craft brands.

Weasel03 Jul 2016 6:40 a.m. PST

Games Workshop and Reaper primarily, some old Privateer paints and spray paints from the grocery store.

Cicero Inactive Member03 Jul 2016 12:39 p.m. PST

I had a MAJOR clean out a few months ago. Dumped a lot of dried out paint. Now,

Vallejo 50+
Humbrol 20

ITALWARS03 Jul 2016 1:32 p.m. PST

many…but my favourite and hard to find are Plaka/Pelikan water based

Joes Shop Supporting Member of TMP03 Jul 2016 2:02 p.m. PST

Vallejo Model Color and Model Air.
Testors Model Master Enamel.
Apple Barrel Craft.

GGouveia05 Jul 2016 12:48 p.m. PST

1 that I use Vallejo.

Dashetal05 Jul 2016 3:58 p.m. PST

Too many to bother to figure out. I buy acrylic by color. I have no brand loyalty. As long as it covers well and is the right shade.

guineapigfury Inactive Member08 Jul 2016 12:50 p.m. PST

5: several Flames of War sets, a few Vallejo bottles, a box full of Tamiya, a larger box of Americana for terrain and finally some Stone Mountain for Civil War stuff and horses.

WillieB Supporting Member of TMP13 Jul 2016 7:49 a.m. PST

Couldn't resist.
Winsor & Newton

VicCina Supporting Member of TMP13 Jul 2016 10:29 p.m. PST

I don't want to know. It's a lot.

bobm195914 Jul 2016 5:52 a.m. PST

Army Painter
Coat D'Arms
Citadel (old and really old)
Liquitex (only 1 colour but use their gesso and matt varnish and a few inks)
Winsor & Newton acrylic (the antique bronze is brilliant)
Colour Party
Miniature Paint (an excellent matt white amongst others)
Tamiya (but don't like the smell)
….plus craft paints

Personal logo Toy Soldier Green Supporting Member of TMP17 Jul 2016 9:52 a.m. PST

Apple Barrel
Folk Art
Craft Smart
Delta Ceramcoat
Flames of War bullet shaped paints.

Army Painter Primers and one can of Privateer Press White Spray Primer.

Jefthing Inactive Member30 Jul 2016 11:51 a.m. PST

Like most people I have a box of whatever does the job, including a still working tin of Airfix Matt 11. I try to use Vallejo wherever possible, though, so they make up the majority.

Rallynow Supporting Member of TMP30 Jul 2016 10:07 p.m. PST

Good grief, I am not going to list them, but probably about five or so.

Personal logo Cardinal Hawkwood Supporting Member of TMP03 Aug 2016 4:17 a.m. PST

Life Color, Americana ,Derivan,Vallejo Game colour and the other one,Humbrol,Games Workshop,Semco,Deco Art So soft,Italeri,Tamiya ,Gunze,Cote des Armes, P3,Army painter,Reaper

ced110603 Aug 2016 10:48 p.m. PST

During the Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes KS, Reaper will be selling sets of 12 paints for $10 USD, and that's how I've been picking up my sets, along through their Learn to Paint Kits. I have maybe fifty Reaper paints that way?

I also have the Army Painter Quickshade Ink set and Zombicide paint sets. Maybe 25 more paints.

And I have the Secret Weapon Miniatures washes. Another thirty paints. If you haven't tried them, start with Stone for your dungeon tiles, and Armor Wash to finish off your metals!

Delthos Inactive Member14 Aug 2016 4:29 p.m. PST

Lots. Probably in the 15 range, maybe more.

Patrick Sexton Supporting Member of TMP15 Aug 2016 2:27 p.m. PST

At least 20.

Volleyfire17 Aug 2016 10:01 a.m. PST

Referring to the strapline for this post I don't personally own any of the manufacturers of the paints I use, I'd possibly like to though.:-)) I do however own paints by different manufacturers, all 5 of them.,

mdauben Inactive Member23 Aug 2016 12:20 p.m. PST

I pretty much use Vallejo paints almost exclusively these days (VMC, VGC and Vallejo Air). I do still use GW shade/washes, though, as I do like those better than the similar Vallejo product.

SurfingMoose Inactive Member24 Aug 2016 12:59 p.m. PST

Lifecolor – lots
Coat d'arms – some
Foundy – lots
Ammo by Mig – lots
Howard Hues – some
Vallejo – occasionally when used in tutorial and then used to test against a paint I already have for a match.

I do not like mixing paints and when I see a color I like and can use, I'll buy it.

DaleWill Supporting Member of TMP25 Aug 2016 9:32 a.m. PST

Tamiya – 20%
Vallejo – 80%

Used to use a lot of Howard Hues & Humbrol. Can't find them local anymore.

Codsticker04 Sep 2016 11:59 a.m. PST

Cote D'arms, GW (both the discontinued Foundation range and the new range), Army Painter, Tamiya, Deltacoat craft paint (for terrain), Vallejo primers and Armour Coat spray primer. I am looking forward to trying the Scale 75 paints too.

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