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Steel11109 Dec 2015 8:43 p.m. PST

Hey fellas,

I'm new to mini's and i have some questions. I choose GHQ WWII 1/285 mini's because of the large scale battle that can be played with battalion and division scale. I've been reading the rules from GHQ Rulebook for WWII just to get my head around the game. So far I like what I have read Here are my questions.

I'll use the scenario "Torre Muchia – Ortona Campaign 1944 for my question first question

1. When playing with infantry, how do you know what (1) infantry figure represents? Does (1) infantry figure equal 10 men, 20 men, or maybe 30 men???
(If you see the scenario i posted above its asking for the Germans to have 3x Infantry. Does that mean just (3) figures and those 3 figures are equal to having 30 men, or is 3x infantry actually 30 total infantry figures.)

2. In the GHQ Rulebook it has "Ranges" when firing. My question is when firing on an enemy i can not fire past my max range is this correct? So if my infantry range is 5 i cant shoot at an enemy at 6 hexes away or even 7, correct?

3. I play counter & hex wargames. Is there any counter & hex maps that would work with battalion and division size units battles for GHQ mini's.
Ie: Maybe use "Case Blue" game maps

4. I heard these rulebooks are also good, Spearhead and Blitzkrieg Command.

5. Anyone selling their painted WWII Micro Armor collection???

Thanks for any help

Martin Rapier10 Dec 2015 12:17 a.m. PST

I am not familiar with GHQ rules, but when a scenario refers to 3xInfantry, it most likely means three infantry units, not figures. Iirc they are platoon sized elements, so three bases of infantry with as many figures stuck on as looks OK.

I usually put four to six 6mm figures on platoon bases.

paulgenna10 Dec 2015 6:18 a.m. PST


You can post this question also on the GHQ forum and you will get some answers. Also, there will be some that will sell some of their stuff.

twawaddell10 Dec 2015 11:30 a.m. PST

I've been using the Modern version of those rules and have read the WWII version which is by the same author and basically the same rules less modern stuff.

1. Infantry is represented by 3 to 5 figures on a stand representing a platoon or smaller bunch. Infantry figures don't represent any set number of actual people. "3x" infantry means 3 stands (platoons) of that type of infantry. The same applies to their tanks.

2. Correct.

3. I grew up on counter and hex war-games and have found that most of the tactical game maps work but aren't as visually stimulating as 3-D terrain. We used to play Blind Panzerblitz on several different operational level maps that had large enough hexes. It was, for lack of a better phrase "A real rush!"

4. There is also the Fistful of Tows game that can be used and has rules for WWII era vehicles.

It has been suggested that you check out the GHQ forum on this site. I recommend that you go to and register there as a forum member. There is an enormous amount of information/tutorials/after action reports buried in their archives just waiting to be discovered by you plus ALL of the folks I've ever interacted with there are really nice folks who just can't wait to help you with your gaming problems. Just like this site but entirely focussed on the GHQ lines.

As for the figures there are always folks selling something. Who you buy from may depend on where you live as international shipping is not cheap!

Steel11111 Dec 2015 12:59 p.m. PST

Thanks for the help fellas.

As for getting on the forum over at GHQ, I've signed up 5 days ago and they still have not actived me to get on….don't know what the issue is.

I've decided to purchase all 3 scales, 1/285, 1/100, and 1/72. The only way i found out what is best is to buy it and play them all and see what fits.

Mako1111 Dec 2015 8:15 p.m. PST

Don't overlook 1/144th.

Lots of stuff available in that scale as well.

williamb11 Dec 2015 10:42 p.m. PST

Blitzkrieg Commander, Fist Full of Tows, Command Decision Test of Battle, Spearhead, GHQ's Micro Armor the Game all use platoon size units. There are Yahoo Groups, Forums, various web sites for these rules where you can find information, scenarios, and other help.

Mark 115 Dec 2015 12:38 a.m. PST


Your account on the GHQ Forums is active, and shows as active since 12/11.

Did you create a password when you signed up? Try logging in.

