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Dark Eyed Warrior 69a16 Jan 2016 1:54 p.m. PST

In the second month of our campaign by G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T the French Foreign Legion force commander Colonel Durand had found that there was insufficient water supply at his current camp and he needed to move.

A month earlier, Captain Andre had indicated that he had seen an old slavers fort located on the mainland. Durand reasoned that in order to have a fort there must be sufficient water to support a garrison.

Durand had under his command two companies of French Foreign Legion (one regular and one penal company (30 figures total armed with breech loading rifles)), a company of Senegalais (20 figures armed with breech loading rifles) and some Algerian natives (20 figures armed with spears). He had artillery support in the form of two Hotchkiss rotating cannons (8 figures). A small gunboat armed with a six pounder cannon, the Atalante, provided navel support. Since the last mission, a small tribe of native, pre-historic cavemen (19 figures armed with spears and a pet ape), had offered to help Durand after witnessing Colour Sergeant Wilson slay an Allosaurus which had been terrorising the tribe for some time.

The Atalante could only transport 40 troops at one time so Durand sent 20 French Foreign Legion under Major Delandier, 10 Algerian natives under Abdule and 9 cavemen and the ape under Gronk to secure the fort.

A map showing the progress of Atalante from the first mission and her course for this second mission is shown in the following figure.


Upon disembarkation, the Major led his men towards the clearly visible for and undertook an reconnoitre.

He discovered that the fort was occupied by approximately 20 Arabian slave traders. He sent a messenger to demand the surrender of the slavers but they shot at him as soon as he approached.

Six scaling ladders were quickly constructed and the plan was for the Gronks cavemen and Abdules Algerians to scale the walls of the fort whilst masking fire was provided by the 1st and 2nd platoons of French Foreign Legion (ie the company was broken down into two companies or platoons). If necessary the 1st platoon would undertake support hand to hand effort.

Major Delandier would command 1st platoon and Captain Ravil would command 2nd platoon.

Durand then deployed as showed in the following map.


Durand signals a general advance. The Cavemen and Algerians advance quickly towards the fort and the French Foreign Legion take up firing positions amongst the palm grove and steep hills.


As they continue to advance the Algerians start to take casualties. The Slavers take turns issuing fire from their muzzle loading rifles with one half of the defenders firing whilst the other half reloads.


Under the heavy weight of fire the Algerians break. Four cowards run away never to be seen again whilst three retire to the palm grove. Abdule runs towards Capatain Revil to report that his unit has taken heavy casualties.

The masking fire from the French Foreign Legion kills two of the Arabian defenders.

The cavemen continue their advance on the fort. As they approach the Slavers fire killing three of them, including Gronk their leader. This is too much for the cavemen which have never seen this type of firepower before. Two run from the battle and others scatter. Having seen Gronk fall, the man eating ape also flees. In their confusion, two of the cavemen scale the ladders and assault the Slavers.


The biggest caveman Ugg kills one of the Slavers. He raises his bone dagger above his head and shouts "Ug kills!!!!".


Realising that the attack had started to falter (there were two cavemen on the walls against 17 Slavers), the French Foreign Legion begin to advance. As they advance, a volley from some of the Slavers kills two privates from Captain Revil's platoon. They return fire, killing two Slavers in return.


Two slavers charge Ugg. Ugg slashes wildly to the left and right killing both Slavers. "Ugg kills, Ugg kills!!!!" is heard reverberating from within the fort.


Ugg charges forth and engages another two of the slavers. This time he is not so luck though and he is hit upon the head and taken out of action. In a sign of disgust the slavers dump his body over the wall. Seeing this the cavemen regroup, not knowing what to do, and huddle at the base of the wall.

Captain Revil opens fire killing another two of the Slavers and Major Delandier charges with half of his platoon up and onto the wall.


Engaging in close action Major Delandier and his men kill another two of the defenders.


Continuing their charge, Major Delandier kill another two of the Slavers and the rest flee. One of his men is shot in the back during this final action.

Wiping his brow Delandier counts the cost:
- One French Foreign Legion killed, two wounded. No officers or senior NCO's were killed or wounded.
- Two cavemen killed and two wounded. Gratefully Ugg survives and now leads the cavemen.
- One Algerian killed and one wounded.

Dark Eyed Warrior 69a16 Jan 2016 2:18 p.m. PST


Dark Eyed Warrior 69a16 Jan 2016 2:21 p.m. PST

This time with the images….










Chris Palmer16 Jan 2016 2:38 p.m. PST

Great report! And I love the accompanying maps! It sounds like it was a fun game; thanks for sharing the write-up.

skippy000116 Jan 2016 4:26 p.m. PST

Did Ugg publish his cave-painted war memoirs after?

Dark Eyed Warrior 69a17 Jan 2016 1:42 a.m. PST

Hahaha Skippy Ugg just got a copy of Photoshop for Christmas and is learning how to draw maps etc.

Chris thanks for the generous comments. Mate you've created a great set of rules. We're really enjoying running a campaign using them. They are so simple and flexible that they allow the guys to concentrate on the campaign side of things rather than the technical nature of the rules.

And the skill system makes it semi-roleplaying as well. Nice.

Ugg picked up a skill in this game and is now fearless. The cavemen wont be running too often in future games.

surdu200517 Jan 2016 2:59 a.m. PST


Ug kills!

Dark Eyed Warrior 69a17 Jan 2016 4:31 a.m. PST

Ugg has now inherited the tribe after Gronk's demise.

Ugg's card and picture below.



TheBeast18 Jan 2016 6:06 a.m. PST

I'm a bit surprised so noble a savage as Gronk did merely 'appear' to die, and wasn't found later, unconscious.

Of course, the cry of 'They killed Gronk! NO!' does have a ring to it.

My main admiration is that a campaign can be kept going.

Real Life[tm] tends to wreck such.



Dark Eyed Warrior 69a23 Jan 2016 9:52 p.m. PST

You are right Beast.

In the campaign we use the old 1/3 lightly wounded, 1/3 heavily wounded, 1/3 killed. We say that 1/2 the heavily wounded survive so really we just simplify it down to 50/50 and both Gronk and Ugg did live.

Post the game there was a role off to see who took control of the tribe.

Fact was that the tribe had lost faith in Gronk and Ugg……he proved himself.

I'll post up some more campaign posts soon.


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