Let me know in the GHQ Forum if you succeed. Let me know here if you do not.

(aka: Mk 1 GHQ Forum Moderator)

Steel11115 Dec 2015 11:13 p.m. PST

Hey Mark,

For some reason I cant get on the forum at GHQ. Everytime i try to get on it says invaild. Then when ask for password i get this:

"Sorry, but your password cannot be retrieved because your account is currently inactive. Please contact the forum administrator for more information."

Don't even know how i can contact the admin. And yes I gave myself a username and password. Received the start up email but after that can't sign in….

Mark 117 Dec 2015 10:25 p.m. PST


Sorry for the delay. Watch for a further contact from GHQ Admin.

aka: Mk 1

Mark 122 Dec 2015 5:32 p.m. PST


I see you are now live on the GHQ Forums. Welcome aboard!

(aka: Mk 1)

Steel11123 Dec 2015 7:15 a.m. PST

Thanks, Mark

Merry Christmas

chrisswim01 Jan 2016 1:27 p.m. PST

I have some WW2 micro armor, Russian, German & US available.

On FB- chris's micro armor

DougEagle03 Jan 2016 10:26 a.m. PST

Micro Armour gaming is quite fun. My suggestion though is figure out what time period you want to play in. Early war in France or Russian Front. Mid War- Russian Front or North Africa. Late War '44-45- France (Normandy), Russian Front, Italian campaign. Each time period has they're advantages in terms of equipment…which is always fun too.

1- 1 Stand= 1 platoon (30-40 troops), 3-5 tanks or guns.
When it states 3x Infantry, that's 3 infantry stands. You can put as many troops on each base as you wish. I put 4-5 on mine. But I also leave space on a bottom corner to put an ID number to show which company/battalion they're from.
EG: 1/1 = 1 company, 1 battalion.

2- Yes. The game uses inches, but if your hexes are 1" then it should be the same. So yes, if your infantry stand can only shoot 5 inches, that's the max range…which is 500yds. 1"= 100yds.

3- Not sure. Never heard of it. But try it and let us know.

4- Spearhead is good… plays differently as well. In that your force, of say 3 battalions, are given orders to where they are to go. Still a good fun system.
Blitzkrieg Commander…I tried and didn't care too much for it. It's a fun fast system, but couldn't get into it though.
Fistful of TOW's 3. FFT2 was all about the modern warfare gaming…version 3 has the WWII with it. It's a fun system, no need in having an actual HQ stand as YOU are the HQ.
Kampfgruppe Commander. A little more in depth than the others above, but still a fun system.
Command Decision: Test of Battle. Very fun system, but again, in depth. You have to issue orders for each unit, without the other player knowing of what you're doing, then you show your orders and proceed.

5- Check on evil bay…Toys/ Hobbies…Games…Miniature wargames…then search for 6mm. Or post on the Market place here on the TMP WWII asking for some.

Steel11109 Jan 2016 9:48 a.m. PST


Thanks for the tips.

Right now i'm playing with "Panzer" rulebook from the GMT Panzer boardgame. I like it because it's deep. The more complex and real the rules are the more i like it.

Command Decision looks like another set of rules I might like. The order system you describe reminds me of the war boardgame i have called "Last Chance for Victory" by MMP games. You have to give orders and write them down. I think I'll pick up command Decision rules.

btw, I've been looking for 1/144 scale WWII and Modern mini but it seems they are very few out there or all sold out. I found a couple of "World of Tank Museum" pieces but very few. Love their quality.

vicmagpa126 Aug 2016 6:37 a.m. PST

I have played a lot of systems. The Commander series is good for detail. (blitzkrieg, Cold war , and Future war). Though the saves are good. It is based on platoon is 1 vehicles of stand of infantry. I am partial to the old TANK CHARTS that GHQ use to sell. It is 1 to 1 scales. 1 guy is 4 man team. a stand is a squad. It might have the detail you are looking for irregardless of scale. Flames of War is good. I use that also. Lookmon facebook for 6mm or 15mm scale for more files and info.

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